Beiter Winder Profi grey

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Beiter Winder Profi grey

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Beiter Winder Profi grey Description

It is not only important for a serving tool to serve string material onto a string, it is paramount that this is achieved effortlessly due to the repetitive nature of string serving.

The yarn must have a smooth guidance and extremely fine friction and adjustable and accurate thread tension.

With the Beiter Winder, the string material does not have to be threaded through an eye - all you do is simply clip in the string. As well you can change the spool in seconds.

The Beiter Winder PROFI is an efficient tool to be easily used by professionals through to beginners. The Winder PROFI suits pro shops, dealers, coaches, archery technicians or archery club members needing to continually service strings and servings.

The Winder PROFI has 2 stainless steel rolls and two 9mm stainless stell knobs for very fast or very strong serving.

Other features - easy clip in for string material, extraordinarily smooth guidance, unique sliding disks, highest precision and guidance, extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, easy and fast interchange of serving spools.

The Beiter Winder PROFI can be used with the Beiter Twister. This instructional film demonstrates how the Twister connects to the Winder Profi to make string serving a snack. Please note there is no audio accompanying this film.

Quality German made, durable server.

The Beiter Winder Profi Serving Tool includes serving jig, 2 sliding disks for correct spool tension, reusable clear plastic storage box to stow your winder safely, fully illustrated diagrams and installation instructions.

Beiter Winder Profi

  • Stainless steel rollers and stainless steel end nuts
  • High impact plastic body
  • Easy clip in system to thread winder
  • Extraordinarily smooth operation
  • 2 sliding disks to ensure correct spool tension, highest precision and guidance
  • Fine adjustability of friction and tension
  • Easy and quick-change serving spools within seconds
  • Optional Beiter Twister for fast serving
  • Easy on, easy off Twister attachment
  • Ideal for very fast and very strong serving
  • Works equally well for light as well as heavy serving threads
  • Suitable for serious anglers as Winder is designed to give maximum weight and inertia for serving leaders 80lb and above and for fine adjustable drag
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