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Martin Archery, Inc started in 1951. Located in the beautiful Walla Walla valley, nestled below the Blue Mountains of south eastern Washington State, USA, Martin Archery is a family owned and operated business. As avid archers, founders Gail and Eva Martin turned what was a hobby into a fledgling family business when they began producing and selling fine quality arrows. A few short years later, Gail designed a bowstring manufacturing process that provided high volume yet precision production of bowstrings for a growing archery market. Accessory lines were added as Martin became a full line archery distributor.

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What a shot. On 11th June 2012 Gail Martin, at left, founder of Martin Archery, shot an egg with his Dream Catcher recurve. Gail, who is 89 years young, founded Martin in 1951 & still loves to shoot a bow.

Gail sadly passed away on 21st July 2013. Rest in peace.

Abbey Archery introduces the 2014 Martin compound target bow range, including the smooth Nemesis Nitro, the superb Scepter V, the tough Alien Nitro, the fast Lithium, the Xenon and the excellent, super compact Eclypse - fastest bows produced by Martin Archery. Experience, quality, craftsmanship - Martin make the fastest and most accurate bows in the world. We have images of all of Martin's 2014 bow range, including very large images - go to the page containing your bow and click the "View full image" link.

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