How do I make a purchase?

First you need to find what you are looking for. You can either use the Browse or Search facilities. Browse will let you drill down from a category such as Bows or Shafts, then a sub-category like Compound Bows, through a brand such as Martin then a list of items that fit that criteria.

Search will let you look using the product name, description, brand or size. There is help on the Advanced Search screen. Enter something like Bear will show all Bear products.

All Categories will show you every Category, Sub-Category and Brand within those sub-categories. It is a bit like a site map and allows you to shortcut the drill down process and see everything at once.

When you have found what you are after, add the item to your basket. This does not commit you to purchasing it. Continue the process until you have found everything you are after then select "View Cart". Follow the steps from here to the order form.

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How do I resolve a problem with my order?

Please call us from anywhere in Australia on 1800 883 664 (free call from fixed line phones), fax us on 02 8850 6411 or go to our Contact Us page and complete the enquiry form at the top of the page.

Where possible, we will resolve your problem on the spot.

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What is the return policy?

Details of our return policy are detailed below. If you still have questions after reading our policy, please contact us on 02 8850 6400 or send us a message .

Return Of Faulty Goods

Goods that are faulty can be exchanged. Faulty products are those that are damaged or faulty at the time of receipt by the customer. In these circumstances we will pay for the cost of returning the goods, however you must receive our prior approval before returning any item. Should you receive a faulty product, you must notify us either by email or phone within 7 days advising the date of purchase, invoice number and the serial number of the product if applicable. You will be issued with a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). We will arrange how the goods are to be returned to our office.

We will repair or replace the product within 7 working days of its receipt, however there are some exceptions to this. We will forward the repaired/replaced product to you at our expense.If a product returned is found not to be faulty, you will be charged all the freight/postage costs.Please remember to register for warranty on products that provide registration.

Return Of Non-Faulty Goods

Goods that are not faulty can also be returned within 7 days, but a refund will not be provided and freight will be charged for both the return to us of the original purchase and freight on the replacement product supplied. To return non-faulty products, the goods must be returned in their original unopened packaging. Goods that have been opened cannot be returned, unless faulty. Should you wish to return a non-faulty product, you must notify us either by email or phone within 7 days advising the date of purchase, invoice number and the serial number of the product if applicable. You will be issued with a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). In this case you will be responsible for the freight costs.

We recommend that products returned by post should be sent by registered or certified mail. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage occurring in transit on return of non-faulty products.

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Do you sell direct to the public from your pro shop and your warehouse?

Yes we do. We have 2 pro shops and a warehouse - you are more than welcome to call in and see us. Click here for maps and addresses .

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Do you sell genuine parts?

Yes we do. We sell world class brands of quality archery bows and accessories.

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Do you sell second hand goods?

No, we do not. We sell only new archery bows and accessories.

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Are we connected to any other organisation?

We are an independent business, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. We are not connected with any other organisation.

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Why don't we sell some well known brands?

It is impossible to carry every brand - for example there are numerous brands of bows sold in Australia. Suffice it to say, we do not sell every brand that is on the market. There are arguably 8 brands of top shelf bows and many many more where worldwide sales may vary from 250 units per year to 4,000 units per year.

We are very proud to import, promote and market some of these top shelf brands including Hoyt, Bear, Bowtech, Diamond, Elite, Mathews and Mission. Our brands have a couple of things going for them that may not be going for some other brands, like reliability (ours perform day in, day out), strong world brands that are invariably in the winner’s circle, excellent service and warranty back up (if something goes wrong and that is a fact of life – we do our utmost to get a replacement part to you and have you up shooting again as soon as humanly possible).

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Is every item shown in your online store in stock?

No. We have approximately 4,000 products but with optional specifications e.g. colour, size etc., we have well over 110,000 variations. It is impossible to carry all of these, so for some products and some options, we show the product with the options, so you can at least, order it. Upon receipt of your order, we immediately place an order with the factory. Where your order or part of it is going to take more than a few days to arrive in our warehouse, we will phone or email you to advise the expected delivery date and give you the option of amending your order.

