Arguably the best performing stabiliser is the high profile Doinker. As Doinker tell the story, it was not so long ago that when an arrow was shot from a bow, the bowstring made a familiar twang and all that shock and vibration shot right up your arm from the limbs and riser. Doinker changed all that over a decade ago with the first 360 degree active stabiliser.

One of the first archers to try the Doinker stabiliser remarked that the string no longer twanged, it just went "Doink". So the company named the stabiliser Doinker and shortly after, the Doinker was used to bring home several Olympic Gold medals for the USA.

Doinker have improved on that original stabiliser with the introduction of the A Bomb and when you use a Doinker, you will feel the difference immediately - smoother and quieter, greater accuracy, repeatability and reduced fatigue.

Take it from the Pros - Championship accuracy starts with Doinker. Bring out the winner in you. Doink On !


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