Weekly News July-December 2011

News for the two weeks ending December 31, 2011

  • A 20 foot container from Martin Archery arrived, containing more 2012 bows. Checkout the new Bengal Pro and also the Scepter V, which is perfect for finger shooters at 40" while still delivering speeds of 335fps.
  • Want one of the best value for money packages including a hard case? Then the Exile Complete Package is ideal. This comes with everything needed to get started with archery.
  • More suggestions: try these for Christmas stocking fillers - a new bow bag, Lumenocks, or handy tools.
  • Still not sure? Then a Gift Voucher is the perfect gift solution for those for whom it is hard to choose. Gift vouchers are redeemable here, or over the phone, or by mail, or in any Abbey Archery store and have no expiration date or user fees. You can't miss with an Abbey Gift Voucher!
  • Make sure your bow is tuned, ready for the holidays. Get it checked over to avoid travelling for hours, only to have equipment failure. Ensure your kit includes Wax, Glue and spare parts.
  • Christmas-New Year Trading hours. Our stores in Sydney and Brisbane will close at 1pm on Saturday 24th December 2011 and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2012. Of course, our online store is always open!
  • All the Team at Abbey Archery would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patronage and wish you have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2012.

News for the four weeks ending December 15, 2011

  • Not sure what to buy for a Christmas present? A Gift Voucher is the perfect gift solution for those for whom it is hard to choose. Buy one and make someone's day. Gift vouchers are redeemable here, or over the phone, or by mail, or in any Abbey Archery store and have no expiration date or user fees. You can't miss with an Abbey Gift Voucher!
  • New stock arrived including more 2012 bows from Bear Archery and Hoyt as well as accessories from Bohning, Jim Fletcher and Specialty.
  • Make sure your bow is tuned, ready for the holidays. Get it checked over to avoid travelling for hours, only to have equipment failure. Ensure your kit includes Wax, Glue and spare parts.
  • Feral pig hunting? Grab your Hog Squealer Hog Grunter calls today and make your next trip a success.
  • Magnus broadheads have arrived including the favoured Buzzcut and Stingers. These quality broadheads have a lifetime warranty.

News for the four weeks ending November 15, 2011

  • NEWSFLASH. Abbey Archery’s initial order of 2012 Hoyt bows arrived in our Sydney store today and should be in our Brisbane store by Monday next! If you are around Sydney or Brisbane, feel free to drop in and test fire the new bows. The 2012 Hoyt range of compound and recurve bows is a "knock your socks off" line up. Arguably the highlight is the Hoyt Carbon Element RKT with a smoking 330fps speed, only 32" A to A and an unbelievable weight of just 3.6 pounds. Abbey staff are now reviewing the 2012 Hoyt bows, all powered by the new RKT Cam and a Half system with its improved draw cycle which is pretty impressive. So far, we have reviewed the Hoyt Vector 32, the Carbon Element RKT and the Hoyt Vector Turbo, with an aluminium riser that shoots an actual speed of 340fps! We will continue to update the page today, as we review more bows. Check our comments and pictures at 2012 BOW PREVIEWS and also follow our reviews on Abbey Archery's Face Book page this afternoon as our staff post their expert opinions of the 2012 Hoyt range. The 2012 Hoyt Hunting Bow line up - first in Australia at Abbey Archery!
  • 2012 Bear range of compound and traditional bows is due into our stores next week. The premier bow is the Bear Anarchy, a blistering 340fps speed, 35.25 inch length, very generous 7.25" brace, the new Flat Top cam - this bow simply shoots with little effort. New Bear models include Legion, Encounter, Outbreak, Siren and Apprentice 2, all available as bows and ready to hunt (RTH) bow packages. Bear perform solidly and are excellent value.
  • The release of the 2012 Martin Archery bows is imminent and Abbey will bring them to you as soon as we can.

News for the four weeks ending October 19, 2011

  • Over the last two weeks, we have been extremely busy with many orders arriving. More supplies from TightSpot quivers, Carter Release Aids, a huge sea order from Saunders, Hoyt compounds, recurves accessories including large stocks of clothing, Scott release aids and CBE target, 3D and hunting sights, Cobra releases and Mini Venom sights, Jim Fletcher releases and Tru Peeps and Bohning.
  • 2012 Bows news! Bear Archery have beaten the other manufacturers to the punch and released the Bear 2012 bows range. We've got complete information, pictures and prices. Check them out today!

News for the week ending September 18, 2011

  • A new order has arrived of Australian Hunting DVD Shikari, featuring bowhunting feral goats and pigs in western Queensland.
  • Our new stock of Byron Ferguson DVDs hit our warehouse, including Incredible Shots, More Incredible Shots, Become The Arrow and the new DVD, BareBow 101 Plus which is a 2 DVD set.
  • Our Spot-Hogg order came in and we have stock of Hogg-It, Seven Deadly Pins, Hunter, Real Deal and Right On wrapped pin sights and their white sight light that illuminates sight pins in low light conditions.

News for the three weeks ending September 10, 2011

  • We have more of the very popular and extremely well made Sure-Loc target sights in hard lockable cases - Supreme and Challenger for compounds, Quest-X and Contender-X for recurves.
  • Slick Trick broadheads came in Standard and Magnum in all sizes. Slicks have strong, German made blades.
  • Our Trophy Taker order of arrow rests arrived - the economical Pronghorn SL, SmackDown FC, Xtreme FC top slot fall aways for hunting, the ever popular micro adjust Spring Steel 2 Pro rest for target archers and Shuttle T-Lock 3 blade broadheads. We received the brand new Trophy Taker Bino System to carry your optics securely yet readily available, eliminates all neck fatigue.

