2010 January to June Weekly Archery News

Abbey's Weekly Archery News for the first half of 2010 is archived here for your reference and use, in reverse date order - i.e. latest addition to the news, is at the top.

News for the week ending June 27, 2010

News for the week ending June 20, 2010

  • Check out some our new specials. For example, HT Gold 3 Finger back tensions and 4 Finger back tensions. There are ONLY a couple left at this great price - $155! That's 20% off.
  • Congratulations to all those who braved the cold conditions at the IFAA Nationals in Orange. We hope you shot some good arrows and had a chance to call in and see Alec and Grant at the Abbey Archery Truck.
  • Now that winter is upon us it is a good time to get some ASAT gear, for hunting on these chilly days. The ASAT Elite Extreme Beanie will keep your head warm and hidden, the ASAT Elite Extreme Layer Zip Mock keeps you warm, comfortable and scent free, and also the ASAT Gloves. With winter here, once you have tried them, you will never forget them, plus they add the extra camouflage that you need.
  • Winter is the time to make sure your equipment is in perfect condition and these products will help do that: Tri-Flow Lubricant for all the nuts and bolts on your bow, string wax for your bowstring that dries out more in winter - Bohning Tex-Tite and Bohning Seal-Tite and a set of Vista Hex Wrenches to make sure all your screws are tight.

News for the period ending June 14, 2010

  • Abbey Archery is open this Saturday long weekend in both Brisbane and Sydney stores . Check out the in store specials we have available, as well as all specials online, like the Ethafoam 36 at a massive $100.00 saving.
  • For those of you that will be competing in the IFAA Nationals at Orange in NSW this weekend the Abbey Truck will be there with a wide range of products available. To all those archers competing - Good Luck!
  • We have just received in another SureLoc order and have most models in both Right Hand and Left Hand.

News for the period ending June 7, 2010

  • The 63rd FITA National Archery Championships was held in Brisbane between 16th to 21st May 2010 and Win & Win Archery, from Seoul, South Korea, manufacturers of world class recurves, attended the shoot and then visited our Brisbane store. The staff of Win & Win then travelled to Sydney where we were thrilled to be given a first hand look at their new Inno CXT bow, which has been released and is already receiving rave reviews. The CXT riser is manufactured from Nano carbon and incorporates a series of weights that are attached adjacent to the sight window and you can add or take off weights. We are most fortunate to receive the first batch of CXT recurves in Australia and they are available at both our Sydney and Brisbane stores. The riser colours are most attractive and the handle style and its cut-outs are aesthetically pleasing.
  • We received a small top-up order from Bohning last week with the new 1865" X2 vanes in 9 stunning colours, more Feather Fletching Tape, String Separators and Signature Nocks in stock. As well, we have extra stock of Blazer Helix Jigs, Carbon Arrow Everything DVDs and Arrow Cresting Kits.
  • The latest edition of Bowhunt America magazine has landed and is chock full of articles on equipment and hunting. The magazine is great value at just $8.95. Our own local magazine, Archery Action published by the Australian Bowhunters Association, is about to be released and has expanded with most interesting articles and photos and is a must for the serious hunter and archer.

News for the week ending May 28, 2010

News for the period ending May 21, 2010

  • Check out our range of Scott Release Aids we now have in store. Quality models like the Sabertooth will get your shooting back on track. Get one today with models starting from $89.95 .
  • Our Brisbane store will be celebrating its 5th Birthday soon and we will be giving the presents to honour this milestone in our over 35 year history. There will be great prizes, free balloons for the kids, free sausage sizzle and a birthday cake. Call into our store at Sumner Park for more information. Stay tuned - more to come.

