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Beiter Recurve Arrow Rest

Beiter Recurve Arrow Rest Description

The Beiter recurve arrow rest is the first rest designed by Werner Beiter, after years of testing with many prototypes and hundreds of high speed films have helped to develop this first Beiter arrow rest for recurves.

Features of the Beiter recurve arrow rest

  • Designed to be used for both right and left hand bows
  • Can be changed within seconds, from carbon to aluminium arrows
  • Scale on the base or support allows a reproducible position of the finger. The height adjustment of the Beiter rest is extremely precise and the nocking point can be raised or lowered within seconds and by less than 1mm and the position of the arrow on the plunger tip.
  • Beiter recurve arrow rest is silent and makes no noise!

The base or support has a revolutionary guiding system for the finger and can be changed by a specifically designed spindle.

Due to the support being applied with a specific angle of 15 degrees, the arrow position versus the plunger and the nocking point may be determined and changed very quickly and more precisely than any other rest on the market. The scale allows repositioning of the finger with adjustments after test shots.

Two support arm lengths are included to allow for different arrow sizes, but extra fingers are available as spare parts. Please enquire.

Four different fingers are available

  • 15-12-0.65 for shafts with small diameter, 5.2mm +/-1mm (10/64"-14/64")
  • 16-12-0.65 for shafts with medium diameter 7.8mm +/-1mm (approx. 15/64"-19/64")
  • 16-17-0.65 for shafts with medium diameter 7.8mm +/-1mm (approx. 15/64"-19/64")
  • 17-23-0.77 for shafts with large diameter 9.3mm +/-1mm (approx. 20/64"-24/64")
  • Please specify model choice

3 support arms are available with different thicknesses, to have the desired arrow position on bows with different cut-outs: #S1, #S2 (= #S1 + 1mm), #S3 (= S#1 + 2mm).

A detailed information sheet comes with your kit to assist in your rest set-up.

On the finger you will find details to determine the model to select, e.g. the number "15 (S #1)" respectively "17 (S #1)" signifies, that this finger may be used up to arrow to handle distance 15mm up to 17mm.

The circled number signifies which arrow diameter will best suit - 12 from 10/64" to 14/64", 23 from 20/64" to 24/64".

The number at the bottom of the finger (e.g. 0.65) signifies the thickness of the finger.

It is recommended that Beiter arrow rests should be used in conjunction with a Beiter Plunger - it has the same diameter (6.0mm) as the centering hole of the Beiter arrow rest to allow an extremely precise positioning of the Beiter rest on the bow. Nock position - turn the nock so that the vanes are in a "Y position" to the string. In this position, you will achieve the best possible clearance and your arrow will pass the bow window without any interference.

The Beiter 6 piece recurve arrow rest kit contains

  • Arrow Rest with support arm and spindle installed
  • Spare support arm
  • Beiter rest tool for height adjustment and for replacing the arrow rest
  • Spindle
  • Mounting tape
  • Telescoping circular clear plastic storage tube to safely stow your recurve arrow rest and parts

Many inferior knock-off imitators have come on the scene and appear to look and feel like a Beiter recurve arrow rest, but lack Beiter's precision engineering, top quality materials and the highest quality standards and certainly do not perform anywhere near as well as a Beiter recurve arrow rest. Just ask a Beiter owner - they will tell you there is only one recurve arrow rest - Beiter.

Model Status: Superseded

The Beiter Recurve Arrow Rest has been replaced by the
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