News for the two weeks ending Aug 20, 2011

News for the two weeks ending Aug 6, 2011

  • Lord's Cricket Ground has just been nominated as the venue for the London 2012 Olympics Archery competition. Lord's (commonly referred to as the 'home of cricket') is a cricket venue in St John's Wood, London. Read more about the 2012 Olympic Archery competition
  • We just received another container from Martin Archery. We have more RidgeHunter and Exile Complete Bow Packages.
    When you buy a bow package, you get all your accessories included, all in a hard bow case - value for money and your bow purchase all wrapped up.
    We have more Onza bows, which are a great speed bow at 330 feet per second. As the slogan says "Shoot it to believe it."
    We also have more Martin Recurves and Longbows to suit all hunters' needs, including the Jaguar Take Down recurve.
    XR Recurve Bow Sets are fun for the budding young recurve archer.
    Abbey Archery has arguably the largest stock of any Martin dealer in the world, with a wide variety of Martin accessories, from shooting gloves, armguards, caps, soft bow cases, bow & back quivers, sparearm snapper (bow carrier), rubber blunts, fletching jigs, 3 spot Vegas Target Faces and bow parts.
  • Seven pallets of Easton products arrived this week and it took all our staff most of the day to process the order. We have more stock of most shafts, points nocks etc. We also have excellent stocks of ready-made arrows. So if you need a ProTour or a PowerFlight, we have them all.
  • Another Hoyt order arrived this week and we have plenty of Hoyt bows. Many of the Hoyt models are some of the most popular bows we have experienced and if you need a Hoyt, you need to buy from Abbey where we give free lifetime service while you own the bow. We stand behind our bows and back it up with service that is second to none.
  • Abbey was recently most pleased to receive a bouquet from the peak Australian bowhunting body, the Australian Bowhunters Association for our "professional service offered to competitors at the World Bowhunting Championships and National Safari held at the Wagga Wagga Club during the period 15th to 25th April 2011. Without this service many competitors would have been left unable to complete the competitions. We look forward to your continued support of Australian Archery." The letter has taken pride of place on our wall in our Brisbane and Sydney stores. Our Abbey Archery shooters and our staff were in attendance throughout the events and helped many archers with repairs, tuning and advice.

News for the two weeks ending July 23, 2011

  • We received another order from Limbsaver and have more Mini Ultra Quad, Recurve, String Leeches Black and Red, UltraMax Solid Limb and Split Limb, AlphaShox, String Decelerator and Teflon Cable Slide.
  • As well, a big order from Doinker arrived with new 2011 products, such as Elite Supreme Carbon Stabilisers in 34.5", 31.5" & 28.5", Fatty Supreme Carbon Stabilisers in 30" & 27", black Doinker Dish 12", Elite Supreme Stabiliser 11.5" in silver and black, Supreme V-Bar 2 piece set in 8", 10" & 12", Chubby Hunter Supreme Stabiliser 6.625" in Next G-1 camo & Woodsman Hunter 5" camo and many Doinker accessories. We should upload these products on our website soon. Doinker is one of those hot products and are very popular, because they do perform.
  • We received two more shipments of quality tanned leather, to make our famous JMR Archery Manufacturing Co, archery accessories. Nearly two years ago, we were most fortunate to employ Cherani Fernando to make our quivers, armguards, gloves, etc. The very high standard of Cherani's work has to be seen to be believed. Controlling heavy sewing machines and still producing quality, neat leatherwork is not easy. If you need new gloves or a beautifully locally made back or side quiver, you can't go past our JMR accessories.

News for the week ending July 9, 2011

  • Hoyt have opened a new factory complex in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This facility is arguably the most advanced bow manufacturing operation in the world, where Hoyt bows are brought to life from raw materials, to the finished products. Unlike other bow manufacturers who must outsource their anodising process, Hoyt anodise or paint their target risers in-house, so quality control is closely monitored. Check out the new Hoyt manufacturing story.
  • Game Council NSW & the Australian Bowhunters Association are conducting a bow hunting workshop in September at Orange Bowhunting Club and the early word is that it is likely to be heavily attended. Read all about it.
  • We have been selling Scott Archery's popular release aids for quite some time and their quality and performance is extremely high. We now stock Custom Bow Equipment or CBE 3D, Target & Hunting sights, a division of Scott and have been most impressed by their innovative & top shelf designs. More information about Scott Archery's purchase of CBE.

News for the week ending July 2, 2011

  • Check out the new arrivals of Shibuya and CBE Sights. Shibuya is the top of the grade when it comes to precision made equipment and CBE Compound sights are as tough as nails and built for the high performance bows of today. Abbey Archery is always looking to increase our range of quality archery equipment and we are now bringing you these two quality sight companies. Check them out today.
  • Recent arrivals of more Hoyt Compound and Recurve bows and accessories.
  • Also available are Easton Shafts like the Lightspeed 3D Shafts, Excel ST, X7 Eclipse, Platinum Plus, X10s, X10 Pro Tours and many more.


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