Target & 3-D compound & recurve sights from Axcel, Shibuya, CBE, SURE-LOC, Option, HHA, Trophy Taker, Win & Win, Sebastien Flute (SF), Trophy Ridge & Cartel.

Axcel, part of T.R.U. Ball of Madison Heights, Virginia, USA, started in 1995, makes arguably the most solid sight on the market and packs a punch with a host of features.

Shibuya of Tokyo, Japan, founded in 1972 by dedicated archers, is recognised for its design, innovation, & finest quality archery accessories & hit pay dirt in 1979 when its recurve sight broke the world record & later, then followed the Ultima compound sight, scopes, rests, stabilisers, chest guards, plungers, bow stands & bow cases. Shibuya - The choice of medallists.

Custom Bow Equipment (CBE), started in 1993 by Joe & Sandy Maisano make quality 3D, target & hunting sights, sold in 2008 to Scott Archery & now part of The Outdoors Group, LLC which includes Elite Archery (compound bows), Scott (release aids) & Winner's Choice bowstrings.

SURE-LOC sights, now part of Feradyne Outdoors, LLC, first appeared at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. SURE-LOC founder, Steve Gibbs, a US & World Champion, passed away in 2007 but never tired in the quest for innovation & perfection, accuracy & dependability & that passion & drive still live.

Option Archery was launched in 2016 after Trophy Taker, well known arrow rest and broadhead manufacturer, was sold but the Option sights and Option Quivalizer products were retained.

HHA Sports of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA was started by Harry Hamm in 1984 and is a family affair with sons, Chris & Brian & daughter Roberta involved & has long been synonymous with the single-pin Optimizer sight.

Trophy Taker of Plains, Montana, USA makes precise adjustability, moveable sights with vertical frame/rail adjustment to maximise range adjustment. As owner, Dan Evans says "I believe in the products we sell; if I wouldn't use it, we won't sell it."

Win & Win make high quality, well designed target sights which reflect the high standards demanded by Win & Win President, Kyung-Rae Park.

Sebastien Flute (SF), a sister company to Win & Win, makes top quality sights for intermediate, beginner & advanced or competition level archers.

Trophy Ridge, a sister company to Bear Archery Products, produces excellent value, quality sights and were the first to introduce completely enclosed pins and vertical pin technology.

Doo Sung Corporation of South Korea, better known as Cartel, was commenced in 1982 by its President, Dall Young, Lee. Lee, a former champion archer, knows archers' needs & has been successfully making well built quality sights, especially for the entry level to mid range archer.

Sights are sorted into Compound Sights in approximate price order and then Recurve Sights.

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$509.05 excl. GST
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