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Beiter Plunger

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Beiter Plunger Description

Have you ever tried to precisely micro adjust your plunger, only to find it has passed the tension point you were wanting.

The Beiter Cushion Plunger features a micro-adjustable scale with reproducible precision tuning with three different springs to provide the right amount of resilience to accommodate every archer's needs. The notching scale cylinder allows an exact and reproducible spring tension time after time.

Made from precision machined parts, this plunger delivers accurate and precise tuning that will never frustrate you.

The threaded cylinder on this cushion plunger is made of high-grade refined steel, with the springs honed out of stainless harmonic steel and the notching scale cylinder and the slotted nut crafted from anodised aluminium.

The tip plunger has excellent glide and wear characteristics, suitable for use with all arrows, be they aluminium, aluminium-carbon or carbon.

The Beiter Plunger was first developed in 1985-1986 and introduced at the famous 1987 Las Vegas Shoot. At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, about 80% of competitors used a Beiter Plunger and it is now used by archers world-wide.

The Beiter Plunger 19 piece kit contains

  • One cushion plunger with a 0.60 hard spring installed
  • One yellow spanner
  • One red open spanner
  • Two 0.70 extra-hard springs
  • Two 0.60 hard springs
  • Two 0.45 soft springs
  • One 1.5mm Allen wrench
  • Two Allen head screws for slotted nuts
  • Six pins in the required length
  • Telescoping circular clear plastic storage tube to safely stow your plunger and parts
  • Available in black and silver. Please specify colour. Also comes in standard colours of red, blue, gold, titanium and dark blue and custom colours of green, orange, purple and pink which are not stock colours, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Plunger has a 5/16"-24 thread and comes in two spindle lengths, minimum 17.5 mm to a maximum 23.0 mm or minimum 25.5 mm to a maximum 29.5 mm. Please specify spindle choice
  • Precision made in Germany
  • Arguably the best plunger on the market and the plunger of choice of most Olympic and tournament archers

Beiter Plunger is the ideal partner for a Beiter arrow rest.

Many inferior knock-off imitators have come on the scene and appear to look and feel like a Beiter Plunger, but lack Beiter's precision engineering, top quality materials and the highest quality standards and certainly do not perform anywhere near as well as a Beiter Plunger. Just ask a Beiter owner - they will tell you there is only one plunger - Beiter.

This is what people have said about the Beiter Plunger.

5 out of 5 stars. "High quality and nice storage container with tools. Exceeded my expectations, easy to set up, comes with cool colour coded tools, comes in own durable storage case, I throw it in my riser bag. This paired with a Shibuya arrow rest is the right combo for Olympic recurve style shooting." From JM, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Absolutely worth the money. After wearing out my last plunger, I asked around about what type of plunger I should get and also read a good bit online on this subject. What stood out to me was that there was several who commented that this plunger would be the last plunger you would need to buy. So I decided to buy it, and have not been dis-satisfied at all. Like others have commented. This is a very high quality item and without a doubt the best plunger I have used. With the other plungers I have used, you don't get any spare parts or tools for the plunger. With this one you get two wrenches to tighten the plunger down on the rest, Allen keys and a small flat head screwdriver. Then you get two sets of the three springs and two sets of plunger arms. If you buy this plunger it will be the last one you will need to buy for your rig. With this plunger I've never had issue with the lock nut coming loose, nor have I seen any wear to the plunger tips. Both issues I have had with other brands. Love the adjustability of the plunger as well. Can adjust the tension without need of an Allen key, which is a huge plus IMO when tuning. Again I won't use another type of plunger." From E Rose, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best of the best. This is the best plunger out there, period. I started 10 years ago with a Cartel plunger, which was almost discardable. Then when it gave in, I made the effort to change to this plunger based on opinion of many long-time archers and I was very satisfied. I love the precision of manufacture this product has, excellent materials and the way it can repeat adjustment. Best plunger in the market." From Jose Luis Zenizo Muro, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Superior Product. There are certain things that I find in life that are so good that I don't even consider a different product or option. This is one of them. This is by far the best plunger made. I have placed other products on other bows that I setup for other people (mainly due to price) but the Beiter is the only one that is placed on my personal bows. I gave five stars even on price because you get what you pay for and if perfection is priced at these dollars then so be it!!!" From John Howe, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Lasts forever. I started shooting 12 years ago and I've had the same Beiter plunger the whole time. It is easy to use and incredibly durable. This is a solid plunger and a smart purchase. The cost may seem high, but it is worth it! My only complaint is that I seem to go through the plastic wrenches like there's no tomorrow. A metal wrench for application and removal from the riser would be great!" From Kalie, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "The real number one plunger. The best of the best. Superior quality, superior design. You may think that is excessively expensive, but there is a reason. You won't be needing another plunger in your entire career. It last for ever. Don't waste money in cheaper plungers, even if they are made by large companies like W&W or Fivics. You'll end up wasting the double of money because in a short period of time they'll need to be replaced." From Ariel, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Plunger. Couldn't decide on which plunger to get for my GMX. Read a bunch of reviews and they all said if you can get over the price tag you won't regret it. Decided to bite the bullet and now I couldn't be happier. The plunger is solid and well constructed. It comes with a lot of spare parts, I won't have to buy anything for years. Adjustment is quick and easy and locks into place so things won't shake free. If you can get over the price I say get this plunger. You won't regret it. I ordered the small size for my GMX riser and it's a perfect fit." From Basil, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Easy to tune your bow. I was having trouble with my arrows kicking, even though they were the correct spine. I decided to spend the money on the Beiter and I am highly pleased! After shooting with two different springs (included), I found that I could just rotate the micrometer click barrel through its range and bring the arrows on target without kicking. No grub screws to adjust, just spin the barrel wide open to change springs in a minute. Expensive yes, but it really solves your tuning problems. The short length version worked on my Hoyt Nexus riser with plenty of adjustment space. The Kit comes with multiple replacement pins." From Will, USA

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