Hoyt Fuel or XTR cam module kit

Brand: Hoyt

Hoyt Fuel or XTR cam draw length module fits Carbon Element, CRX 32 & 35, Rampage XT, Carbon Matrix Plus, AlphaElite, Maxxis 31 & 35, AlphaMax 32 & 35 & TurboHawk. The correct draw length helps group your arrows, be more accurate at 3DAAA, FITA & ABA archery competitions

Hoyt Fuel or XTR cam module kit

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Hoyt Fuel or XTR cam module kit Description

The Hoyt Fuel and XTR module is designed for Hoyt Fuel and XTR cam and a half model bows for modular draw length adjustment. The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module.

RH modules are for right hand bows and LH modules are for left hand bows.

These modules are no longer available from Hoyt, but we do have limited supplies of the following size

  • 3C LH only

There are 10 Fuel and XTR draw length modules in the "2" series which fit

  • 2011 Hoyt Carbon Element
  • 2011 Hoyt CRX 32
  • 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT
  • 2011 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus
  • 2011 Hoyt CRX 35
  • 2011 Hoyt AlphaElite
  • 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 31
  • 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax 32
  • 2009 Hoyt TurboHawk
  • 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 35
  • 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax 35

Hoyt XTR or Fuel No 2B cam draw length module fits

  • Carbon Element - 26.5" draw length
  • CRX 32 - 26.5" draw length
  • Rampage XT - 26.5" draw length
  • Carbon Matrix Plus - 27.5" draw length
  • CRX 35 - 27.5" draw length
  • AlphaElite - 27.5" draw length
  • Maxxis 31 - 26.5" draw length
  • AlphaMax 32 - 26.5" draw length
  • TurboHawk - 26.5" draw length
  • Maxxis 35 - 27.5" draw length
  • AlphaMax 35 - 27.5" draw length

Hoyt XTR or Fuel No 3C cam draw length module fits

  • 2011 Hoyt Carbon Element - 29" draw length
  • 2011 Hoyt CRX 32 - 29" draw length
  • 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT - 29" draw length
  • 2011 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus - 30" draw length
  • 2011 Hoyt CRX 35 - 30" draw length
  • 2011 Hoyt AlphaElite - 30" draw length
  • 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 31 - 29" draw length
  • 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax 32 - 29" draw length
  • 2009 Hoyt TurboHawk - 29" draw length
  • 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 35 - 30" draw length
  • 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax 35 - 30" draw length

Please note module image shown is for illustration purposes only. Modules vary in shape and size.

The XTR cam is from Hoyt's venerable cam and a half family, a modular system that allows the draw length to be adjusted in half inch increments to really fine tune your bow without the aid of a bow press.

It's smooth-drawing, fast and quiet. Because it's a Hoyt cam and a half system, there are little or no synchronisation concerns. The XTR cam and a half has a small module that is held in position by two screws that have been strategically placed on the cam so that you can remove the module while the bow is at rest which makes it extremely convenient to be able to adjust the cam length without having to press the bow. There are many companies that make this claim but this is one of the few companies where you actually can.

This means that draw length adjustments can be made with only a couple of tools. The draw force curve is very smooth with a very gradual transition into the let-off. The wall is very solid. The big difference with this cam is that it is adjustable with replaceable modules. The modular cam system is a significant departure from previous cams, particularly the Z3 cam which was not adjustable and required you to order a bow that precisely fitted your specific draw length.

When purchasing a new bow, a cam that was not adjustable did not seem to be that big of an issue. However if you decided to sell your bow to someone else down the track, there can be big problems if your draw length does not precisely fit the draw length of the purchaser. With the XTR cam, you or the purchaser simply need to purchase the module to adjust to the correct draw length of the purchaser.

The Fuel Cam is nearly identical to the XTR Cam but it's biggest difference is the draw-stop peg. The new peg is much larger, bearing more contact on the buss cable. This gives the cam a very firm back wall without the popping some people experience if they come over the peak too quickly. It also has a slightly longer valley.

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