We're always pleased to receive & welcome your feedback & below are just some of the many comments we have received about our online & retail stores. If you wish to leave a message, just email us. If you haven't bought from us, give us a try - we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Customer Opinion from Brian of NSW

Five stars. Great place to get all your archery equipment. I booked an appointment online to come in and be setup with a new recurve bow to get back into archery and Ian was fantastic help, talked me through all that I needed and did a full setup of my new recurve bow then he had me shoot it a few times to match up the right arrows to me and my setup. I do recommend coming to Abbey Archery and asking for Ian.

Customer Opinion from Ryan Valian of NSW

Five stars. We purchased our first recurve bows at Abbey Archery a few months ago and were fortunate to be assisted by Ian. His expertise and patience in guiding us to the perfect first-time bow were invaluable. He explained the differences between various models, making the selection process seamless and enjoyable. Ian's dedication to meeting customer needs made our experience memorable. We highly recommend new archery enthusiasts to seek Ian's assistance at Abbey Archery.

Customer Opinion from Mike W of NSW

Five stars. Came in to buy a release aid and left with a beautiful new Bear Grisly recurve bow and all the accessories. Ian was very helpful and friendly and I had an all round positive experience.

Customer Opinion from Brenten Terrazzolo of NSW

Five stars. Ian was absolutely sensational with his knowledge and assistance in setting up my recurve bow and advising what gear was required. 10/10. Highly recommended.

Customer Opinion from Damian Sue of NSW

Five stars. Great service with helpful staff ready to answer any of your questions and give demonstrations. Booked an appointment for help purchasing a beginners bow and the process was very smooth. Perfect place for people looking to buy their first bow.

Customer Opinion from Stephen Gatly of NSW

Five stars. Great guys, awesome service!

Customer Opinion from Andrew Butler of NSW

Five stars. Great service! Solid range. Bought new limbs at Abbey for a second-hand riser, and Ian Turner was a great help in setting up the bow. I've previously bought a one-piece recurve from Abbey too, and couldn't be happier. Ian was particularly helpful in tuning the arrows to my new set-up. Solid results on the range the next day!

Customer Opinion from Liam Cunningham of QLD

Five stars. Great range of products and friendly staff.

Customer Opinion from Jared Atkins of QLD

Five stars. Greg & Jeffery were awesome! Charismatic & eager to help, educational & shared their passion with me. I am a beginner and bought a few things to get started, didn’t try & rip me off, & for all those things I’ll be back!

Customer Opinion from Fooks Equine of QLD

Five stars. I originally visited Abbey Archery Bris as I was considering upgrading my bow and wanted to ‘feel and shoot’ a bow to see what suited me best. I talked to Ian at the store and he said no problems, got to the store and Greg showed me a line up of bows and fitted nocks and rests so I could try them all. Absolutely amazed at how knowledgeable these guys are and that nothing is a problem at. With a bunch of arrows down the lane, Greg helped me to whittle down the bows to one. Walked out with a new bow, fully set up that felt like it was tailor made to suit me. Cannot speak highly enough of Ian,Greg and the team for an amazing shop with a wealth of knowledge behind them.
Many Thanks Guys

Customer Opinion from Jonathon Parker of QLD

Five stars. Great product knowledge and good customer service. Online shop is a bit faulty and could do with a lot of work but worth going in for a chat with these guys as they know their stuff.

Customer Opinion from Andrew Welch of QLD

Four stars. Plenty of stock, high end gear, knowledgeable staff. On the pricier end of archery stores however. Quality costs.

Customer Opinion from Hemerson G of NSW

Five stars. Great shop. Highly recommended awesome customer service.

Customer Opinion from Twishi Pandit of NSW

Five stars. Wonderfull service, it was clear that they had a lot of expertise and went the extra mile to help a complete beginner get the right gear..

Customer Opinion from Simon Khoury of NSW

Five stars. Big store, massive range of now related equipment, I had my bow looked at and tuned, nice bunch of people

Customer Opinion from Bulut Eren of NSW

Five stars. Abbey Archery is the best store to visit to meet all your archery requirements. I went in for the first time yesterday with a recurve bow I had purchased elsewhere, and despite that I received first class assistance and support with setting up and tuning my bow. Ian spent a considerable amount of his time providing me with valuable advice and assistance with my new setup. Ian is the person to see if you need any assistance with your bow and he provides exceptional customer service and knowledge. Abbey Archery is now my archery store of choice and I will be coming back./p>

Customer Opinion from Aiden Boyd of NSW

Five stars. Refreshing to be met with good old-fashioned Australian service; eye contact and a firm handshake. I was served by Ian and he was an excellent assistant; he was thorough, thoughtful, and just an all round top bloke. To the owner, it's this interface and the people like Ian that you employ that bring business. Thanks Ian.

Customer Opinion from Campbell Morgan of NSW

Five stars. I came down to abbey archery from Bathurst I wanted a Hoyt torrex xt and Ian was more than helpful, went around and picked up all the gear I wanted and Ian put it all together we took a few shots to make sure it was all in tune, Then spoke to a guy on the phone today named bill about possibly ordering in a Hoyt z1s and he was also more than helpful! 100% perfect 5 stars guys will be returning!

Customer Opinion from Jara Johnston-Anderson of NSW

Five stars. I went to the store to look at upgrading to a better recurve bow and Ian spent an hour and a half answering all my questions, giving me wealth of advice on everything from the right poundage for me, arrow choice and even some great tips to improve my shooting form. It was such a great experience and I've come away with a bow that I am stoked with. I highly recommend Abbey Archery. Definitely take advantage of the highly knowledgeable staff.

Customer Opinion from Durzo Blint of QLD

Five stars. Simply put, the best archery store in south east Queensland, we wouldn't flourish in archery as we have other the years without their knowledge and support. Good prices and the best variety from cheap to high end quality. Pro and beginner gear.

Customer Opinion from Juliet Chui of NSW

Five stars. We have our recurve set up by Ian, who helps us choosing the right equipment at the shop. He is very professional. Thank you for such an excellent experience.

Customer Opinion from Monica Jade of NSW

Five stars. I was so impressed by the level of detail involved with the process of purchasing and setting up my first bow. We were pretty much ready to shoot once back on the range. Ian was awesome- wealth of knowledge!

Customer Opinion from Barry Donovan of QLD

Five stars. Dropped into Abbey Archery today with some questions and a bit of work to be done.

It was good to see the shop busy, but I was still able to ask my questions and then have Jordan patiently and thoroughly fit a new peep with a clarifier in it. He wasn’t happy with the result and kept making adjustments until it was perfect!

