You have made all the plans to go on that special hunt. After all, you take your hunting seriously. You have got the OK from your parents, mates or partner. You have arranged the hunting property. You have just about worn out your backyard target practising and let's face it, you have been practising every chance you can get.

You have sharpened and honed your broadheads to razor sharpness, you have re-fletched and tuned your arrows, you have sharpened your knife, you have tuned your bow, you have packed your safety equipment, you have checked the vehicle, you're all good to go..... But wait, do you have your camo clothing???

You don't want to stand out like a sore thumb and spook your game because you are not wearing camo clothing. The intent of camouflage is to disrupt an outline by merging or blending in with your surroundings, making a target harder to spot or hit.

Camo gear must be effective, breathable and comfortable but won't slow you down, is washable and resists mildew, but breaks up the human form for all-terrain invisibility. You need to be protected from the sun's damaging and harmful UV rays while out hunting and stalking and our shirts, pants, hats, caps and clothing improve your outdoor experience - while protecting your skin.

Make your hunt a trip of a lifetime and go with the lightweight, yet tough and comfortable quality camo clothing, like ASAT or True Timber. Don't go out hunting without your camo gear.

Rifle hunters can shoot effectively from ranges in excess of 550 metres or 600 yards, while bowhunters usually restrict their shots to 2.1 metres to 38 metres or 2.3 yards to 42 yards. The distance depends upon individual ability, the target animal, the bow strength, the arrow used and weather and wind conditions. Most bows used for hunting have a draw weight of 50 pounds or more which is adequate to hunt all but the very largest of game. When hunting large animals, bow hunters would generally use an arrow weighing more than 900 grains or 58 grams for better penetration. It is strongly recommended that when you are out hunting, you need to be well camouflaged at all times.

Bowhunting is a test of all the senses. It tests the bowhunter's accuracy, patience, fitness, ingenuity & wits, stalking ability and navigational skills. Make sure you have all the right gear like camo gear including a camo hat, camo clothing, scents, lures and attractants or you could fail the test.

Bowhunting is practised in Australia and is not specifically subject to regulation by law, but every bowhunter needs to exercise common sense at all times. Only non-native or feral species are recognised as game by the government and the sport's national controlling body, The Australian Bowhunters Association Inc or ABA. However native species may be killed during government authorised culls undertaken and supervised by the states' National Parks and Wildlife.

The states of Victoria and New South Wales (NSW) both regulate bowhunting. In Victoria, hunting is regulated by the Department of Sustainability and Environment and in NSW, by the Game Council of NSW which issues game licences to hunters and bowhunters. Currently there are no specific hunting regulations in other states and territories, other than to strictly comply with the ABA's rules relating to ethics and fair chase.

While both Victoria and NSW place licensing requirements on would-be bowhunters, the sport is self-regulated. The ABA and local clubs assess hunters through the Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate which is designed to ensure that animals are killed according to humane principles.

Organised bowhunting began in New Zealand in 1945. The New Zealand (NZ) government regulates bowhunting through the Department of Conservation (DOC) which administers NZ Crown lands. An annual 3 day field shoot tournament is held every Queen's Birthday weekend at various locations throughout NZ. Bowhunters must have permission to hunt on private lands and cannot hunt in DOC lands, National Parks or any other reserves without a permit. There are no special seasons for bowhunters or for hunting with a firearm. The sport's national controlling body, New Zealand Bowhunters Society Inc (NZBS) is an active society and upholds, enforces and educates bowhunters on ethics and fair chase.

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