Weekly News January-June 2011

Abbey's Weekly Archery News for January to June 2011 is archived here for your reference and use, in reverse date order - i.e. latest addition to the news, is at the top.

News for the week ending June 25, 2011

  • Deer Quest's new rutrageous deer scent plus popular 50/50 scrape have arrived into store plus the popular Combo Pack Deer Scents
  • Want to tie the perfect D Loop, then look no further than the popular Viper D Loop Pliers which have just arrived in, as well as the scope covers in Camo and Black . Protect your scope today from wet weather.
  • More Martin Onza III in Black and Camo are back in stock. At 340fps this is the best buy, speed bow, on the market. If you're not into release aid but shooting fingers, then we have also just received in more ShadowCats from Martin. This bow does not forsake speed, but at 41.25 inches axle to axle, it is a finger shooters best friend.
  • A busy week this week also with the arrival of Bowmaster Bow Presses and Limb Adapters .

News for the week ending June 18, 2011

News for the week ending June 11, 2011

News for the week ending June 4, 2011

  • We have just received an order of AAE Vanes , including the popular Elite Plastifletch, Max Hunter Broadhead Vanes and new Plastifletch Max Target Vanes plus their Fastset Gel 3gm and Fastset Gel 9gm instant gel - great for fletching carbon arrows in a hurry.
  • We also received the ever reliable Master Plunger Long , Micro Long Free Flyte Elite Rests in Black or Silver.
  • Bohning Arrow Wraps are back in stock. Make your arrow easier to find and identify. Grab some wraps today.
  • Having trouble preparing your shafts? Then look at the SSR Shaft Cleaner by Bohning. It degreases and prepares your shafts, allowing maximum contact with your adhesive. Works well with Fletchtite Platinum glue.
  • With the colder weather upon us, ASAT Gloves are a perfect choice to keep your hands warm, so you remain on top of your shooting. The ASAT Microdot allows grip for your fingers, whilst still being camouflaged. Grab a pair today.

News for the week ending May 28, 2011

  • You can be guaranteed no stretch with a Winners Choice string. Available for Single Cam and 2 Cam or Hybrid Cam systems. Get yours today and see the benefits for yourself, such as no peep twist and pre stretched string, to give a longer string life. Does your string need replacing? Get a set today - please specify model and make of your bow when ordering and if possible, the lengths of the cables and shoot string. Make sure you always carry some String Wax in your kit to prolong your string life even further and get the maximum performance out of your strings.
  • With winter fast approaching is it time to get your bow checked over. Call into our Brisbane and Sydney stores and our staff will carefully examine your bow to ensure that it is in good working order. If any work is required, we will call you to determine your wishes, before proceeding. Get your bow shooting back to its full potential with a bow that is in top shape.
  • Thinking of upgrading your sights for Hunting or Target , then look no further. With our wide variety in store, you can be assured of finding one to suit your needs. Not sure which one will suit your needs? No problem - call us toll free on 1800 883 664 and speak to our staff in Sydney.

News for the two weeks ending May 21, 2011

  • Bear bows and Trophy Ridge accessories are in great supply. Check out the flagship Carnage , as well as the Attack , Assault , Mauler , Strike , Home Wrecker , Charge and the Apprentice bows.
  • Save by purchasing Ready to Hunt (RTH) packages of a bow with accessories. If you bought the accessories separately you would be paying more and your accessories would not be installed and ready to shoot.

News for the week ending May 7, 2011

  • Last Monday morning was like bow central at our Castle Hill warehouse with orders from Bear & Hoyt arriving. As many of our staff were attending the World Bowhunting Championships at Wagga Wagga, the staff back home were under the pumps as our store had lots of folks calling in due to school holidays and archers taking the opportunity to buy new accessories, arrange bow tune-ups. Budding archers tugged Dad & Mum in to buy their first bow with their pocket money and we do give attention to tomorrow's archers because you never know when the next Simon Fairweather emerges.
  • We have good stocks of bows and accessories including those pesky FUSE Blade Stabilisers that have been in short supply.
  • We have more Carbon Matrix Plus , Carbon Element , CRX 35 ,CRX 32 , Rampage XT and Rampage . We should have a Hoyt bow to suit every archer long, short & tall.
  • The 2011 World Bowhunting Championships and the ABA Safari, known as the Nationals held at Wagga Wagga last month around Easter were great successes. Congratulations to all competitors from around the world and the organisers for a job well done. Our Team Abbey Archery Shooting Team also had great success at these shoots. Many international archers continued on as tourists in Australia.