News for the week ending May 8, 2010

News for the week ending May 1, 2010

  • The Maxxis 31 and Maxxis 35 have been taking both the hunting and 3D circuits by storm. With its In-Line roller cable guard that reduces friction, increases speed and improves efficiency, with a lightweight, durable, low profile design. This is just one of the many benefits you experience when shooting the Hoyt Maxxis. The XTR Cam 1/2 with adjustable modules allows half inch adjustments so you can be sure to find your draw length. Due to popular demand, we have just landed some for stock in both camo and Blackout, so experience what it is like to shoot one of the smoothest bows on the market. Get yours today.
  • Also why not shoot The Easton Flatline Arrows ready to shoot on special this week only with a massive saving of $42.00. Hurry as this is limited to current stocks.

News for the week ending April 24, 2010

News for the week ending April 17, 2010

  • Powerflight Shafts and Powerflight Arrows are back in stock in all sizes.
  • Did you know that we offer FREE SHIPPING to Australia and New Zealand for any order over $500.00?
  • Not sure what to add on or don't need anything else at the moment? Then why not purchase a gift certificate .
  • Bear Bows have arrived in with many of them racing out the door. Be one of the first to own the very affordable Charge Package or the perfect youth bow that will grow with them - either the Bear Apprentice Pink Camo or the Realtree APG HD Camo .
  • Dave Holt Seminar to be held in Sydney. For those that missed him last time, Dave's seminar was very much a one on one lesson which gave every level of archer the necessary refinements to get their shooting to the next level. Dave is an advanced certified archery coach with over 50 years of competitive archery and testing experience. Having regularily hunted in Africa and the USA can give you the educational tools you require to make sure you head into your next hunt or tournament with an edge. Call Castle Hill today on 02 8850 6400 to book your seat.

News for the period ending April 10, 2010

  • Hooter Shooters take 1st place. Congratulations to the Hooter Shooters team that competed in the ABA Nationals held at Charleville in central Queensland over the Easter long weekend with most of the team getting a place. There were approximately 300 competitors who had travelled from all around Australia to compete.
  • Dave Holt has travelled from the USA to give seminars. Dave is an advanced certified archery coach with over 50 years of competitive archery and testing experience. Dave is conducting a seminar in our Brisbane Store on 13th April at 6pm. If you would like to attend, call Brisbane on 07 3279 6400 to book your seat, as places are filling fast. From beginners to advanced archers, this seminar is one not to be missed. Amongst other tips and information, you will get an insight into how the pros are able to keep in top form. Call Brisbane NOW to find out more. HURRY so you don't miss out.

News for the week ending March 13, 2010

Our news this week is that we have acquired another four product lines:

  • Last week we received our initial shipment of bowstrings & cables from Winner's Choice. We stock two-colour buss cables, strings & sets for some Hoyt bows. Winner's Choice strings are trusted by the world's top archers, are pre-stretched & can be relied upon to hold their length regardless of environmental conditions & greatly increase consistency. Weatherlock technology, now standard on all Winners Choice strings, makes strings impervious to all weather conditions by completely waterproofing string, protects string fibres from abrasion better than any other string product & reduces heat absorption, which robs accuracy. Strings have a one year warranty & guaranteed to have no peep rotation, serving separation or creep. We can order your string for you and have it in within 10 days. We will soon upload Winner's Choice products.
  • We received our first release aid order last week from Scott Archery. We stock 7 models - the Rhino XT, Wildcat, Sabertooth, Little Goose, Little Bitty Goose, Caliper & Quick Shot, in 12 styles, in buckle & velcro straps, in a four hole length adjustment, nylon connector or micro-adjust rope-connection. With a five year limited warranty, bowhunters & top archers depend on Scott for unsurpassed accuracy & reliability & you can too. Every Scott release has what it takes to help make a winner.
  • Our initial order of arrow rests and broadheads from Trophy Taker arrived last week. We stock X-Treme, Pronghorn, Spring Steel 2 & Micro-Adjust Spring Steel 2 Pro in black, silver & camo, narrow & wide Dave Cousins Best Blades in .008", .010" & ..012" & Shuttle T-Lock broadheads in 100 & 125 grain. Trophy Taker rests are reliable & consistent & used by pros and archers. Trophy Taker products will be uploaded shortly on our website.
  • Our first order of My-Nock large groove nocks arrived. We stock My Nocks in fluoro yellow & fluoro orange colours and they weigh just 3 grains These tough little nocks are made in South Africa and claim to outlast other well known nocks. Score more with a My-Nock.

