Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice

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Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice

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Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice Description

You know what it's like. You are at a shoot and need to repair, tune or adjust your bow, install a peep, re-serve your bowstring and do not have access to a bow vice when you are 100 kms or 62 miles from nowhere. That guy you are competing against has a portable bow vice and offers it to you and in no time you are making the adjustment that can put you back in contention.

This instructional video, which has no audio, demonstrates how the parts of the Multi Tool connect.

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The four piece Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice kit comprises

  • Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice (please scroll down to brown bow vice with black knob)
  • The two piece Green Adapter kit comprises a 5-16"-24 Green Adapter GV (has a round hollow barrel at one end with a female connection with four positioning grooves around its inside and with a 5-16" male thread at the other end) and a Black Rip Clutch (has a round hollow barrel at one end with a female connection with eight positioning grooves around its outside and a 5-16" female thread at the other end). Connect the black Rip-Clutch and the green Adapter by screwing the black Rip-Clutch onto the green Adapter to allow the Adapter to be clamped onto the Kaindl or Multi Tool. (please scroll down to green Adapter GV and black Rip Clutch)
  • Adapter 42.3mm to 5-16"-24 Black Adapter (has a round hollow barrel at one end with a female connection with four positioning grooves around its inside and with a 5-16" male thread which screws into the stabiliser bushing on any bow at the other end). (please scroll down to black Adapter)
  • The grooves on the Adapter are precision made and will not allow any rotation or movement and provide a very reliable and secure connection, are intuitive to use, inaudible when connected yet give a quick release.
  • Adapter is made of polypropylene, injection moulded to the highest precise standards demanded in the biopharmaceutical, medical, chemical and watch industries.

This device is a Beiter Multi Tool bow vice, is easy and quick to assemble, fully adjustable which securely and easily mounts with its G clamp to any table, shelf, bench or counter top. One simple turn and the G clamp can be removed and no tools are required.

The Multi Tool features a 360 degree lock solid locking ball head so you can position the bow in virtually any position you require and still leaves both hands free to work unimpeded on the bow.

On the other end of this tool is a polyurethane clamp which has superior grip to accept an Adapter and a RipClutch.

With the Multi Tool and Rip Clutch system, you can easily install any accessory such as sights, peeps, D loops, clickers, arrow rests, plunger buttons, serve strings, adjust centre shot, examine the alignment of the limbs and much more.

Makes setting up, repairing, tuning or working on compounds and recurves a breeze. It is also ideal to display bows securely in a pro shop. For extreme reflex compound bows, you may require a male/female extension which allows greater clearance between the bow and the vice. Extensions can be purchased separately. Please enquire.

The Beiter Multi Tool is precision manufactured in Germany by Kaindl Reiling GmbH and is sometimes called a Kaindl.

Designed for use with the Adapter GV and Rip-Clutch and holds your bow in place at any angle, to make working on your bow simple and easy.

The Kaindl or Multi Tool in conjunction with the Adapter GV and RipClutch or just the Adapter GV turns your RipClutch system into a fully rotating and universal bow vice.

The Beiter Bow Vice is a necessity in any pro shop, archery club or home workshop so you can work easily and efficiently and allows you to securely position a recurve or compound bow at almost any angle using any 5-16" male thread on the vice in to any female thread like a stabiliser bushing on the riser of the bow or a rip clutch Adapter. Multi Tool will not mar riser or limbs as there is always ample clearance between bow and vice. Tool only takes up a relatively small footprint.

Strong, durable and functional, a high quality German product, the Beiter Multi Tool bow vice makes for easy bow maintenance and set up.

Simply fix the Multi Tool wherever you need to work and just start working. You will wonder how you ever got by without this very functional tool.

Another quality, innovative, practical Beiter product.

Made in Germany.

Beiter tools to simplify your archery life.

Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice is a great labour saving device that will pay for itself in no time. Buy one today. You will not be disappointed.

This is what people have said about the Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice.

5 out of 5 stars. "Finally got frustrated with putting the bow on a bench, or table or my knee when setting it up and tuning. So much easier and quicker to just drop it in to the vice. Leaves hands free to make the adjustments." From Dodah from USA

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