All of my questions were answered professionally and personably and the entire experience left me feeling relieved that service and attention to detail are still able to be experienced; rare these days

If you go to Abbey Archery you know, if you don't and are looking for quality service that is second to none, great prices and informative staff, then Abbey Archery is where you need to go.
Thank you, extremely happy!

Customer Opinion from Jessica Bailey of QLD

Five stars. Wow, popped in to get my bow looked at after taking time off from shooting. Can recommend Abbey Archery! Kind and knowledgeable staff, felt welcomed and came away with a new accessory and my bow is good to go. Do yourself a favour and trust these guys.

Customer Opinion from LeMario Gaming of NSW

Five stars. Ian and the staff were extremely patient and knowledgeable when it came to purchasing my 1st bow. They took the time to explain everything from the different parts to assembly and maintenance. I would 100% recommend Abbey Archery to anyone.

Customer Opinion from Sam Piper of QLD

Five stars. Great service, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices. They've got a range in store to test equipment and spent the time with me to ensure my draw length and weight were set right and spent some time dialing in my sight too.

Customer Opinion from Christina K of NSW

Five stars. Went in with a bow not purchased from the store, and had new accessories put onto it. Ian is the person to see and was extremely helpful making sure the gear I was looking at getting was actually what I needed. He was able to answer all my questions and made sure my bow alignment was spot on. Especially being in a male dominated sport/hobby I did not feel intimidated or oversold on products. Thank you very much, I absolutely plan to be a repeat customer from your exceptional service.

Customer Opinion from Grahame Wakefield of NSW

Five stars. Being new to archery my granddaughter and I went to Abbey and we were given so much help by Ian in setting us both up with the right equipment . We are both extremely satisfied with the staff who also helped in instructing in assembling and helping hints Thanks guys we would recommend to anyone who is looking to get into archery. Grahame & Georgia.

Customer Opinion from Tanya Botes of NSW

Five stars. Your best friend in archery! I am a complete newbie to archery and every purchase is daunting if you do not know what you are looking for or need. The fist time I was there, Shaun was a big help on the how and why to choose for every part of the bow and even making the choice between recurve and compound. After that I also met with Ian and David. All of these guys have so much patience! I would hate to go anywhere else, it would feel like betrayal. Yes, they get busy and you might have to wait, but considering the time these guys spend on giving advice, it is a given. If you expect that kind of service, remember you are not the only customer and be thankful for their great service. They also have a very wide variety of products and unbeatable prices in all things archery. Thanks guys!

Customer Opinion from Luca Romano of NSW

Five stars. I had Ian serve me yesterday, and he was such a great help. He was very experienced and gave me the best advice. But most of all, he was so friendly. Definitely recommend you see Ian or Hayden, both had the best experiences. Will only shop here from now on.

Customer Opinion from Matt Thurgood of NSW

Five stars. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ian, Greg and Bill at Abbey Archery. You guys are brilliant at what you do, and the service you provided me with was well above 5 stars. In particular wanted to acknowledge, all the time and advice that Greg and Bill gave me when setting up my new bow. Legends! Thanks again guys, you have another grateful and loyal customer.

Customer Opinion from Joelene Kent of QLD

Five stars. Wonderful service. Very friendly staff. Ian served me and he was very knowledgeable. He spent time setting my equipment up and educating me on how to make adjustments. He even helped to resolve issues that I was facing after purchasing from another store.
I'll definitely be back

Customer Opinion from Anony Mous of QLD

Five stars. Extremely mindblown from the moment we walked into the Sumner Park store. The store is not the size of Kmart, so it's obvious they may have to order some items in. My daughter selected her first bow, which was professionally set up, measured for the right poundage and arrow length, and shown the range of arrows that are right for her bow. Prior to deciding on her bow, we were shown all options available to us, we were given time to think about it without pressure. When we decided on the riser, we were given the options of the limbs and had all the pros and cons put on the table. All our questions were respectfully answered and the options were not always the most expensive (quite often the most expensive ones were ruled out as 'overkill' for a beginner. I was extremely happy with the service we received and the patience and knowledge that Shelby displayed.

Today was the first day she had been able to use her bow and I can't wipe the smile off her face, she is absolutely stoked with her decision. We will definitely be back soon.

Customer Opinion from Kendal Bonner of QLD

Five stars. Today was literally day 1 of my compound bow journey. Couldn't recommend this store more. Brenton was an absolute legend. I've never shot a compound bow properly before. his patience, knowledge, guidance and helpfulness was nothing short of amazing. Don't want to go anywhere else for my future archery purchases.

Customer Opinion from Alasad of QLD

Five stars. Knowledge staff, excellent service...they have a shooting alley (not for competition) as well...very helpful...that's my go-to archery place.

Customer Opinion from Bootsy of QLD

Five stars. Went there with a bow from another shop that I got no help setting up. The lads are very welcoming to someone just starting out. They set me up and got me on the right path. They where more then happy to help and show me what I needed. I will definitely be recommending this shop to everyone and will be back to buy stuff to make sure they stay in business. Thank you again for this morning I really appreciate the help.

Customer Opinion from Matthew of NSW

5 Star Review. Absolutely fantastic service. Being fairly new to the sport and with not much knowledge, I was immediately helped by staff members. Was recommended products and got my bow set up by Ian. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Spent time to point out certain things to keep in mind. Plenty of stock and options throughout the store. Would highly recommend!

Matthew from NSW.

Customer Opinion from Bree of NSW

Bree recommends Abbey Archery Pty Ltd. I am a beginner keen to get into archery and I went to the Castle Hill store to get some advice and to purchase my first bow (a recurve). I was served by Ian who spent almost 3 hours helping me to choose and set up the equipment.

I couldn't be happier with the service! Ian is a top bloke, we talked about a number of things (not just archery) and I found him not only to be friendly and extremely knowledgeable, but very generous with that knowledge and I received fantastic advice and guidance (as well as some invaluable basic beginner shooting tips).

It demystified the whole process for me. Abbey will be my go to store as I progress in the sport. Thanks so much Ian! Customer service = 5/5 and a great start for me in archery!

Bree from NSW.

Customer Opinion from Chloe Hamilton of NSW

Fantastic service! Ian was great, spent an hour helping me out and setting up my bow. Great store, will come back for sure. Thanks again

Chloe Hamilton from NSW.

Customer Opinion from Wayne of NSW

I'd have to second that, Hayden has helped me a lot! Very polite, patient, very grateful mate. Well done on the new bow!

