BowTech Archery was founded in 1999 by John Strasheim and Kevin Strother and produced their first bow in 2000. In their first line-up was the Black Knight, marketed as "the fastest bows in the world" and took the Archery Trade Association Show by storm, challenging the competition to shoot their bows through a chronograph next to BowTech's Black Knight.

Located on 14 acres on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon, USA, in a 60,000 square foot facility and in 2007 undertook a 80,000 square foot expansion where it employs over 300 staff.

In 2004 BowTech acquired Diamond Archery. 2007 the BowTech group was acquired by Savage Sports Corporation. 2008 saw the launch of a high-end accessory line called Octane.

2013 Norwest Equity Partners announced it had sold Savage Arms, while retaining BowTech Archery. BowTech is now one of the largest compound bow manufacturers in the world. BowTech Core Values are integrity, proud of giving superior customer support, respect of each other and people they deal with, listening to customers, employees and suppliers is what sets them apart from their competition. BowTech's motto is Refuse to Follow.

Bowtech is obsessed with accuracy and obsessed with providing everything that you want in a bow. Over the last 2 years Bowtech has surveyed nearly a quarter million archers and it was pretty clear what people wanted in a bow, so they built it. Not only did they build it, the industry said they hit the mark and surpassed their competitors. The Bowtech Realm SR6 won the Outdoor Life Editor's Choice Award, nailing the speed, smooth draw, lightweight and accuracy categories, all in one bow. Think your bow does it all? Try the Realm SR6 for yourself. It will make you think again.

By the way, the Realm SR6 is nearly a half pound lighter than the leading competitors' flagship bows, compared to leading competitors' aluminium bows weighing in at 4.67 lbs.

View Jim Shockey and Eva Shockey on why they shoot BowTech.

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