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I am a wholesaler - how can Abbey Archery help?

We have a number of services available to wholesalers.

  • You can have us sell your products as part of our normal online catalogue. To do so contact us on 02 8850 6400 or send us a message .
  • You can have us set up a web page dedicated to your products. We would still sell them for you – process the orders, payment, delivery etc but you would have a web page dedicated so you can send your customers to it. Again contact us on 02 8850 6400 or send us a message .
  • You just want some advice on how to go about setting up your own site. Contact us on 02 8850 6400 or send us a message or our web developer, Internet Marketing Engine (IME) for more details.
  • You can have your own dedicated web site – its own URL (address such as www.yourwebsite.com.au), with its own unique look and feel. IME created the www.abbeyarchery.com.au site and can do the same for you. This would allow you to take orders directly over the net with secure payment. Contact us for more details.
  • Alternatively we can also maintain your site for you, from updating the page to maintaining the data and processing the orders. Contact us .

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Does Abbey Archery do any sponsorship?

We sponsor 15 shooters in our Hooter Shooters Team Abbey Archery. We always are on the look out for people to join our prestigious Hooter Shooters Team Abbey Archery. Each year we receive resumes from aspiring archers and we vet these and decide if the person has got the credentials to uphold our good name, the name of our sponsored bow company and to display at all times a sportsmanlike manner and excellent nature and to be willing to assist archers with trouble shooting, etc.

If you wish to be considered for the Hooter Shooters Team Abbey Archery, you must lodge your resume, preferably by mail or email to be in our hands by no later than 1st November each year for consideration in next year’s team and include your personal details, archery experience, which disciplines you shoot in and how many events you have entered in each of the last three years, what tangible things you have done in helping your own club, your association and the sport in coaching and providing assistance to novices and a reference from your club president.

We have also been helping out clubs in a variety of areas for many years and if you wish for your club to be considered, we look at each application on a case by case basis, but make no representation that we can help each and every request. We cannot do much but will help as much as possible within our resources. Naturally, applications where there is no reciprocation by club members in supporting Abbey Archery, would regrettably be declined.

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How can I pay?

We accept payment by Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Visa and Mastercard. Pay by Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Visa and Mastercard

You need to click "Checkout", complete your shipping and billing details and when prompted, select your payment method. Once you have completed your purchase, an email will be sent to you confirming the transaction.

If you chose to pay by other than credit card then that email will also contain our bank account details. Once your Bank Transfer is received, your order can be despatched. If you paid by credit card your order will be despatched immediately.

There are accompanying notes as you proceed along the check out process. If you are having any difficulty at any stage, kindly contact us during business hours and we will be pleased to guide you through the process.

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Is my transaction secure?

Yes. We hold a Sectigo Positive 256-bit Certificate.

More information about security.

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How can I check the balance on my gift certificate?

Enter your gift certificate number in the relevant box on that page and any outstanding balance will be shown. So, for example, if you only partly used your certificate in a prior purchase, you can check your balance there and apply it towards your next purchase.

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What is GST and how is it applied?

GST is the term for Goods and Services Tax. The current GST rate is 10% and is included in all pricing, except as where noted. GST is applicable to all purchases from this store shipped to Australian addresses. GST is not applicable to non Australian deliveries and so e.g. any purchases made by New Zealand residents would be Australian GST free. Similarly, purchases made by European, Asian and North American residents are also GST free and the GST free price will be charged in the Checkout.

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Are your prices in US dollars?

No, as stated on every page, all our prices are in Australian dollars. This is because we are a store located in Australia. Check your current USD/AUD exchange rate to determine the approximate cost in USD. Note: Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied to shipments to residents of Australia. If you are not shipping to an Australian resident, GST does not apply to you, so your price expressed in Australian dollars, will be the "excl. GST" price. Your bank will calculate your actual exchange rate for you and your price on your credit card will be in US dollars, if shipped to residents of the USA.

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