Wayne Philips from NSW.

Customer Opinion from Travis of NSW

I've been dealing with Hayden for a while now. I purchased a Bowtech Solution from him and I'll have to say he is one of the nicest blokes I've ever dealt with. Very helpful and I'll always deal with Abbey Archery because of this.

Travis Diebert from NSW.

Customer Opinion from Paul of NSW

A word of thank's to Abbey Archery and Hayden for tuning my bow and a form check. The form check and tuning from a bow tech who knows his business saved me lot's of time in trial and error and got me on song. Abbey Archery have a wealth of knowledge. They could fill a forum with content or write a book. If you love bows, it's like being a kid in candy store. Sterling service from a great Aussie company. I hope Abbey stays in business for a long time to come. I am more than pleased to give you my patronage. All the best to you.

From Paul of NSW.

Customer Opinion from Rachael of Brisbane

Hi Team. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the amazing lady who helped us out today in the Sumner Park store.

You spent so much time with us helping find the correct everything we needed, you measured our arm spans, made sure we could draw the weight properly, you sorted everything for us and we are so very grateful for all of your help and the knowledge you shared with us.

I wish we lived closer because If you could coach/train us, we would sign up in a heart beat.

Thanks so much. We will be back when it's time to upgrade. Thanks Jeanette you're amazing.

Rachael, Louise and Riley of Qld.

Customer Opinion from Jan of Sydney

I knew that purchasing a bow package was no simple matter when I first entered Abbey Archery. Fortunately for me, Ian Turner was able to assist me with this matter.

He went above and beyond to ensure that my measurements were correct so that I may buy a fitting bow, along with the accessories needed so that I may begin shooting soon after. He even went as far as to help me get the appropriate items to meet my preferred colour scheme.

I strongly recommend Ian and Abbey Archery for those that are new to the hobby. Personally, I will happily return there to shop for my archery needs.

Jan from Tallawong, NSW.

Customer Opinion from Paul & Mia Grima of Sydney

Received great service when buying a recurve bow for my daughter.

I had been recommended to see Ian but we were offered assistance from Bella who greeted us as we approached the service counter.

Ian was also on hand to offer any of his valuable knowledge.

Bella's enthusiasm to help my daughter with selection and set up of her bow and accessories proved to be very helpful.

I highly recommend Bella for anyone wanting to purchase a bow and especially to young girls who would like to be served by someone they can closer relate to.

Thanks Bella. 10/10 would recommend.

Paul and Mia Grima from Toongabbie, NSW

Customer Opinion from Steve of Brisbane

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to pass along my thanks and I've some feedback on Chris from your Brisbane branch.

I dropped my bow in to get tuned and chatted to Chris. I had a mini stroke about 18 months ago so had to stop shooting, plus I had been having some issues with my drop away rest before the mini stroke.

I asked Chris to tune the bow, wind it down to the lowest setting and see if he can sort the drop away rest issue.. and left him one of my x10 and nano pro arrows.

Chris called me Friday to chat about it, it seems it was a bit of a challenge but he has got everything sorted. Gave me lots of details about what was wrong and what he tried to do to get the bow happy. I was really impressed by his communication and what he advised he went thru. As a result, my wife who also shoots, but took a break with me decided to get her recurve checked over and get a new string made.

I ordered a new bow stand online Thursday last week, Chris called me Saturday am to advise it was in and would put aside for me as I told him we would be popping in.

We popped out Saturday, Chris went over my bow and he checked my x10's that all look good to go. Again I was really happy with the bow work, he then spent a little bit of time checking my wife's gear and measured her old string and is going to make that up this week.

All in all, I think he's a credit to Abbey and I know I will look to Abbey for future gear and any work as I build up my strength once we can begin shooting again and will probably get another tune done in 6 months.



Customer Opinion from Richie of Victoria

Thank you, I didn't expect the refund.

It's much appreciated, you don't see this kind of service and honesty much these days and will definitely buy any other archery products from you in the future when I need them.

Glad I found a quality Aussie archery store.

I'm more of a shooter these days and no longer hunt with a bow mainly due to a back injury and I'm getting old. lol.

Richie of VIC

Customer Opinion from Michael of Toowoomba, Qld

5 out of 5 stars.

Just came down from Toowoomba today to purchase a release to help me with "Target Panic". Tried a resistance release & a few other hinge releases & chose this one, a TRU Ball Honey Badger Claw 3 Finger Large Release. Drove back to Toowoomba, straight to the archery range to practice & try out.

I made the right choice. Straight out of the box it was already set nicely & is a very nice release & comfy in the hand.

Like to thank the little lady that helped me today, very patient & helpful. Staff are very patient which is great as I'm still new to archery and help or advice of any kind I will listen to.

Plan on getting a begginers recurve bow next visit for my little girl to shoot when I'm at the club range. And plan to test some bows one day for when I make a big target bow purchase when I get better and get over my target panic.

Thanks again. Michael from Toowoomba.

Customer Opinion from Russell of Sydney, NSW

Stopped in at Abbey for some arrow tuning on Wednesday.

I was going to shorten a few Gold Tip Traditional 400s at full length that I shoot with my 60# Bear Grizzly.

Chris stopped me and after a few minutes of technique coaching, got me shooting their target with my eyes closed from 5 metres and shot a 5cm group.

Followed it up with the field target group of about 3cm at 20 metres later in the day down at Manly Warringah Field Archers.

Could not be more stoked with the help I have received this week.

Russell McMahon from Sydney.

Customer Opinion from Daniel of Singapore


I have received the spare part, as well as the shipping refund. I'm extremely satisfied with the services rendered overall during the past 2 weeks. I have left a nice review on your Facebook page as well.

Thank you for the great service and I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Kind Regards.


Customer Opinion from Enver of Melbourne, Vic

Hello Jo and the team at Abbey Archery.

I would like to provide you with some feedback from my recent purchase.

I have recently purchased my first items from your store and although i have looked at the site for a long time i had never purchased anything. I would like to say, the customer service i receved during this process has been absolutely phenomenal.

From having Shaun review my order and make suggestion to change things that would not work, to getting the order got to my door in days and the promt refund that was not expected.

I can not thank you all enough for the service and professionalism. You have a promotor and a customer for life.

Kind regards

Keep up the great work


Customer Opinion from Terry of Rosewood, Qld

Good morning Jonathon. Thank you for the information. I headed into your Sumner store early Saturday morning and spoke to Matt. And I would like to provide some feedback in regards to him.