News for the period ending March 6, 2010

News for the week ending February 20, 2010

  • During the week, we received another Slick Trick broadhead order. We have more stock of all heads and spare blades including RazorTrick 4 blade broadhead 125 grain and RazorTrick 4 blade broadhead 100 grain , GrizzTrick 125 grain and GrizzTrick 100 grain as well as Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125 grain . Magnums were the first super short broadhead back in 2000 and are strong with superb penetration and reliability. GrizzTricks spin true, are super sharp out of the pack, the ferrule is super hard and they do not bend after many shots. RazorTricks are patterned after an old Indian arrowhead and are an outstanding low energy head, cutting hide and flesh. Every season the legend grows.
  • We have changed the product page display, moving the product description up the page and thus making it easier to read. This allows you to read more about the product without needing to scroll down. We hope you find these improvements beneficial.
  • Are your club's details correct? Please check and if anything needs to be changed, let us know. Check out your club at Australian Archery Clubs or New Zealand Archery Clubs

News for the week ending February 13, 2010

News for the week ending February 6, 2010

  • Our Hoyt order arrived and we now have more compounds, recurves and accessories in stock. From the ever popular Eclipse to the brand new for 2010 innovative Formula RX recurve, we have them all and in a wide variety of colours. The 2010 Hoyt compound bow range has already proved a huge success, especially the Carbon Matrix in camo and black out, AlphaBurner , Maxxis 35 and Maxxis 31 , Contender and Contender Elite in camo and target and the very popular AlphaMax 35 .
  • Please check out the reviews on the Carbon Matrix and AlphaBurner - just scroll to the bottom of these bow pages. If you want a bow that is smooth, performs and is reliable, day in day out, then Hoyt is a must have. Get serious, get Hoyt.

News for the week ending January 30, 2010

  • More Lumenoks from Burt Coyote arrived last week. We now have stock of all Lighted Nocks for Signature & Super Nocks, Gold Tip, X Nocks and H Nocks in both orange and green. The Lumenok requires no magnets, no glue, contains no switch or moving parts and there is nothing to attach to your bow, or glue into your arrow to make it work. Lumenoks are easy to use and contain a simple circuit. They fit most popular arrows and it allows you to follow your arrow flight easily. You can see where your shot hits or misses and can quickly retrieve your valuable arrow. They are great for tuning your bow and equipment. Most are available in singles and a pack of 3. Check them out at Lumenoks
  • A small Spot-Hogg order arrived last week including some Infinity Rests and Dave's Best Blade Launchers in four sizes, so you can choose the blade thickness that suits your arrows. We have .008" and .010" blades in both .2" or narrow and .3" or wide. These blades are designed and endorsed by champion archer Dave Cousins and suit Spot-Hogg Infinity, Rover, Platinum & Premier Arrow Rests and many other makes of rests. The .008" is suitable for arrows under 325 grains and .010" is suitable for arrows 325-425 grains. When pinpoint accuracy is required, enhance your setup with a Dave's Best Launcher .
  • Sincere thanks to all those who have forwarded updated club details. Please look at your club and if any details need updating, kindly drop us an email to enquiries@abbeyarchery.com.au It will help you if you can advise shooting info - days, times that your club shoots and the exact address of the venue, including how to get there. While the club listing has only been on our website since early last month, it has received a large number of visits which means that members or intending members and visitors are looking up club details. It is a great way of increasing your club's visibility. Check your club out at Australian clubs or New Zealand clubs .

