McVicar String Jig

Brand: McVicar

The McVicar String Jig makes strings and cables under tension and is Australian made. Strings can be made to the optimum tension. Ideal for personal and pro shop use

McVicar String Jig

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McVicar String Jig Description

The McVicar String Jig V-4 enables you to make strings and cables of the highest standard and is used by professional string makers.

The Series V-4 McVicar String Jig now uses the commercially available Uni Strut channel as the back bone on which the Head Stock and Pivot Post assemblies sit.

The Uni-Strut channel is not included as it is available from retail outlets at a relatively economical cost. The part code for the Uni Strut channel for this bar is UNSP10003T-GB for a 3 metre length.

By separating the back bone bar or Uni Strut from the other components, you benefit by significant savings for both the cost of the Uni Strut and the freight charges to send the Uni Strut to you.

We include all the necessary connector clips, clamps and bolts for connection of components to the Uni-Strut.

Design and functional details

  • The New Design Tensioner Head Stock is machined from a single piece of milled steel and Pivot Bar Assembly is manufactured using Laser Cutting Technology for the Pivot Plate and Twin Posts are machined from 20mm diameter steel
  • All components are engineered and manufactured in Australia to very high tolerances and standards
  • The design of this system enables you to pre-stretch your strings and add twists whilst under tension, so you can craft strings to the exact required length and ensure the string strands are tightly bundled under even tension. This helps maintain string stability and allows servings to be applied consistently to reduce separation
  • The string posts (Twin Post Assembly) are located with an indexing mechanism that enables the 2 post configuration on which the string is "laid up" to be rotated and in-line with the main rail or at right angles, used for simple and efficient serving of end loops and when rotated, this position is locked by way of a large lock nut. A special purpose-made spanner is provided
  • String posts are sufficiently high enough to provide good clearance for serving tools and are made from 20mm diameter steel rod for strength. The tops of each post are machined to .25" or 6.62mm for retaining the string during the string making process (conforming with ATA measuring standards)
  • At one end of the string jig is a main Tensioner Head Assembly. This component is machined from a billet of mild steel and then chromium plated with a tensioning handle for stretching or pre-tensioning strings and allows you to add twists to the string and fine tune finished length
  • Simply stated, you can create strings and cables under tension, twist to desired length, serve whilst still under tension so that finished strings and cables are both pre-stretched and extremely stable, shot after shot

A heavy duty jig without a heavy price tag.

Makes strings and cables for compounds, recurves, longbows and cross bows.

Suited for those archers who wish to make their own strings or for use in clubs and pro shops.

McVicar String Jig specs at a glance

  • Posts or dowels are solid and will not move
  • Sliding pivot post assembly can be moved along the Uni Strut to achieve correct string length
  • Indexing mechanism enables string posts to be rotated and in-line with the Uni Strut or at right angles
  • High posts for good clearance for serving tools
  • 6.35mm or 0.25" post tops to retain string during string making & conform to ATA standards
  • Adjustable winder for stretching & pre-tensioning strings and allows you to add twists to the string without relaxing tension
  • Easy to use to make custom strings and cables
  • Once jig is set, it will not move
  • Will make strings for single and twin cam bows
  • Very high quality Australian made string jig
  • A heavy duty jig without a heavy price tag

The McVicar Standard String Jig comprises

  • String jig assembly
  • tensioner head assembly
  • twin post pivot bar assembly

The McVicar String Jig will enable you to make pre-stretched strings of the highest standard quickly and with ease.

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