First off let me say he went well above and beyond what I was expecting and was very happy to help and answer my questions and gave me a few different options in regards to helping me set up with and if I could use my old arrows or if new ones were needed. He advised that he could cut the shafts a little and the old arrows would be fine for 50 pounds. However we decided that new arrows would be a better idea and ended up with half dozen shiny new arrows. The only downside was that with the bow at 50 pounds, my wife was unable to draw the bow so if she does decide to get into the sport, we would have to look at a bow for her.

However she already has said she is not a fan of the compound bow and would rather a recurve bow (but it would have to be red).

Can't thank Matt enough for his service and his time. He could have just treated me like a nob that I am but he was very professional and polite. I do believe in passing on feedback but not just when it's a bad experience. In this day and age lots of people don't take the time to provide feedback when they have a good experience.

Kind regards,

Terry from Rosewood, Qld

Customer Opinion from Mark of Brisbane, QLD

Wow. Your Brisbane store gave exceptional service this evening.

I've previously had great service here but this went above and beyond.

Took a second hand bow in for my son to get down powered.

Great advice given and he left feeling positive even though he had a bit of work to do to get stronger to use it.

Will be in soon to upgrade my bow and kit out wife and daughter for 3D.


Mark S from Brisbane, QLD.

Customer Opinion from Ruarri of Sydney, NSW

I got my bow back today and wanted to drop you a quick line.

It was a delight to get the bow back and know that you had been a true professional treating my bow as if it was your own, it gave me confidence to pull it out of the bag and shoot, without being nervous, or wondering where my arrows would go.

It was more than pleasing to have it back and see what an amazing job you had done.

Please feel free to share this with your boss, you are an asset to Abbey and I certainly hope they understand how much value you bring to the shop, and the amount of confidence you have restored with this customer, in the shop.

Again, a huge thank you!

Kind regards.

Ruarri of Sydney, NSW.

Customer Opinion from Wendy of Logan Reserve, Qld

Hi, I was in your store this week, and wanted to say thank you to both the staff that assisted us in getting some shafts, fletches, nocks & arrow heads.

Quiet obvious, I had no freaking idea, and just the helpful assistance, without making you feel like more than an idiot that you already were.. LOL Plus I ordered 2 strings, and the parting words from Chris, if you get stuck come back and see us.

Totally awesome experience for me, and I collected the strings that Chris made, and like OMG, he rang and left a message to say they were ready.

Like how awesome is that.

That is truly awesome.


Wendy of Logan Reserve.

Customer Opinion from Dave of Tuggeranong, ACT

I would just like to pass on a thank you to Micheal in the Sydney store for the help he gave me today when making some purchases.

His insight and knowledge actually saved me nearly $250 today on items that I thought I needed.

His suggestions on fixing and adjusting what I already have to get more consistent results before outlaying money on items that may have been entirely wrong, were a glaring change to what I had experienced in the past where people just wanted to get my money, even if it was not right for me.

If all the other staff are like Micheal then I will have no issues in coming back to the store for all my future large archery purchases.

I am old school and believe in passing on credit and kudos where I feel they are due.

Happy New Year all.

Dave of Tuggeranong, ACT

Customer Opinion from Phil of Lismore, NSW

GDay Jonno & Staff

Thanx so much for the package which arrived this AM. I am stoked and trust my daughter will be stoked come Christmas morning.

Thanx to you and the team for getting this up and running for us in such a timeframe.

Merry Christmas & peace to you and yours and all at Abbey + Co.


Phil from Lismore, NSW

Customer Opinion from Ryan of Sydney, NSW

Hello Tony. I recently came into Abbey Archery looking for a recurve bow for me and my partner and was assisted by Alex.

I only had two archery lessons and a little knowledge but an idea in my head of what I wanted. I was assisted by Alex and it was obvious Alex was very knowledgeable and also made things very clear and easy to understand.

I had an idea of what I wanted - a recurve bow non olympic and I have a 30 inch draw length and my partner has a 26 inch. Alex was very patient and answered all my questions and strung a few bows for me to get the feel of for me and my partner and also the same bow at different poundages.

I walked away with everything I wanted to get (did some research before coming in) and very happy with the service that I found to be very knowledgeable, easy to understand, patient and a very no pressure sale.

The bow and equipment was an early Christmas surprise for my partner who absolutely loved it.

After a few hours of shooting that day we both said to each other "this is absolutely perfect, couldn't be happier". Weeks later we both feel the same. We will definitely be back.

Thanks Alex and Abbey Archery for such a great first experience.

Ryan from Sydney

Customer Opinion from Dave of Victoria

I received the new string this morning, wow you have done a fantastic job, it looks excellent and i like the colours too they match my bow.

Im really happy with the new string and very glad i ordered from you and not overseas.

May i politely enquire if it is pertinent to thoroughly wax the string before i place on bow, and how many twists do i put in it, if you happen to know, or does that depend on draw length.

I wont be using it yet anyway until other one wears out, so its not that important right now, just curious, if you have any tips i should know etc.

Thanks again, really happy with the job your string maker did, i took a careful look at it and its spot on very nicely done!!

Please pass on the message to your maker im very very happy.

Youve scored a new customer that will purchase with confidence from you in the future, and pass on the personal recommendation for your business, have a great day.

Kind Regards, Dave

Customer Opinion from Peter Caldwell of Blayney, NSW

Wow, What a shop and what a team!

I could not have been looked after better.

Alex was fantastic, taking time to explain, skipping stuff I knew and unhurried.

I am already looking forward to the next set of limbs and although I understand the online process, nothing beats meeting your professionals.

Many thanks, Peter

Customer Opinion from Alex of Qld

I came in today to buy bows and arrows for my son and myself, a two hour trip we made based on your comprehensive website, prices and Shelby's welcoming return phone call.

When we arrived, our bows and release aids awaited us. Shelby tuned the bow and gave helpful hints to our 6-year old son patiently, making the finest adjustments, until he felt confident and the bow set perfectly.

My wife and I were especially warmed when she asked our permission to touch him in order to adjust his technique.

Considering we are new to archery, I had many questions and Shelby answered all of them, patiently, not at all condescendingly, some of them twice.

It's rare to receive customer service of such high standard these days.

We love the products we bought at a fair price but these aspects are shadowed by the service we received.

Abbey Archery is now our "go to" for anything else we may need - great thanks to Shelby (and Josh was great too).

Whatever you're paying her, it's not enough!

Kind Regards


Customer Opinion from Dean Lemons of Iowa, USA

Jonathon, this is a long overdue email and for that I apologize.

