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BCY, Inc, Fibres Division of Middletown, Connecticut, USA was founded in 1990 and has been dedicated to serving the needs of archers with the latest advances in bowstring technology. BCY's Ray Browne and Bob Deston are passionate about archery, attending countless tournaments and shoots across the US, Canada and Europe and as far away as here in Australia. With their knowledge of the archery industry and the cooperation of fibre suppliers, they know how to develop, test and provide the latest and best in bowstring material.

BCY leads the way in innovative material improvement and product advancement, constantly experimenting with ways to adapt the latest fibres to the archery bowstring market. BCY also uses feedback from amateur and professional archers worldwide. This is why BCY bowstring material is the choice of hunters and competition archers everywhere.

BCY stay involved with the sport and their products are designed with a superior understanding of the technical requirements that only years of experience can bring. BCY offers the best quality and value with a specialised range of bowstring and serving materials tailored specifically to your needs, the widest variety of colours and the best service and technical know-how from people who really understand archery. To take the best shot, you can't compromise on any of your equipment.

Never accept second best...Rely on BCY Bowstring and Serving Material.

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In 1825, Edward Brownell founded Brownell & Company, Inc in Moodus, Connecticut, USA to supply twisted linen and cotton fibre ropes, cords and nets to commercial fishermen. Along the banks of the Moodus River sits the historical Brownell mill, once powered by the mighty force of the river. The turbines lay silent below the mill, but serve as a gentle reminder of Brownell's past. As synthetic fibres replaced cotton, Brownell set the pace by introducing the first synthetic bowtrings to archers.

In 1913, Edward's son, Crary set out to find new markets and products for the company to manufacture. In 1922 Crary attended an archery tournament, fell in love with the sport and began making bowstring materials. With this personal passion for archery, Crary, fourth generation president and owner, established Brownell & Company, Inc as the leader in the development of the world's finest archery bowstrings. Many have called Crary Brownell "The father of modern bowstring" but he was also an inventor and an entrepreneur. He encouraged archers to discover the art of serving and making their own bowstrings. Just as a fisherman ties his own flies, archers find a sense of pride as well as pleasure in becoming involved with the stringing, tuning and maintenance of their own bows.

Today, the company operates on the same site with the original mill still standing, but specialises in quality archery products, helicopter cargo nets, twine and cordage and tennis nets. Brownell contend they have the most technologically advanced bowstring and serving materials available.

Brownell staff shooters who use and recommend Brownell string and serving materials include Olympic medallist Rod White, Danny McCarthy, Alicia McHenry, Martin Lotz, Jesse Broadwater, Jennie Richardson, Tony Tazza, Tom Crowe, Jeanna Albrittain and Phil Phillips.

Brownell - Go with your instinct!

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