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Whether stalking a buck during the rut, a boar in Cape York or a Scrub Bull in the Northern Territory, Hoyt is the bow you want by your side. Ever reliable and always up to the challenge, Hoyt Hunting Bows are renowned for their quality, dependability and accuracy. Why would you leave your hunt of a lifetime up to anything else? Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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Every model of bow riser that Hoyt designs is required to survive 1,500 dry fires without failure. Their limbs go through the same unprecedented torture test. In addition, these same products must also survive one million draw cycles. All of this before ever being considered for the Hoyt product line. This is not an industry standard. This is a Hoyt standard. Competitors tell Hoyt their testing is overkill. They obviously don't understand what serious archers want and need. The industry is full of cookie cutter products and gimmicks. That doesn't work for Hoyt. When you buy a Hoyt, you can expect the best. You can expect industry leading innovation, performance, quality and toughness.

Gearing Hoyt's shooters with the most technologically advanced archery equipment in the world and who in their right mind would settle for anything less? They're not about to put up with broken limbs and loose tolerances, or spend more time repairing their bows than actually shooting them. Learn more about the current Hoyt range below and shoot the Hoyt that's right for you.

Some shooters shoot to live. Others live to shoot. Both types can agree on one thing - when it comes to pinpoint accuracy, unmatched reliability, relentless performance and podium-topping results, nothing comes close to Hoyt.

The current Hoyt hunting compound bow range includes the Carbon RX7 Ultra, Carbon RX7, Z1S, VTM 34, VTM 31, Highline, Eclipse, Torrex XT, Torrex RTH, Torrex and Kobalt RTH. Hoyt Carbon Bows are the most advanced bows in the world with hollow carbon tubes, individually tested and inspected, seriously tough, warm to the touch and reduced vibration. Each Hoyt bow comes with a 20 page Owner's Manual, Hoyt shooter's cap, Hoyt keyring, Hoyt decal, Hoyt wrist band, Warranty Registration Card.

Team Hoyt Compound - Ruthless Worldwide Domination. Every year, Hoyt bows ruthlessly dominate at major tournaments worldwide and pulverise World Records. In Men's Pro events, Hoyt bows have taken the top podium spot more often than all the other 30+ bow companies combined. Hoyt count it all, every major Pro Tournament in the Premier Men's category in World Archery, USA Archery, NFAA, ASA and the IBO 3D tournament circuits. They are talking Indoor Target, Outdoor Target, Field and 3D. They are not cherry picking to make themselves look good. These are the real numbers from the big leagues. World Records are shattered by Hoyt shooters year after year. Let those feats sink in. Every year, the story is the same: no other bow company comes close. Want results? Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

No other brand can compare with the outstanding results Team Hoyt has achieved. Winning Shooter Of The Year Titles, gaining Olympic positions, annihilating the competition and collecting numerous first place medals are all attributes of Team Hoyt.

There is no other bow on the market that compares with the success of Hoyt. Precision, accuracy and innovation is at the heart of each bow and evident in all areas of performance.

Hoyt 2023 Target Bows
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