I want to thank you for your fabulous customer service, promptness across multiple time zones, and willingness to go out of your way to ensure that I obtained everything that I needed. Neither you or I will ever really know what became of the other half of that module.

I have been exceptionally happy with the purchase that I made.

I will definitely turn to your way when I'm looking for anything else that Abbey Archery offers that I want or need, and I'll point any of my friends your direction as well


Dean Lemons

Customer Opinion from Roland of NSW

I'd like to provide you some positive feedback on a recent enquiry and sales experience I had with your business.

I have a 11 year old boy starting to shoot compound.

I rang up yesterday afternoon with a few questions about arrow rests. I spoke with Rinaldo who was knowledgeable, patient and very helpful.

This morning I called back and ordered an arrow rest and release aid.

Rinaldo was really helpful and I appreciate the way that he handled my call yesterday.

Cheers Roland

Customer Opinion from Alan Speckter of NT

5 Stars. Couldn't praise Abbey Archery and Jeanette in particular, enough for making my dealings with them so easy.

Ordered a child's bow for my six year old son, which arrived two days after ordering and was all set up and ready to go.

It was a quick and very straightforward process to order through them, the price I got was sensational and the customer service second to none.

Thanks Jeanette and thankyou Abbey Archery!

Alan Speckter

Customer Opinion from Werner Braack of Qld

Bought my very first bow yesterday at the Sydney store.

Absolutely great service, great advice.

I am stoked about my new Bear Escape!

Werner Braack

Customer Opinion from Will Bristow of Qld

Big thanks to Chris at the Brisbane store!

First time I've been to Abbey and he sorted me out with my new Defiant Turbo! He did a top notch job setting up my bow with peep, drop away and sight.

Highly recommended.

Will Bristow

Customer Opinion from Brenda of WA

Recently received the final item of the order and I would like to compliment Abbey Archery on the great customer service I received.

Thank you to Lachlan for all your hard work in completing the order and your great customer service.

My son Cole is thrilled with his equipment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Regards Brenda

Customer Opinion from Huss of NSW

Good Afternoon

I have been a customer of yours for about a year now, after having had a bad experience with a competitor of yours. I am a firm believer in customer service being the deciding factor in who I deal with.

My family and I have spent nearly $3000 with Abbey Archery in the last 6 months and the reason we continue to come back is due to the service we receive from your staff - in particular Franc.

He is very knowledgeable, pays super attention to detail, doesn't do the hard sell and above all, is a top bloke. He is a true asset to your business and a pleasure to do business with. I am sure you recognize this and value the contribution he makes.

Regards, Huss

Customer Opinion from Melanie & Nathan of Qld

Hello, just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your wonderful service!

We ordered late last Thursday night and received our parcel all the way up here in Daintree Village Far North Queensland today, Monday.

Wow, you guys impress us every time! We needed the order by tomorrow and forgot to order it until Thursday night, so were hoping to get it, but didn't expect it that quickly. Smiley

The boys have just left this morning for a hunting trip, very happy with their new arrows!

We will certainly keep ordering from you in the future and be sure to tell all of our friends about the great service, thanks so much again,

Melanie and Nathan.

Customer Opinion from Wade of Qld

Hi Grant, Thanks for the spacer, it was easily installed.

I took your advice and fitted it with a smear of string wax to prevent vibrations, nice tip.

Also the serving and hats were much appreciated, but unnecessary.

The service you guys offer is what keeps me coming back. I would buy from you even if you were more expensive than other suppliers because of the way you have looked after me.

Polite service and good advice are a winning combination mate, keep it up.

Regards, Wade

Customer Opinion from John L of Tweed Heads, NSW

To Abbey Archery at Brisbane. Thank you for the great service.

I would like to thank Shelby for her time and for giving me great advice on my new bow and Michael for setting up my Elite Energy 35 bow in snow camo.

What a great bow. It is the best bow I've ever shot.

I've shot a lot of great bows in my years of archery but this is something else.

The draw cycle is smooth, the back wall is solid and very quite.

Shelby and Michael and Abbey Archery, thank you for your time, help and advice in setting me up with my new bow.

John L

Customer Opinion from Graham Holiday of Reedy Creek, Qld

Please find following a message I have sent to Sebastian Flute. Also, pass on my thanks to Chris from the Brisbane store. His level of service and professionalism is a credit to him and to your store.

Message sent to Sebastian Flute: I live in Australia and a few years ago, I bought an SF Premium riser and some Axiom limbs. Needless to say I was impressed with my purchase from Abbey Archery in Sumner Park. Last week, I decided it was time to up the ante and purchased a set of SF Premium limbs, wow, what a huge difference. They feel so smooth when shooting and for a change I wasn't tired shooting at the end of the day.

Again I bought them from Abbey Archery and I can say you have selected a great dealer in the Brisbane area. They are second to none on their level of service, professionalism and knowledge on your products. This time I was served by Chris and he was absolutely brilliant in getting me set up with the correct sized limbs for me.

Please know your products are being sold by absolute professionals when it comes to Abbey Archery and I'm not likely to ever shop anywhere else for future SF products I will purchase.

As the coach for Pacific Bowmen Archery Club, I have begun sending more of our newbies to the Abbey Store because I know they're not going to get snowballed into buying something inadequate which I have seen some of the other stores do.

Thank you for having such a professional and dedicated team.

Graham Holiday

Customer Opinion from Arron of Coolum Beach, Qld

Hello Tony and the good people of Abbey Archery.

My name is Arron and on Wednesday I called to order a Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 along with sights, etc and I kind of knew what I wanted but one of your staff, Em (sorry I don't know how to spell his full name) gave advice that I'd be better off with a different sight and BOY was he right!!

I am over the moon with Em's customer service, advice and help, something that is very important to me.

I just got the bow about an hour ago, shot a few arrows and it's a truly AWESOME bow!!

Anyway to get to the point, I'll be shopping with Abbey again and hope to deal with Em again!

Thank you again Em! You are a champion!

Thank you for your time. Regards, Arron

Customer Opinion from Mal of Bingie, NSW

Hi. A quick email to say how impressed I am with your store.

I received great advice and service from Em concerning a new compound bow, which I now use every day and love.

I will be contacting you guys again for all my growing archery needs.

Thanks so much.


Customer Opinion from Jennifer of Lawson, Missouri, USA

After my own mistake and calling and getting it fixed, I truly had a wonderful experience and will be ordering gear from here in the future.

