Weekly News January-June 2012

Abbey's January-June 2012 Weekly Archery News is archived here for your reference and use, in reverse date order - i.e. latest addition to the news, is at the top.

News for the week ending July 1, 2012

  • Last week 4 pallets of Hoyt compound and recurve bows and Hoyt and FUSE accessories arrived into our warehouse. Hoyt bows continue to be "hot property" and we are pleased with the continuing strong demand for Hoyt.
  • Good stocks of Carbon Element RKT, Carbon Matrix RKT, Vector Turbo, Vector 35, Vector 32, Rampage XT, Ruckus bows are now in our Sydney and Brisbane stores and some authorised Abbey dealers around the country.
  • You owe it to yourself to check out the Hoyt range at our stores and don't forget the popular FUSE Carbon Blade Extra Stiff Stabilisers and Side Blades.
  • New products from Trophy Taker are here. SmackDown Pro FC fall away arrow rest, an upgrade from the original has finally arrived. Ulmer Edge 2 blade mechanical broadheads have field tip accuracy, low flight profile and on impact, razor sharp rear deploying blades.
  • The HeartBreaker Pro sight is a quality moveable single pin, micro adjust and dependable. Trophy Taker has made archers sit up and take notice of their fabulous products that work like no other.
  • We wish to announce the retirement of our long serving assistant manager of our Brisbane store, Keith Munday who has been with us since our store launch. Please drop in and say hello to Keith before he retires later this month. We thank Keith and wish him a long and happy retirement.

News for the three weeks ending June 24, 2012

  • The new Martin Scepter V Pro has recently arrived into store. This is the perfect finger shooting bow and at 335fps, speed will not be a problem.
  • Also in stock is the 2012 Martin Bengal Pro, the perfect bow for sneaking in for that shot at just 31 inches, it will surely impress.
  • Also back in stock is the AMS Bowfishing Reel Package. This popular reel will not last too long.
  • Be sure to check out the Abbey Pro Truck at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trades Expo at Sydney Olympic Park on the 16th and 17th June, where you may be able to catch some great specials.

News for the three weeks ending June 3, 2012

News for the seven weeks ending May 13, 2012

Get your target equipment at Abbey Archery.

News for the seven weeks ending March 31, 2012

  • Saturday 25th February and Sunday 26th February 2012, Abbey Archery is attending the 2012 Archery Expo held at the Liverpool Catholic Club, cnr Joadja & Hoxton Park Roads, Liverpool, NSW. Stop by the Abbey Archery booth and say hello to our helpful staff.
  • We have just received some really cool gear like the S4 Gear Lockdown optics deployment system - allows you to draw your binos to your face with a single motion, without fighting additional tension, common with most bino systems. The Lockdown safely secures binos to your chest without permitting the swinging movement or bounce associated with traditional harness designs.
  • The S4 Gear JackKnife smartphone bow mount fits all bows and lets you view shot placement before you track your animal, records from the hunter's eyes - as you see it, review your shot form and use as a training device.
  • Arguably one of the niftiest pieces of equipment to come on the archery scene this year is the S4 Gear Sidewinder EVO 36 inch retractable tether system, which keeps everything from GPS, to rangefinders and radios safe, secure and always within reach. Has a quick detach to instantly release the tethered device in a single movement, strong security strap, quiet bulletproof kevlar cord, lever lock belt clip and rotating mounting system. All S4 Gear will be available at our booth to test and see what all the fuss is about.
  • We have stock of all the 2012 bow models on show and plenty of accessories to keep the average archer or bowhunter enthralled.
  • Our staff member, Grant Hughes is presenting seminars on both days. The subject on Saturday is titled "Plan your hunt" and covers a broad range of topics and presents tips on what to do and take.
  • The seminar on Sunday he presents an insight on making your hunting bow more accurate, quieter and more deadly when it comes time to take that shot of a lifetime. Grant tries to make his talks easy to understand, yet entertaining. We hope you will pick up some advice along the way at either of these seminars.

