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News this week includes:

  • Our latest Gold Tip order landed yesterday. We have plenty of Shafts and Arrows in Hunter XTs, Hunters, Traditionals, Kinetic arrows, Velocity XT shafts and more Points, Collars, Inserts, Nocks, Pin Nocks, Pin Bushings and Fact Weights. If you wanted to stock up on Gold Tip, now is the time, but remember the early bird catches the worm.
  • Exciting news! Our latest Rinehart delivery has just rolled in. A whopping 20-foot container packed with Targets! A treasure trove of over 220 18 to 1 Target, 60 RhinoBlock XL, Field Target 9in, a diverse range of 3D Animals, RhinoBlock Inserts, Animal Cores, and countless other goodies. Don’t wait! Head to our stores before these hot items vanish from the shelves!
  • Next in was our shipment from SKB bow cases. There are 3 models to choose from including the new SKB iSeries Shaped Bow Case. There are cases to suit all budgets and bow types. Get yourself a SKB today!!
  • We have received a large order from Option Archery containing Carbon Quivalizers in black and green, to stock our shelves both in Castle Hill and Sumner Park. These beauties move fast, so hurry to get yours!
  • Shrewd, maker of many high quality products such as stabilisers, scopes and other accessories arrived today. We received a massive shipment of Atlas Single and Double V-Bars, Fully Adjustable Single and Double V-Bars, Nomad Scopes and lenses to suit, Quick Disconnects in 0 and 8 degrees. Shrewd products have always been big in demand, as soon as they come in they are going out.
  • A large order of broadheads from Kayuga, arrived. In stock we have the all new TRI ZOT, the Pilot Cut Gen 2 and the Old School 2 blade broadheads. Available Now! So hurry, before they are all gone.
  • We have a few bows at a great sale price but they are disappearing fast! In the last week 4 bows have sold. Select from our range of Run Out Bows. All brand new, only superseded. Some models are up to 30% off!
  • We welcome phone, email & online orders but suggest you make an appointment for a bow setup - allow up to 90 minutes to set up your bow.

That's it for this week, good shooting...

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2024 BOWS

Bear Alaskan XT RTH

$1,049.95 inc. GST

Named after the last frontier and built to endure anything, the new Alaskan XT is meticulously designed and packed with unprecedented features in its price category. Com Complete information on

Mathews Title 36

$2,649.95 inc. GST

The Title 36 by Mathews is something to behold and is the best performing bow ever created for the competition archer. Years of research and collaboration with the best Complete information on

Bowtech Carbon One X

$2,789.95 inc. GST

Gear up for the hunting adventure of a lifetime with the Bowtech Carbon One X. Comfort in stability, built on the Carbon One platform in an extended axle to axle. Smooth Complete information on


Easton 6mm HEXX arrow dozen
Regular Price: $359.95
Sale Price: $299.95 incl. GST
You Save: $60.00

The Easton 6mm HEXX arrow is currently on Special. Normally $359.95 but out they go at just $299.95, only whi Complete information on

Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid Mechanical Broadhead 4 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack
Regular Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $59.95 incl. GST
You Save: $30.00

We are overstocked with the Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid Mechanical Broadhead 4 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack. Complete information on

Carter Mini Evolution 20 3 Finger Release
Regular Price: $369.95
Sale Price: $287.95 incl. GST
You Save: $82.00

We have had a price blow out on the Carter Mini Evolution 20 3 finger Release currently on Special at just $2 Complete information on

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