News for the two weeks ending April 30, 2011

  • Our Carter release aid order has arrived & we have all models & very good stocks of two new releases, Simple 1 & Plain 1 which have shorter heads for added draw length. Plain 1 has a 4 finger thumb trigger, cocks & closes the jaw in one smooth easy motion allowing a very fast & easy loading on a D loop. Simple 1 gives consistency & accuracy, with simple operation.
  • New SURE-LOC products were received. We have all models and accessories like Coloured Knobs and Decals Kit and Recurve Aperture Holder in stock to cater for all archers.
  • Our shipment of Cobra releases and sights came in. We have more of the Swing Away E-Z Adjust , E-Z Adjust , Bravo EV1, All Adjust Caliper & Pro Caliper Jr Release . We have a new sight from Cobra that is great value for money, the Mini Venom 5pin sight with light .
  • In golf, a hole in one is the dream of every golfer to achieve in their lifetime. Well our popular Brisbane store manager, Jeanette Dowd, one of Abbey Archery's Shooting Team members for the last 5 years, shot a  perfect score of 400 last Sunday week. She has shot ABA, 3D & IFAA for the past 25 years & said her last target on Sunday was the real pressure shot. Congratulations Jeanette on a superb achievement. She will be competing with her Hoyt Alpha Max 32 at the World Bowhunting Championships at Wagga Wagga & you can meet her there.
  • At last count 553 archers from Australia, New Zealand and from all over the world have already registered to compete at the 2011 World Bowhunting Championships at Wagga Wagga Field Archers, 20kms east of Wagga Wagga, NSW from 15th to 20th April 2011. Sanctioned by International Field Archery Association (IFAA), this is the biggest archery tournament in Australia. The Abbey Archery 10 tonne pro shop truck and our staff and our new-look Team Abbey Archery Shooting Team will be there for advice, assistance or help and the latest archery gear will be there on show. We hope to bring the latest results and news directly from the championships to our website throughout this event.

News for the two weeks ending April 15, 2011

  • It has been another busy week with many orders arriving and others sent to archers across Australia and NZ. We have more Lumenoks, including the very popular Lumenok Signature & Super Nock . If you have not shot a lighted nock, get a pack of 3 and you too can follow & retrieve your arrow. They pay for themselves in no time.
  • Slick Tricks are back in stock with more Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125gr 3 pack and Standard 4 blade broadhead 100gr . Slicks use German steel blades that last and perform.
  • The machined aluminium Jim Fletcher .44 Caliper Release Aid Deluxe Velcro Wrist Strap was unpacked and the original Fletcher Tru Peep Sight .
  • Titan Micro Recurve Scope just arrived, quality Australian made, 10.5mm diameter and is just the ticket for those wanting a smaller target view. All Titans have Hoya lenses for clarity & sharpness. We also have more stock of 45mm 3D Fibre Coil Scope 35mm Target Scope .
  • More range finders are in stock with the OPTi-Logic 400XL Laser InSight Rangefinder for the best optics & superb accuracy.
  • Our traditional Selway bow quivers are in stock again. The workmanship of these US made quivers will amaze you. Get a beautiful leather recurve quiver or rubber longbow quiver .
  • SURE-LOC make terrific compound and recurve bow sights .
  • We have just received another shipment of Hoyt bows and accessories including the Pro Series bow quiver. We have stacks of Fuse Carbon Blade Stabilisers in target side rods in 8", 10" and 12" and hunting stabilisers in 6.5", 8.5", 10" & 11.5".
  • The 2011 World Bowhunting Championships are being held at Wagga Wagga Field Archers, about 20kms east of Wagga Wagga, NSW from 15th to 20th April 2011. The tournament, sanctioned by International Field Archery Association (IFAA) is arguably the biggest archery event on the Australian calendar and it is expected that along with a large attendance from all Australian states and from our New Zealand cousins, some 400 overseas archers will be attending. Our Abbey 10 tonne pro shop truck, together with our new-look Team Abbey Archery Shooting Team sporting their new shirts, will be there to assist or if you need advice or last minute work on your gear, we will do our best to help. Please call by and say hello to Alec and our staff.

