Beiter Compound Arrow Rest

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Beiter Compound Arrow Rest

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Beiter Compound Arrow Rest Description

When you first see the Beiter compound arrow rest, you'll think "What a massive, bulky rest!" Well, it is but as soon as you get it in your hands, you will notice that it is relatively lightweight.

Werner Beiter used thermoplasts wherever possible to reduce the weight, but provide excellent stability. Beiter developed revolutionary horizontal and vertical adjustments, which allow accurate, precise adjustments as tiny as 0.2mm.

You can move the rest instead of the sight to move your group into the centre. The two guidance plates on the launcher minimises oscillation, while the arrow leaves the bow, but also changes the launcher stiffness.

This instructional film demonstrates the revolutionary no play and how precise the adjustment on the Beiter compound arrow rest is - you can adjust it a tiny 0.2mm. Please note there is no audio accompanying this film.

The second very high speed film shows arrow flight after release and how the string gyrates after the shot when shooting with a D-Loop. There is no audio accompanying this film.

Unique features of the Beiter Compound Arrow Rest.

  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment without any fixation screw. The rest can be adjusted without loosening or tightening any screw
  • Ultimate precision, a revolutionary concept where the rest can be adjusted without tolerances and play, with ultra precision that is just not possible on any other rest
  • Reproducible settings in both vertical and horizontal scale in millimetres with a Vernier type scale, (an additional scale which allows a distance measurement to be read more precisely than directly reading a uniformly divided straight measurement scale) and the rest can be adjusted with a precision of 0.2mm. The setting can be reproduced, resulting in absolutely and unbelievably, zero play
  • Launcher can be set in two different angles, 30 degrees or 35 degrees by changing two little blocks, thus angles can be precisely re-set
  • Guidance plates are installed on the blade, alter the launcher stiffness to match your arrow spine and weight and avoid any oscillation after the shot - the main cause of bad arrow clearance that is experienced from other rests. Plates with different lengths can be installed on the top and bottom of the launcher. The bulge on the plates allows the launcher to follow the horizontal path of the arrow when leaving the bow
  • Stainless steel 5/16"-24 thread screw with flat head and large diameter. The spacer, made out of a special plastic, ensures the screw seats properly and screws up tightly. A counter screw with an elastomer pad avoids any markings on the riser
  • Different launcher sizes and thicknesses available to fit various arrow diameters and weights. Please enquire
  • Plates stop the blade from rebounding and interfering with arrow flight
  • Profile of the arrow rest mounting block may not fit every riser; a slight modification is required on the metal mounting plate on a Hoyt Carbon Matrix riser
  • A comprehensive and illustrated information sheet and installation instructions comes with your kit to assist in your rest set-up
  • Rest comes in a black colour finish
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • The Beiter rest is a top of the range launcher with ultimate engineering accuracy
  • Another typical Beiter ultra-quality product which is reflected in the price

In March 2012, at the German Indoor Championships, Kristina Berger, the German compound shooting star, shot a new European Record with 589 and won her 3rd national title within 12 months, defending her previous year's title win. 5 out of 6 medallists of the compound division were shooting a Beiter Compound Arrow Rest. As well, Albina Loginova of Russia shot with a Beiter rest to win the 2011 World Target Championships.

The Beiter 13 piece Compound Arrow Rest kit includes

  • 1 x Beiter compound arrow rest with launcher
  • 1 x spare launcher with 7mm to 9.3mm shaft diameter
  • 1 x set of guidance plates
  • 2 x inclination or tilting blocks (30 degrees, 35 degrees)
  • 1 x 3mm 3/16 hex wrench by Wiha for horizontal and vertical settings
  • 1 x 3mm hex wrench by Wiha for horizontal and vertical settings
  • 1 x 3mm hex wrench tool by Wiha for horizontal and vertical settings
  • 1 x 2mm hex wrench and handle by Wiha for horizontal and vertical settings
  • 1 x stainless steel screw 5/16"-24 thread with spacer and a counter screw with elastomer pad
  • 1 set of guidance plates with bulge 17mm and 26mm
  • Large lock down plastic container to safely stow your Compound Rest and a small pop-top clear plastic storage circular tube for your spares and accessories for your arrow rest

Many inferior knock-off imitators have come on the scene and appear to look and feel like a Beiter compound arrow rest, but lack Beiter's precision engineering, micro adjustment features, outstanding design, top quality materials and the highest quality standards and certainly do not perform anywhere near as well as a Beiter arrow rest. Just ask a Beiter owner - they will tell you there is only one arrow rest - Beiter.

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