Even with me making the mistake, you all were so kind when I called and I had awsome customer service.

Thank you again so much. It took me a while to call cause I couldn't figure out how to make the call. I am so thrilled that I was able to speak to someone extremely nice and respectful.

Thanks for everything.


Customer Opinion from Archery Newbie of NSW

Great service Grant Hughes. I have recently spoke with a mate that has given this guy the biggest rap. He is a new guy at Abbey Archery. This guy has bent over backwards and some more to help with some tuning issues with this mates bow.

This mate has had nothing but trouble getting this bow sorted out and has finally found someone that can tune it. From my understanding, Grant comes from the good old US of A and has a wealth of knowledge about bows and has brought his expertise to Australia.

It is nice to know there is some great knowledge coming our way. Abbey Archery needs to hang on to this bloke as he is probably going to be one of their biggest assets. Keep up the great work Grant and welcome to Australia.

Archery Newbie

Customer Opinion from Lional of NSW

Howdy Abbey Team. I recently purchased a Spyder Turbo and I am exceptionally pleased with the bow. Very accurate, fast, super quiet bow to shoot.

But what tops it off is the great customer service you guys provide. Its great to walk into a shop with a friendly welcome (or a sarcastic comment from Grant) and the guys spend time with you one on one advising you on the right equipment for your needs.

Extremely impressive service. And GREAT THANKS to Grant for setting up my new bow to suit me!! Shoots beautifully with the set up you advised.

And thanks to all the guys at Abbey. Ya can’t go past a well set up HOYT.


Customer Opinion from Oliver of UK

Wow thank you so much for your swift response and your help with my order and sorting out my mistake.

I really appreciate your commitment to customer service.

You can print my comments as I would like others to know just how well your company operates.

It is indeed a breath of fresh air in today's anonymous online age.

May I wish you all the very best success in the future and may your company continue to thrive and flourish!

All the best, Oliver

Customer Opinion from Peter of ACT

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service I got from Grant and the team when I came up from Canberra to buy my Hoyt bow.

Your staff welcomed my very early arrival with a cup of coffee and biscuits (thank you). Grant provided me with exceptional one on one service and spent considerable time with me getting my gear set up perfectly.

I went to the range the next day and it was spot on. Such service is something I don't believe you can get on line.

Grant is an exceptionally knowledgeable individual who was patient and detailed in his response to my many what ifs. He also steered me to what suited me, not necessarily what was the most expensive or "newest product".

Please ensure he is recognised as a true professional salesman that knows his product. You have earned my loyalty period!

Kind regards, Peter

Customer Opinion from Hugo of QLD

Hi, I have bought a few items from Abbey Archery including a Hoyt Carbon Matrix.

A good bow for finger shooters, three under. Surprising.

Just want to say thank you for your good service. Keep it up and I will stick with you. Until my next order.

Please do tell the staff of my comments.

Take care and all the best.

Regards, Hugo

Customer Opinion from Blaine of NSW

I am writing to thank you and the Abbey Archery staff for all of your assistance.

It is very rare these days to find a company who provides good customer service. It seems to be a dying art in Australia.

Abbey Archery has certainly displayed that they are one of these rare companies and the customer service I have been shown by the staff and particularly you, Grant is exceptional. It is something that has impressed me completely and will keep me buying goods from you in the future.

As an example of that I would like to ask you to hold from your next shipment from Hoyt a Vector 35 with the following specs Right Handed, Colour - Realtree AP, 60 lbs to 70 lbs, 30" Draw Length.

If possible, I would like to purchase this in addition to the Hoyt AlphaElite that I have on order. And would like to pick up the Vector at the same time as the AlphaElite.

Finally I would like to say again how impressed I have been with your service. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the staff.


Customer Opinion from Greg of NSW

Just writing you a short note letting you know that I am extremely happy with the Hoyt Vector Turbo I purchased from you.

It is set at 70lbs @ 29" in AP Camo. The Turbo has the typical super finish of all Hoyt bows and the cosmetics of the riser are quite pleasing to the eye. The bow arrived in only a couple days. I was extremely surprised it turned up before the weekend when I had only ordered my Turbo on the Tuesday!

The bow, in my opinion draws a little harder than the fuel cams did at the very start of the draw cycle but then it just sort of slides into the valley, which has a bit more forgiveness than the fuel cams. Yes, you can actually relax at full draw without the worry of your shoulder getting ripped out of its socket as the bow takes off on you. The wall is as solid as the CRX.

At full draw, the Turbo points very well and holds steady on the target. Even though it is relatively light, after the shot there is no noticeable shock and it is just as quiet as the CRX.

Would I purchase another Vector Turbo? Yes, actually I have already ordered one in Black for target shooting and as a back up hunting bow.

I have it matched with a Spot Hogg Hunter sight, the Hoyt Ultra Arrow Rest and a Fuse stabilizer. On Grant's recommendation, I also purchased the Tight Spot quiver which fits this bow superbly (I am sure it would suit all bows currently on the market just as well). These quivers would be worth serious consideration for any person looking at purchasing a quiver.

The quality of service I received from Grant and the team at Abbey Archery was first rate. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking to purchase a bow.

Cheers Greg

Customer Opinion from Graham of Qld

Just thought I'd like to say thanks to Andre and the crew at Abbey Archery in Brisbane. Walked in there with a 2nd hand bow, no idea and a shopping list. Andre was helpful and gave me some good advice. I appreciated the fact that they were willing to say no I don't agree with that which I'd rather hear than "yes that's great" and get the wrong thing. (Though he said it nicer than that as he was selling stuff after all).

Normally I only see complaints in a "Shops" or "Retailer" forum but I thought I'd balance it out a bit.

Was a good experience and I walked away happy.

I went back, due to changing the blade on my rest to a smaller one and again great help looking at the tuning and helping me in general.

Cheers, Graham

Customer Opinion from Kevin of WA

Just a word of thanks for putting up with me. I would like to take the time to say the wait was all good and the end result was great.

This bow has replaced my old but ever faithful 1974 Hoyt Pro.

This bow has taken me to the top of my game once again.

Thank you. Regards Kevin.

Customer Opinion from Adam of ACT

Hi Guys, I just wanted to say thank you. 2 days ago I ordered a sight and scope from you and yesterday was advised the sight was not available. You recommended an alternative and shipped it out to me.

I got it today, when I was expecting it next week, so I will be able to shoot with it this weekend.

Thank you so very much for being the best at what you do.

Thanks. Adam

Customer Opinion from Linda of Qld

Hi Bill, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the prompt delivery of our parcel and the fantastic service from your company.