News for the week ending April 3, 2011

With the World IFAA Titles only a couple of weeks away in Wagga we wish everyone who is competing good luck. Just a reminder to please check your equipment if you haven’t already done so, to avoid the worst case scenario of equipment failure in the field.

The Abbey Truck, together with the new look Team Abbey Archery Shooting Team, will be down there to assist you if any last minute fixes are required. Although we have spent an enormous amount of time training, sometimes the simplest of things can be overlooked. Here is a quick check list of what to look for:

  • How are your string and cables looking? Do they need waxing or tuning to ensure cam timing is good? Is your rest on your recurve still holding up and if it is a stick on rest, do you have a spare just in case?
  • Are your arrows looking in good shape with the vanes or feathers in reasonable condition and your shafts have no faults? If they are carbon arrows, carefully look over them. Do you have some spare points, nocks and fletches in your kit?
  • Also, double check all your screws on your bow and equipment and tighten them up if necessary, to avoid blow ups.

Most importantly, enjoy shooting. Good luck everyone

News for the three weeks ending March 26, 2011

This week, our warehouse resembled a bow factory when we received one Hoyt bow shipment and not one, but two Bear shipments:

News for the week ending March 5, 2011

News for the week ending February 26, 2011

News for the two weeks ending February 19, 2011

  • We have been very busy over the last 3 weeks with more large orders from Bear and Hoyt and re-stocking our truck & Brisbane store after the floods.
  • We have received a BPE order of Pro Series Jigs straight , right wing helical and standard . We also received spare clamps, tools and bowsquares.
  • A JoJan order arrived with more Multi Fletchers and Mono Fletchers in straight & right wing.
  • Four pallets of Bear bows finally arrived after numerous delays. We have more Mauler bows , RTH packages , Charge Bows & Charge Ready to Hunt Packages , Strikes, Home Wreckers & Apprentices. You will need to be quick to get a Bear bow!
  • More Hoyt bows & accessories & FUSE gear came in last week. We have plenty of bows & packages of Ruckus, Pro Hawk, Rampage, Hoyt Rampage XT Hoyt CRX 35 , CRX 32, Carbon Matrix Plus and Carbon Element . We have the Hoyt drop away Ultra Rest, which allows the rest to drop only when the bow is fired, FUSE Carbon Blade long & short rods & Hunter stabilisers with an aerodynamical oval shape means 70% less wind drag at the critical far end, horizontal plane stiffness prevents severe recoil, vibration & noise. The very stylish, ultra lightweight & accurate FUSE Carbon Pilot 5 pin sights in Realtree AP Camo & Blackout are now in stock.

News for the two weeks ending February 5, 2011

  • The Hoyt Carbon Element has arrived. We have had quite a few pre sold so hurry in before they go. Also back in stock are the popularAlphaElite Target Bows , the Rampage XT and Rampage XT Bow Packages plus many more models.
  • Want a complete Package including a Hard Case, then look no further than the Exile Complete Package Camo . This Package is everything you need to get started.
  • Also just arrived are the Abbey Frilled Neck Lizard Release Aid and the Abbey Double Bow Case Camo .
  • Brisbane Store is Open. The floodwaters have receded and electrical power has been restored, so Abbey Archery Brisbane store is again open for business. See you there soon!
  • Brisbane Store narrowly escapes flooding! As the photographs below show, the floodwaters came within metres of the entrance to our Brisbane store.

    Weekly Archery News from Abbey View of the store and floodwaters are on the left.

    Weekly Archery News from Abbey View down Spine Street, towards floodwaters.

    The store was closed until January 19, as there was no electric power or telephones. We are now back in business so if you need to talk with one of our experienced staff about a purchase, please drop in or phone us.

