Mathews, Inc. offers the finest bows and archery accessories of any bow manufacturer anywhere! Founded in 1992 and located in Sparta, Wisconsin, USA, Mathews currently employs a staff of nearly 400 people and operates three local facilities to a diverse line of archery equipment, bow components and accessories for authorised retailers all over the world. Their success is predicated on a commitment to three steadfast core values, innovation, integrity and impact.

  • Integrity - the desire that their actions and decisions reflect honesty, trustworthiness, respect, loyalty and accountability.
  • Innovation - they strive to achieve the extraordinary through the continuous improvement of people, process and product.
  • Impact - their goal is to make positive, lasting impressions by caring for individuals, families and communities.

These core values shape their daily decisions and actions. They are the basis for personal accountability and for points of celebration throughout the company. Matt McPherson has stated "nothing else is more important to me than that our company and employees live out our core values on a daily basis." Employees are committed to exhibiting these core values in all aspects of their daily work and management is committed to supporting their personal and professional growth as they do so.

Filled with state-of-the-art equipment, the Mathews Inc. headquarters is poised to tackle the challenges that come with being the largest bow company in the world. Today, the Mathews facility spans over 200,000 square feet and operates with industry leading precision 24 hours a day, five days a week in order to meet consumer demand. True to their creed, Mathews puts great thought and attention into every detail of the manufacturing process in an effort to make the overall shooting experience the absolute best it can be for their customers.

Mathews Archery

Don't miss the story of the man who helped shape an era of archery history through his undying passion for the bow and arrow. In 1992, Matt McPherson came to Joel Maxfield with a plan for a new company and an invitation to join him. Armed with Matt's designs for the first single cam bow, they would go on to disrupt the entire archery industry and set the stage for unprecedented growth over the next three decades. Enjoy Joel's video.

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