Beiter String and Tool Clip

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Beiter String and Tool Clip

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Beiter String and Tool Clip Description

The Beiter String Tool is a multi-purpose tool for working on many different functions including strings, bows and much more.

The String Tool is available in two sizes, #1 is 9.5mm or 0.374" and #2 is 12.7mm or 0.5"

With the Beiter String Tool #1, it can be used like a finger-nail where you can easily count the strands in the string and then with the Beiter String Tool #2 you can properly install a peep sight.

After you have pushed the first String Tool through the string, you can count the single strands by inserting them into the grooves on the Tool.

To be able to install a peep sight easier, you can use the second Beiter String Tool #2, generating a bigger working window.

This instructional film demonstrates how the Twister connects to the Winder Profi to make string serving a snack. Please note there is no audio accompanying this film.

The Beiter Tool Clip is the perfect storage device for the Beiter String Tool and comes with fully illustrated diagrams and installation instructions.

Beiter String Tool is made of heavy duty, durable moulded plastic and clips into the handy Beiter Tool Clip. Beiter Tool Clip comes with a ring to attach to your quiver.

With the Beiter String Tool you can

  • split a string for peep sight installation
  • easily count the number of strands on a string
  • determine the middle of the string by counting the strands to ensure the peep sight is in the centre of the string
  • quickly and simply make a serving
  • more easily serve a Beiter nocking point, defining the correct starting position
  • use the String Tool as a lever to ease off an old stick-on arrow rest or residual tape or glue from your bow

The Beiter 5 piece String and Tool Clip includes

  • String Tool in Black
  • Clip Tool in either Green, Orange or Yellow
  • Silver ring to attach tool to quiver
  • Belt Loop 36 x 7.5
  • Belt Loop 40 x 8
  • Available in 2 sizes, #1 is 9.5mm or 0.374" and #2 is 12.7mm or 0.5". Please specify size

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