It's refreshing, to say the least, to know that there are services out there that still consider customer service an advantage!!

Thank you again. Linda

Customer Opinion from Graham of Qld

I placed an order online, only to have it arrive the very next day, exactly as ordered.

I am very impressed at the brilliant service.

Well Done. Graham

Customer Opinion from Craig of VIC

Just a quick note to say Thank You.

I am always wary when it comes to buying things over the net but I have to say I will be using your site a lot more.

Just received the bow and am very happy - very quick delivery.

The gentleman whose store I used to frequent, has now passed away, so was looking for someone who could deliver hassle-free service.

Think I have found the place. Thanks again. Craig

Customer Opinion from Dale H of QLD

Grant, I am very thankful for your patience and support and your high customer service in all the process in choosing the right gear for me.

You and your staff, Bill and Michael, have been great also. I look forward to future dealings with you in purchasing other gear I will need over time. Dale H

Customer Opinion from Lincoln M of SA

Even though I didn't have much knowledge on compound bows, Abbey Archery rang me and went through what I needed.

I even liked the fact that Tristan rang to tell that my Hoyt Vantage Ltd bow was on its way, which is very rare for any company to call.

You even asked whether I required anything else before the bow was sent.

I was very happy with the way my compound was set up and it was ready to go. I thought your service was just great.

Abbey Archery is the most polite team of people I have ever talked to and I would not hesitate to deal with them again in the future. Lincoln M

Customer Opinion from Cameron W of NSW

Fellas, Just wanted to express my appreciation of your level of service - yet again!

My last three orders have been quite ordinary items and of no great value but each one has arrived less than two days later, immaculately packed and with everything ordered.

If every business in Australia offered this level of service there would be no GFC !!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up !!!! Cameron W

Customer Opinion from Charles of NSW

Hi all at Abbey Archery. I just wanted to say that some time ago I received the Win & Win Stretch Band.

That stretch band has worked wonders,thanks!!!! I have to say it’s improved shooting ten fold.

My bow arm and shoulder have better stability holding the draw on my recurve has increased substantially.

Once again, many thanks. I look forward to coming back.

Kind regards, Charles.

Customer Opinion from Big John Beedon of NSW

First of all I would like to thank the staff at Abbey Archery and for helping me with their great service with my green CRX 35 and the help you gave my wife with her Hoyt Ruckus we purchased from you. And thanks to Hoyt USA for making my bow for me.

The CRX is the SWEETEST bow I've seen to date, especially when it's in your hands.

CRIKEY it's you beaut. So again thnx Tristan, Grant, Shaun, Bill for being patient with me. Now just been outside shooting my new bow.................put down about 30 arrows ................well it's BLOODY fantastic boys............quiet, smooth, just superb.

Regards, Big John Beedon

Customer Opinion from Phantom ghost who walks of NSW

G'day again,

This is really just a letter of congrats more than anythin' else.

I ended up comin' into ur store and I'd just like to express how above the norm ur customer service was.

I reckon the customer service I received at ur place in Castle Hill is better than I have had at ANY other store ever. Not only was the bloke I talked to there unexpectedly knowledgeable, but he was friendly and extremely helpful - way above the call of duty.

I'm not one who ever writes letters like this to people, in fact I always wonder why people would bother writing to opinion pages of newspapers and stuff but I decided to make an exception here.

Added to that, the reply you sent to my email a few days ago was also well above the bar. I have sent similar emails to other places around Sydney and simply got sent a bunch of numbers, which I guess are opening times.

I thought u mite like to hear a bit of congrats, because I know that we only really get told when we do something wrong, so it's nice to hear when we do it right. Anyway the resulting effect? When I ever need anything archery, there is no way I would bother going anywhere else.

Cheers and congrats

Phantom ghost who walks

Customer Opinion from Craig of ACT

I received the shipment this morning.

Thanks for getting it out so quick and all of your correspondence.

Great customer service.

Cheers, Craig

Customer Opinion from Josh of Vic

I decided in the end on the Assault RTH Package that you guys offered and I have now ordered one from you and am waiting delivery.

Thank you very much for all the help while I was trying to figure out what bow I wanted.

I have recommended a few friends to your website and hopefully they will be buying bows before too long as well.

Thanks again, Josh

Customer Opinion from James of Qld

Thanks for your excellent service.

Your staff, Malcolm in particular, are pleasant to deal with and your deliveries are fast.

I shall be using Abbey Archery for all my future orders.

Regards, James

Customer Opinion from Jason of NSW

Hello Grant. Just letting you know how the Bear Carnage went after you set it up in the pro shop at Castle Hill. It is fairly smooth to draw and it is as quiet as anything else that I have shot. The bow is still as you set it up, I only added my sight and stabiliser.

My Bow Specs are 70lb (measured) and 29" draw length (measured), peep, whisker biscuit, cat's whiskers, D-loop etc. I tested the Carnage over the chrono with a few different arrow combos - Flatline 400's approx 350 grains at around 313 fps, Beman 340's approx 453 grains at around 270 fps.

I had no problem shooting nice tight groups while putting it over the chrono. Given the set up as I have it for hunting, the Carnage looks like it would be close to the lower bracket of the advertised IBO speeds if you went with a clean string, drop away rest and 30" draw length. Overall, comparing it to my other bows, it did not match the AlphaBurner for speed BUT on the plus side, it is a lot easier 70lb to pull back and hold. In that regard if people want the ability to change their draw length with a module and like more let-off, the Carnage would certainly be a good choice.

As far as I am concerned, the new Bear Carnage will make a top hunting outfit that is fairly forgiving and a lot of fun!

Cheers, Jason

Customer Opinion from Dave W of Qld

You guys are the best!!

I ordered a Bear Strike RTH package from you on Wednesday and I had it in my hot little hands on Friday morning.

I will now only be purchasing my archery gear from you and will not hesitate to recommend you to every archer I come across. You have exceeded all expectations and should be proud of yourselves for such excellent customer service.

Regards, Dave W

Customer Opinion from Nailbunny of Qld

I've been bowhunting for a year now and decided it was time to upgrade. After visiting Abbey's Brisbane store, I had my eyes set on a Bear Lights Out. A couple of quick test shots at the range, and I knew I wouldn't be leaving without it. It is the smallest and lightest bow I have owned, which makes stalking through thick scrub easy. The bow was set up to perfection, with only minor fine tuning needed, and thus I managed to bag 2 rabbits and a fox on my first afternoon home.