News for the three weeks ending February 11, 2012

  • Another shipment of Bear bows and accessories has arrived. More 2012 compounds of Anarchy, Carnage, Mauler, Legion, Encounter, Outbreak and Apprentice II.
  • New Trophy Ridge tough-as-nails sights like the Micro Cypher sight with 5 horizontal .019 metal pins, micro adjustment, toolless, ultra bright pins, even in low light, rheostat sight light, built from Ballistix CoPolymer, 25% lighter than aluminium. The Pursuit 1 pin adjustable sight with adjustable indicator pin, 14 inches of .019 optic fibre in the front to soak up all available light and a sight light.
    Trophy Ridge Beacon one piece bow quiver has encased in the hood, four powerful green LED lights for safety and convenience, quick detach, braided hang rope, for fixed and mechanical broadheads, fully adjustable mount and delivers vibration reduction. The Threat bow quiver has most of the features as the Beacon and is ideal for carbon arrows. We will be uploading these new products very soon.
  • More 2012 Hoyt bows have arrived so we have more stock of Carbon Element, Carbon Matrix, Vector models, Rampage and Ruckus bows. We also have more stock of Hoyt and Fuse gear to accessorise your bow.
  • Other shipments included Sims vibration products such as String Decelerators, UltraMax Solid, Split, AlphaShox & Recurve LimbSavers, String Leeches and Teflon cable slide and Scott Archery release aids and CBE sights.

News for the week ending January 19, 2012

  • The 2012 ATA Trade Show, held in Columbus, Ohio, USA has just been concluded. Some observations we made: Your first impression when you walk into the ATA Show is you have arrived in archery heaven. There is an enormous array of gear, huge numbers of people, celebrities like Ted Nugent, many of whom are not known by us in Australia and New Zealand, booths chock-a-block with staff and products and the opportunity to shoot all the new bows.
  • People handing out every type of gimmick to get you to take a closer look at their new product can be a trifle overwhelming with flashing lights, amazing displays and interesting people everywhere you turn. Some booths have large posters of their celebrity TV bow hunters and when the celebrities are there at a signing, the queues can have up to 40 to 50 people waiting for an autograph, free cap, product or poster.
  • Some stand outs we liked. A new lighter, quieter and more functional quiver from Trophy Ridge that does not compromise strength and has 4 powerful green LED lights for safety and convenience. This quiver is made of ballistix copolymer, 25% lighter than aluminium, sure to be a big hit.
  • Easton showcased their ultra-narrow Injexion arrow with a .236" ultra-micro diameter, used by Olympic archers for downrange kinetic energy, but hard-hitting with stainless steel inserts for 65% more strength up front and 32% more impact resistance.
  • There were 12 morning seminars each day attended by over 300 daily, covering technical aspects of archery equipment, product knowledge, selling, marketing and business development and management. We sure packed a lot into the 3 days of the show.
  • There is a real sense of friendliness and genuinely wanting to impart their knowledge to you at the show and it is easy to start up a conversation when the booth knows you come from Down Under.
    Abbey Archery attends the 2012 ATA Trade Show Staff member Grant, at the entrance.

News for the week ending January 10, 2012

  • The 2012 ATA Trade Show is being held in Columbus, Ohio, USA and Abbey Archery staff have again made the long trip to attend this most important archery event.
    Abbey Archery attends the 2012 ATA Trade Show Staff member Grant, at the entrance.
    There are more than 500 exhibitors for the second straight year, including 69 newcomers, being held at the Greater Columbus Ohio Convention Centre with booth space totalling 180,836 square feet, an 8 per cent increase from last year's 167,550 sq ft space in January 2011 at Indianapolis and a 17 per cent increase from the 154,320 sq ft in January 2010 at Columbus.
  • As well, 57 exhibitors (53 exhibitors in 2011) are showcasing their products in the Innovation Zone, open only to fledgling manufacturers not yet ready to rent a full-size booth on the show floor. There are also 73 shooting lanes, covering 20,100 sq ft, making a total of 201,000 sq ft of exhibit space.
  • The Archery Trade Association, to give the ATA it's full name, has served its members since 1953 and is the organisation for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives. The ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry's largest and longest-running trade show worldwide, a member-driven event to promote commerce within the archery and bowhunting industry.
  • The show is owned and operated by the ATA, closed to the public and is an order writing event.

News for the week ending January 7, 2012

  • We're open and welcome to 2012! After our Xmas break, our stores in Sydney and Brisbane are again open for business. Come in and see us! Of course, our online store is always open 24/7!
  • With summer and hot humid weather upon us, ASAT has fantastic layer clothing that wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and most importantly, odour free. Grab a ASAT Crew top and bottom layer and experience the difference when you next go out.
  • Check out the Shuttle T Lock broadhead and its blade to ferrule connection that ends blade loss and delivers bone crunching power. Store them in the inexpensive storage box, to ensure your equipment is safe protected.
  • Make sure your bow is tuned, ready for the holidays. Get it checked over to avoid travelling for hours, only to have equipment failure. Ensure your kit includes wax, glue and spare parts.
  • Don't forget to check our current specials to grab a great deal.

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