Easton Archery Essentials 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit

Brand: Easton

Easton Archery Essentials 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit will pay for itself in no time

Easton Archery Essentials 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit

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Easton Archery Essentials 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit Description

Keep your bow and archery accessories and equipment in top condition and take care of minor repairs with Easton's 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit.

Consider this like a first aid kit for your archery as it will get you out of sticky situations when you are shooting or out on the range.

This kit saves you money over purchasing items separately and includes a zippered cube case with a peel-off hook and loop panel for attaching to the interior of your fleece lined bow case.

Kit includes extra-large folding Allen wrench set, small folding Allen-wrench set, nock installation and removal tool, wedge arrow puller, bowstring wax, serving thread, D-Loop rope, broadhead wrench, D-Loop pliers, L model bow square, arrow-prep tool kit and zippered case.

Kit weighs 1250 grams or 44oz.

It will pay for itself in no time.

Great design, perfect for travel & everyday use. A great Christmas or birthday gift for any archer.

  • Take care of minor repairs yourself
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Convenient zippered case

Kit price items save 30% versus the same items sold separately.

Kit includes a zippered case cube which comes with peel-off Velcro hook panel to attach to any bow case with a fleece lined interior.

Easton Archery Essentials 12 piece Pro Shop Tool Kit includes

  • Easton D-Loop nock pliers to make a D-Loop the same consistent length each time
  • Easton L model anodised aluminium bow square with durable spring steel clips & laser etched ruler for high accuracy measuring
  • Easton 9 piece extra large folding Pro Allen wrench set in 5-64", 3-32", 7-64", 1-8", 9-64", 5-32", 3-16", 7-32", 1-4" sizes
  • Easton 9 piece small folding Allen wrench set in 0.50", 1-16", 5-64", 3-32", 7-64", 1-8", 9-64", 5-32", 3-16" sizes
  • Easton 9 piece Arrow Prep Tool Kit cleans and abrades interior shaft surface for proper point adhesion & maximum bond strength
  • Easton Universal installation and removal nock tool fits G, X, H & S diameter nocks with threaded extractor to remove broken nocks from shafts
  • Easton Wedge Arrow Puller and black plastic dog type quiver clip with ring, ergonomic wedge shape for comfortable fit
  • Easton bowstring wax for synthetic fibre strings 28.3g or 1oz
  • BCY Nock & Peep Serving .020in nylon thread perfect for tying nock sets & peep sights includes 1m or 39.4 inches red thread & 1m or 39.4 inches black thread
  • BCY #24 D-Loop rope, the professionals' choice and #1 choice of archers worldwide. Stiff-braided poly fibres. Good, consistent burn, 1m or 39.4 inches length
  • Easton Broadhead wrench
  • Case cube to keep all your accessories and tools in place measuring 38cm x 19cm x 5cm or 15in x 7.5in x 2in with see-through mesh lid with dual zipper closures with easy grab pulls and orange Easton name and diamond logo tags sewn into the stitching

A must for every archery toolbox.

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