DVD How to Build a Great Bowstring

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Arguably the best instructional DVD on how to make your own strings and plenty of tips from the experts

DVD How to Build a Great Bowstring

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DVD How to Build a Great Bowstring Description

DVD contains some 90 minutes of instruction on building your own Flemish strings and string making know-how in this excellent, informative DVD.

It features Chad Weaver, owner of Recurves.com and Champion Custom Bowstrings and Rod Jenkins, IBO Champion & archery coach, who have between them, nearly 50 years of string building experience and have made more than 10,000 bowstrings.

In this comprehensive DVD, they will share their string building secrets with you. Chad and Rod will teach you everything they know about two-bundle and three-bundle Flemish bow strings and endless loop bowstrings.

DVD also covers serving strings, setting nock points, installing string silencers and using a stretching jig and includes plans to build a Flemish twist string board.

Find out how to twist Flemish strings, make endless strings, make your own string jigs and more.

Great new DVD from Traditional Vision Quest, the producers of the acclaimed Masters of the Barebow series. As the guys state, there is no bull, no advertising - just start to finish instructions.

Topics covered

  • Equipment and materials
  • Building a 2 Bundle String
  • Building a 3 Bundle String
  • Making an Endless Loop Bowstring
  • Serving Bowstrings and Setting Nocking Points
  • Installing String Silencers
  • Using a Stretching/Serving Jig
  • Includes plans to build a Flemish string board

Approximately 90 minutes run time with bonus out-takes section. Classified G. General Exhibition.

Some people have made the following comments about How to Build a Great Bowstring

I can now make more consistent bow strings without so much string loss from experimentations. Several good pointers too. I wish I had known about this DVD before I purchased Crafting Traditional Flemish Strings. There is much more info including how to make the jig. Also good info on making Continuous Loop strings and jigs. From mjcraw of Pataskala, Ohio, USA

In learning how to make a bowstring, this DVD was informative and tricks by the string maker were given with good explanation and view. Plans were provided for the viewer to make their own string board. The back drop and scenery lacked any creativity and did not help when the speaker was speaking and sounds were reflective. The twisting could have been shown a little better when being explained. From Spoada of South Byron, New York, USA

Great How-To! I built my first string jig and string after watching this DVD! Easy to understand and a good resource to review, if you forget a step in the string building process. I have used and hunted with strings from Champion Custom Bowstrings! Getting the DVD was a no brainer for me. From Jose D of San Diego, California, USA

This is a wonderful way to get started making Flemish or endless loop bow strings! Me and a friend of mine got string making stuff and this DVD and are now making good Flemish bow strings (I must emphasise good, as it takes practice to make great Flemish style strings). We made a Flemish string jig from the instructions included at the end of this DVD and needless to say it works. Between the two of us, we have already made four Flemish strings from fastflight string material. My main problem with this product is that sometimes I wish they would have zoomed in on some things, but this was not too often and I am not all that upset. I LOVE this DVD and I highly recommend it! From stuck on the stick of Macon, Georgia, USA

This is a DVD to watch as well as listen to. Lots of useful information presented in a home style by folks who obviously know what they are talking about. The video is comfortably casual and as such, will require a couple of viewings on each sector to get the full information contained. It is pretty much the only one you will need on the subject to get a fine start at making your own strings (although techniques do differ among various twisters and loopers). Recommended for anyone looking to know how it is done. From Tim In Boulder of Boulder, Colorado, USA

This is an excellent video of how to build a Flemish string. I was building my first string within an hour of watching it twice. The experience of the instructor was very evident and there were many special tricks presented that sure helped a novice get going successfully. From Highlander of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Step by Step instructions made it easy to build a Flemish jig and start making strings immediately. My third string was something to brag about. From T Snell of Mobile, Alabama, USA

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