We are the exclusive distributors for Australia and New Zealand for GAS Bowstrings. Abbey Archery sell and recommend GAS Bowstrings from Stanton, Kentucky, USA and GAS are also sold by all good archery stores Australia wide. GAS are made in the USA and are guaranteed for one year from installation against peep rotation, serving separation, elongation and to come in spot on spec due to their unique quality check process to ensure absolute length accuracy. By tensioning their strings throughout the entire building process, GAS create superior stability and zero movement in the final product. We order GAS Bowstrings weekly.

We also have our own Abbey Archery bowstrings made right here in Australia. We make our premium quality bowstrings on Little Jon and Specialty Archery Super Server 2500 string jigs pre-tensioned to 300 lbs and we can special order strings for you. Usually Abbey Archery bowstrings can be built in 5-7 business days. We carry a large range of ready made bow strings for compound bows, recurves, longbows, youth bows and crossbows. Abbey Archery is extremely proud of our string makers' excellent workmanship. We use only the best quality string & serving materials from BCY.

Long established custom string maker, Stone Mountain Bowstrings from Orofino in Idaho, USA supply high quality bowstrings renowned for consistency and durability, using only the finest string materials. Stone Mountain Bowstrings are relied upon for the majority of our recurve and traditional bowstrings.

We also stock some genuine Hoyt, Mathews, BowTech, Bear, Mission, Diamond, Elite and Martin strings & cables. Many shooters keep a spare set of strings so they have little down time.

Please advise the actual length of existing string, approximate age & model of bow, as over time, strings can stretch. If a label is affixed to the limb, advise details. When you purchase a bow, it is advisable to write down & keep in a safe place, your string & cable lengths, as these limb details can fade or wear off. Products listed below

  • GAS Bowstrings
  • Abbey Archery Bowstrings
  • Stone Mountain Fast Flight & Dacron recurve strings
  • Double Loop Braided Dacron strings
  • Bowstring Wax, Bowsquares, Tuning Kits, Nock & Loopset Pliers
  • Serving Preps & String Jigs, Servers, Tools and Nok Sets

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