The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October. We expect new releases from Hoyt, Bear, Bowtech and Mathews over the next few months.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2022 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs and our own comments.

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Hoyt Archery - December 8, 2021

Hoyt 2022 Hunting Bows Hoyt Archery have just released their new 2022 bows, the Carbon RX7 Ultra, Carbon RX7, Ventum Pro 33, Ventum Pro 30 and Altus+FX.

Included is Hoyt's new HBX Pro Cam System:

Hoyt HBX Pro Cam System

Mathews Archery - November 16, 2021

Mathews Archery have just released their new 2022 bows, the Mathews V3X 33 and the Mathews V3X 29. We have some in stock in granite finish.

Bear Archery - October 5, 2021

Bear is releasing it's 2022 range of bows tonight. We'll have the details tomorrow morning. Here is their pre-launch video:

The time is here for the new line up of Bear bows to hit the market, with the launch date due for October 5th.

Each year Bear releases an exciting range of bows that aligns to both price and innovation. Bear are truly the market leaders when it comes to producing high end quality items at affordable prices.

For 2021 Bear introduced the Legit, a bow that was not only eye catching, but also functional. The Legit has been very popular for newcomers to the sport and seasoned archers alike. It will be interesting to see if 2022 has a new offering along similar lines.

A bow that has maintained its popularity since inception some years ago has been the Cruzer G2. Versatile in both draw length and draw weight it is a bow that is built to fit a myriad of archers. With the massive range of finishes available, there is sure to be something eye catching for even the most discerning customer. Will 2022 see the introduction of a new model to take over or will the Cruzer G2 remain the dependable and well known option from Bear.

The EKO cam system has been at the forefront for the top end models. It will be interesting to see if this cam system gets an upgrade with some new refinements or is replaced. Either way, we are eagerly waiting to see what comes to light.

How Bear started and perhaps what they are most well known for are the traditional recurve and longbows. Over the past few years, we have seen different anniversary and special edition bows released, but not too much for the general market. Perhaps 2022 could be the year for something fresh.

Hold on to your hats! The launch is near.

Mathews Archery - September 28, 2021

What will Mathews bring out for 2022 that is going to top the success of this year's V31 and V27 bows? There are many things to consider for this such as:

  • Two different options for axle to axle length. In 2020 with the VXR and then this year with the V3s, there have been two models to pick from length-wise. Will we see the same option available again for 2022?
  • Speed. The V3 bows are quite fast with IBO speeds of 342fps. Will the 2022 model exceed this? It would be quite a feat to do so, but it could happen.
  • New solid colour option. The last new colour we saw from Mathews was Green Ambush. 2022 could be the year for something new.

With the new Mathews launch just around the corner, we don’t have too long to wait to see what comes out. After the success of the V3 this year, we can’t wait to see what is on offer for 2022.

Hoyt Archery - September 28, 2021

2021 was a big year for Hoyt with the introduction of a no yoke cam system for their flagship Aluminium and Carbon hunting bows. No more yokes to utilise for cam lean and tuning, but spacers in their place.

Hoyt reintroduced Buckskin as a colour option and also offered Wilderness which has been widely popular. Will the colour options change for 2022 on what is an already extensive range. 

This year the Hoyt REDWRX range came out as the RX5. This is following predecessors of the RX1, RX3 and RX4. The 2022 line up will let us know if we will flow onto an RX6 or jump two numbers to have an RX7.

The Invicta series target bow has had some tremendous success recently. Only time will tell if we will see a change to the platform. A slightly shorter axle to axle length option for this bow would be excellent to battle with the Mathews TRX36.

As always Hoyt produces bows of fantastic quality and we can´t wait for the 2022 launch to come around.

Keep checking here for all the latest news and updates on the 2022 range of bows.

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