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We have loaded the 2011 Bows page!

Click the link above. Note: The information is as complete as we can make it but significant updates can be expected over the next few days, as we get more information from the manufacturers, including Hoyt.




We have loaded the new Martin 2011 bows!

Follow the links above. Note: The information is as complete as we can make it but significant updates can be expected over the next few days, as we get more information from Martin.


We have loaded the new Bear 2011 bows!

Follow the links below. Note: The information is as complete as we can make it but significant updates can be expected over the next few days, as we get more information from Bear.

Bear surprised the market this year with their Attack bows and there is eager anticipation for 2011 models, which are due to be released this week. The 2011 models will no doubt be some of the best value for money bows on the market, with the Assault Ready to Hunt package exceeding expectations.

Bear Archery has a number of new bows for 2011 and plan to begin shipping towards the middle of October.

New bow information for 2011 includes:

  • Carnage A step up from the very successful Bear Attack bow. The Carnage is an inch longer (32") axle to axle than the Attack. It has a slightly longer brace height than the Attack (7.25" compared to 7"). The riser has more air and the grip is slimmer. There is a larger "cut outs" in the cam and wheel. The perimeter weight in the cam is Tungsten Carbide which allows it to be smaller. A roller cable guard and impressive limb graphics round out this bow. Bear improved not just the features, but also the performance. An increase in efficiency and less weight in the cam and wheel resulted in a 5 fps speed increase. The draw cycle is smoother and the Carnage has even less vibration and hand shock, which is quite impressive considering the performance of the Attack.
  • Mauler Axle to axle is 31.25" and brace height is 6.75". It has the same limbs and pocket as the Carnage, Attack and Assault, only shorter. Speed is the same as the Assault - 328 fps. This bow will also be available in a Ready to Hunt package.
  • Young Gun and Ultra Light discontinued
  • All Bear traditional bows have been improved with a Flemish Twist string, Dymond or Bubinga wood, smaller limb tips and improved grips. There is a 50th Anniversary Kodiak Magnum with Grayling Green Glass as well as a Super Kodiak with Grayling Green Glass. Super Grizzly has been returned to the range and a new bow added - the Ausable.
  • Bear's original Take Down is back, with improvements

Here is the complete comparison of 2011 Bear Compound Bow Specifications.

Bear Carnage 2011 Bow

Bear Archery Carnage 2011 Bow: A sneak peak of the Bear Archery Carnage 2011 Bow.

And here is a sneak peak at the 2011 Bear Carnage Bow Specifications

2011 Bear Carnage Bow Specifications

And here is what the 2011 Bear Carnage Bows look like:

2011 Bear Carnage Bows Images

Bear Carnage End ViewAbbey Archery is working to bring you news about 2011 Bows and we hope you enjoy these images of the Bear Carnage!

Bear Mauler 2011 Bow

Not much information available yet, but we have these Bear Mauler specifications:

2011 Bear Mauler Specifications

As soon as we have more information, we'll post it.


2011 Martin Bows including the Onza 3 and Firecat 400

Martin is keeping details under their hat but we have obtained this teaser about the 2011 Martin Bow Range.


Hoyt's Carbon Matrix blew the competition away and in 2011, expect there to be more technological advances in the Carbon Matrix range. The Revolutionary new Carbon Riser this year will certainly increase Hoyts models.

Hoyt have set the new standard in technology with the Carbon Riser and they will certainly push it further in the 2011 line up.

Stay tuned for more on the 2011 bow range.

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