Hoyt Custom Colour Shock Rods

Brand: Hoyt

Replace your Shock Rods on your bow or accessories with one of the great colours available and you will again be enjoying the benefits of less shot noise and recoil and a much more consistent, quiet, vibration-free shot

Hoyt Custom Colour Shock Rods

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Hoyt Custom Colour Shock Rods Description

Hoyt Shock Rods are a proven Shock Rod Technology integrated into your bow, quiver, sight and stabiliser to eliminate unwanted noise and vibration.

Go bold or go home. Make your bow or accessory all you.

Now your bow or accessory can look as good as it shoots.

Tough and lightweight, Shock Rod Technology is exclusive to Hoyt and Large Shock Rods enhance the feel of your bow.

Hoyt Large Shock Rods come in great colour of

Hoyt 2015 Bow Accent Colours
  • Pink

Hoyt Small Shock Rods come in great colours of

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

Large Shock Rods are part of the Hoyt Custom Colour Accessory Package and are also sold as a pack of 10 Large Shock Rods and can be integrated on bows and quivers. There is also a pack of 12 Small Shock Rods which can be integrated on sights and stabilisers.

Please specify size and colour.

Shock Rods are made from LimbSaver NavCom, an elastometric material which effectively dissipates vibration and noise.

The Shock Rods are held in a mid point cantilevered position allowing both ends to move freely in any direction and to seek out and destroy vibration and noise when the bow is shot. This allows a full 360 degrees of motion, demolishing shock and sound at the shot.

Shock Rods can be strategically placed to dramatically increase movement. That translates into a significant reduction of noise and bow vibration and ensures the utmost in an accurate, consistent and silent shot.

Shock Rod Technology has shaken up the archery world.

X ACT Grips, StealthShot Bumpers and Limb Shox can be purchased separately.

Hoyt Custom Colour Shock Rods. Please note 10 Large Shock Rods or 12 Small Shock Rods are being offered for sale.

Please note we have small numbers of Large Shock Rods in Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple. Please enquire if you wish to purchase.

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