News for the eleven days ending January 22, 2011

  • Newsflash: Brisbane Store reopens! The floodwaters have receded and electrical power has been restored, so Abbey Archery Brisbane store is again open for business. See you there soon!
  • The annual ATA (Archery Trade) Show was held a week ago in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is one of the top 100 trade shows in the US and attendances were up. 98 new companies presented their products at the show for the first time & a further 25 companies who did not have the funds to pay for a full booth were given the opportunity to display their innovations. We saw some great new items, like Outer Limit's Moto, a motorised string serving jig which cuts string building in half, Dead Eye sight pin calibrator gets perfect sight settings in minutes & Buzz stabiliser that is harmonically tuned, ultra light weight & hollow core to eliminate noise vibration & hand shock.
  • Arizona Archery Enterprises (AAE) have appointed Abbey Archery one of a few exclusive world distributors for 5 new Gold target products:
    • KSL Gold Tab (designed by US Olympic Coach, KiSik Lee who was formerly the Australian head Olympic coach) ergonomically designed to fit your hand, fully adjustable, Cordovan leather face, in brass or anodised aluminium and an adjustable finger spacer.
    • Gold Aiming Aperture with .019" or .5mm super bright fibre optic aiming dot, small aperture for better aiming & 8-32" threaded attachment.
    • Gold Micro Clicker has micro adjustable clicker of .005 per click, mounts under sight, spring steel clicker & adjusts to fit all bows.
    • Gold Plunger with Teflon bushings for smooth operation, compact design, new Supralon tip material & replaceable, adjustable springs.
    • Gold Rest has a .050" or 1.25mm titanium launcher wire, self adhesive with adjustable magnetic action.
    We do not have pricing as yet but we expect most of the Gold products to be here fairly soon, so please put your name down and we will reserve one for you. Just drop us an email & indicate item(s) you are wanting.
  • We will have more news on the ATA Show very soon.
  • Brisbane Store narrowly escapes flooding! As the photographs below show, the floodwaters came within metres of the entrance to our Brisbane store.

    Weekly Archery News from Abbey View of the store and floodwaters are on the left.

    Weekly Archery News from Abbey View down Spine Street, towards floodwaters.

    The store was closed until January 19, as there was no electric power or telephones. We are now back in business so if you need to talk with one of our experienced staff about a purchase, please drop in or phone us.

News for the nine days ending January 11, 2011

News for the three weeks ending January 2, 2011

  • Xmas/New Year Hours. While our retail shops, our warehouse and our truck are taking a short break from Christmas Eve till Tuesday 4th January 2011, our web store will remain online 24/7, ready to help you, at any time convenient to you.
  • Our Delta and McKenzie 3D animals, targets, blocks and bags have been packed in our warehouse, but the word has gotten out and many hunters and clubs have already ordered. It would be an understatement to say that they are all selling fast. The big sellers in 3D animals are the Wild Boar , the Red Fox , the Howling Coyote , Javelina and Rabbit.

    New models will be uploaded over Christmas e.g. Archer's Choice Real-World Buck, which when hit, the target rotates from the force of every shot and creates a new shooting angle each time it rests. On one side of the deer are exposed whitetail vitals and bone structure and the other side is the normal hide. This deer is likely to be very popular, once enthusiasts catch on to its value and great practice opportunities.
  • We received more ASAT gear of 3D Leafy Suits , Elite Extreme Layer Zip Mock , Crew Top and Bottom, Field Shirt, 6 Pocket BDU Pants, Long and Short Sleeve T Shirts, Face Masks and Gloves. For all of the year, ASAT stock has been in short supply, so in some sizes, our order was not fully supplied and we received limited quantities, so first in, best dressed - literally!
  • Just arrived are more Scott release aids with the ever popular Caliper , Quick Shot , Rhino XT Buckle and No Sweat Strap , Little Goose , Sabertooth in Buckle and No Sweat Strap.
  • The recent tragic death of our long serving staff member, Peter has left us all very saddened. We wish everyone a very happy Christmas, a prosperous and peaceful 2011 and we do thank you for your business.
  • We will be attending the annual ATA Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis, USA from January 6-8 and look forward to reporting to you, on new products and innovations.
  • Gift Certificates BONUS! For the rest of December, Abbey Archery Gift Certificates will carry a 5% bonus. e.g. buy a $100.00 gift certificate in this period and your recipient will be able to redeem the certificate on $105.00 of goods and shipping costs. Pay $100 and get $105 of value! Certificates can be redeemed up to 12 months from date of purchase.


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