News for the week ending January 23, 2010

  • We have introduced free shipping on all orders of $500 or more anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. This can save you big bickies, especially where you have purchased a bulky item. When your order qualifies for free shipping, a Free Delivery Coupon Code will be displayed. It is only applicable to Australian and New Zealand deliveries and free shipping excludes 3D targets, blocks, bags & ethafoam targets, back packs, hard bow cases, Cartel, Easton & Abbey double soft bow cases, bow presses, arrow saws, larger tools and parts. Other discount coupons cannot be redeemed with your Free Delivery Coupon. It is our intention to try and extend the free shipping to other parts of Asia.
  • We have made further changes to our website to improve performance and browsing on our site. We have altered products, including extenders, side rods & stabilisers. Previously, we listed all sizes, now we have only one product featuring and you select your size, making it easier for you to see all extenders, side rods & stabilisers alongside one another.
  • We wish to thank those clubs who have sent us a note to update their club details. The club listing is particularly useful for archers travelling interstate or to or from New Zealand who would like to know a club nearby to where they are visiting. So, please let us know if your club details need updating or amended. This is possibly one of the best ways for your club to attract new members and visitors as these club listings are highly visible and each week are viewed by many people and what's more it is free! Check your club out at Australian clubs or New Zealand clubs

News for the week ending January 16, 2010

  • We wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2010 is peaceful and prosperous for us all.
  • Our stores at Castle Hill in Sydney and Sumner Park in Brisbane re-opened last week, after the Christmas break and it was good to meet many customers who were on holidays, who called in to visit our stores. Some folks had travelled as far as Darwin. We hope that we have lived up to your expectations.
  • We have been busy over the holiday break making minor changes to our website, mostly small, to improve the performance and your enjoyment of browsing on our site. However we have also amended products, especially arrow rests. Previously, we listed the right hand and left hand model of each arrow rest, now we have only one product featuring and you select if you want a right or left hand rest. This makes it easier for you to view all arrow rests.
  • Another order from Jim Fletcher arrived last week and includes the ever popular Tru-Peep Sight , the .44 Caliper Release Aid with deluxe velcro wrist strap , also available as a buckle strap for consistent draw and silent removal of the strap, when out hunting.

News for the period ending January 9, 2010

  • Our much anticipated Cartel container, with over 9,000 items, finally arrived last Wednesday after a two week Singapore pitstop & extended shipping delays. It took all our Abbey team 4 days to unpack, barcode & pack away stock. Some new products are being uploaded progressively onto our website. These include Midas Plus Plunger , the top quality Midas ABS Hard Bow Case , the very well priced, value for money Midas Take Down Recurve Soft Bow Case , the innovative Cartel Exercise Band , the Midas magnetic bow stand , the ultra lightweight Cartel Midas 105 aluminium carbon bow stand and the functional low cost Cartel ground quiver and bow stand . We have greatly expanded our range of starter recurve bow packages to cater for short, tall & in-between - 3 heights, many draw weights and in right & left hand. The Complete Recurve Bow Set packages are available - all the gear you need to get you started in Platinum , Gold and Silver .
  • Our Castle Hill Pro Shop received a visit from Australian motorcycle racer and 2007 MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner and his lovely wife, Adriana. Casey has been a long time archer, having owned and shot compound bows for many years. He proved that he is no week-end wonder with a bow when he was able to group his arrows testing out his new Hoyt Vantage Elite bow. We have some photos of Casey's visit in the rotating images feature at the foot of this page.
  • In response to strong interest in Martin Shooter, Laura Francese, we have added more images in our Laura Francese rotator.
  • It is not too late to go from zero to Hero when you buy the special person in your life an archery present - a Gift Certificate . Gift Certificates are very popular this Christmas & you can even include your own personal message to give individuality. You can still order your Gift Certificate right up to Christmas Eve and have your present sorted and delivered.
  • We will still process orders during the break & re-open on Monday 4th January 2010. On behalf of all the Abbey Team, we sincerely thank you for your business in 2009 and where ever you are in the world wish you a very Happy Christmas.




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