Cheers, Nailbunny

Customer Opinion from Robin of NZ

Now that's what I call good service, thanks a million. I will now be able to have it set up for the next 30mtr shoot


Customer Opinion from Darren of WA

no enquiry - just a pat on the back. thanks for the prompt arrival on my big asat order. i appreciate you finding time to make sure the measurements were right for my size and they are. i'm a very pleased customer and abbey archery a very efficent store. thanks heaps fellas.


Customer Opinion from Alesha of NSW

Excellent Service, thankyou Abbey

Thankyou Grant for the awesome service when I was in the other day. I have been looking around all the archery shops in Sydney to find the best set-up for me, being a new archer. You and Abbey Archery gave the best service and best advice, not just trying to sell what was in on the shelf, like the others did. I felt very comfortable and your suggestions were perfect. I left Abbey with all the RIGHT gear, not feeling pressured and extremely happy with my purchase and the expert advice you gave me. Big thumbs up to Abbey Archery and their friendly staff.

See you next time, Alesha

Customer Opinion from Nathan of Qld

I would like to say thanks for your great customer service last week regarding those replacement vanes. Jeanette Dowd was very helpful and I am looking forward to dealing with your business in the future.

Many thanks, Nathan

Customer Opinion from David of Qld

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help on Friday. I had a good shoot with the new bow today (Saturday). Everything worked perfectly. It's a big change from recurve, so I've got my work cut out for me with learning new techniques and tuning, etc, but its great fun. See you soon.

Kind regards, David

Customer Opinion from Grant Cooke of NSW

Thanks ever so much for all your assistance, suggestions and setting up of my new Hoyt Maxxis 35 bow yesterday. Your service and that of Abbey Archery was brilliant.

By the time I picked up some cricket gear for my son in Sydney and then got back to Yass it was quite late. I did however have about twenty minutes to have a rough sight in and shot out of my new bow in the backyard. It was fairly dull and bloody windy but ..... WOW !

I took the first shot at 15 yards to make sure that I didn't miss the backstop. I took a second shot to make sure that it roughly hit where the first one went. The second shot was a half inch from the first. The next four shots were all well within an inch of the first shot. I adjusted the sight and fired a few shots from 25 yards. Excellent.

I couldn't believe how easy it was to shoot the bow. The conditions were terrible and I was more concerned with getting the sight roughly right than worrying about grip, form, release etc. I'd never used a release aid or a bow anything like this one before and the arrows just kept going into tiny groups without any effort.

Compared to my finger release PSE Dakota, this bow is child's play. I can't wait to see what this bow can do at longer ranges and with a bit of practice. I can see why you said you don't shoot groups at twenty yards. Even I would probably damage arrows at that range! I really didn't intend to buy a bow near the top of the range like the Maxxis 35 but boy am I glad I did. I can't wait to get a bit of practice and then get out to call up a few foxes. If what I saw yesterday in the backyard is any indication, then the foxes are in for a spot of bother. Much more sporting than dispatching them with my heavy barreled Ackley Improved .220 Swift or .257 Ackley Improved.

Regards and many thanks. Order received today ! Grant Cooke

Customer Opinion from Sachiko Imiya of Japan

My son won the Recurve Under 14 division at Northern Youth Challenge Comp! with Hoyt Nexus + Carbon 300 that we just bought from you. That was his personal best as well.

We just would like to say "Big thank you" to you. Sachiko Imiya

Customer Opinion from Rebecca Gadd of UK

The Cartel Chestguard is just what I wanted and expected. Your service was 1st class, only taking 4 days from date of ordering to receiving goods here in the U.K. I was pleased that you chased up my attempted online transaction had you not I would have purchased from another source in the U.K I would have no hesitation in recommending Abbey Archery to my friends.

Rebecca Gadd

Customer Opinion from Tim McCune of USA

Recently I purchased a used Jennings bow. I was under the impression that it was a 30" draw length. Unfortunately, it was more like 27" draw. I searched all over trying to find a #1 module to adjust the length. I came up empty handed until I found Abbey Archery. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to order something from halfway around the world but, I had no other option. The cost of the piece was very reasonable and the shipping price (from Australia to The U.S.) also seemed reasonable. I placed my order and received an email within a day with a conformation number. So far, business as usual. A day or two later, I received another email from Malcolm at Abbey Archery saying my order had been shipped and there was an error in the shipping cost and I would receive a $12 credit on my charge card. I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was shocked. Here's a company almost 10,000 miles away issuing me a credit on shipping. It would have been so easy for them to have kept the money but, Abbey Archery had the morals and best business practices to do the honest thing. I could not be more pleased with Abbey Archery. In business, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and I have to say Malcolm and Abbey Archery have left me with a very positive experience. I highly recommend Abbey Archery for all of your archery needs.

A very satisfied customer, Tim McCune

Customer Opinion from Cam of NSW

I recently placed an order with Abbey Archery for some new arrows and a new plunger button, and was absolutely delighted with the service I received !!! Within an hour of placing the order on line I was called by Shaun to query a couple of minor points with my order - he dealt with this in a very professional and pleasant manner - definitely an asset to the business in this age of customer focus ! Not only that but less than 48 hours later the items were on my doorstep !!! I will definitely be using Abbey for all my archery needs in the future !

Thank you Abbey Archery !! Cam

Customer Opinion from Bob Eddy of Qld

Just a few words to compliment your business on great service, and in particular Jeanette in Brisbane, who goes out of the way to be of help. I have also found your website to be very user friendly and it makes it easier to get just what you want. Prices are more than competitive with any around and hope to continue dealing with your company

Cheers, Bob Eddy

Customer Opinion from Geoff Kerr of Qld

In 2008 my 12 year old son and I became interested in competitive field archery. We had very little knowledge of what archery equipment we needed. Abbey Archery was recommended to me and after checking out the Abbey website, we visited the Brisbane store. The store manager, Jeanette Dowd, was incredibly helpful to us and was able to answer all of our questions. Jeanette also spent considerable time showing us the bows, arrows and other equipment needed to get us started in the sport.

It was refreshing to receive patient and informative service to enable Mitchell and I to consider our options before purchasing the right archery equipment for our needs. There was no pressure, just a genuine desire by Jeanette to help us get started.

Abbey Archery introduced us to a wonderful and fulfilling sport that has enriched our lives.

I talk to Jeanette regularly by telephone to receive the best advice on upgrading / replacing my equipment. She always spends time discussing my requirements and dispatches my orders very quickly.

I couldn't be happier in my dealings with Abbey. Geoff Kerr

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