The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2020 bows from Bear, BowTech, Elite, Hoyt, Mathews, Mission and Win & Win, from late September on.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2020 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs and our own comments.


Hoyt Archery - November 7, 2019

Hoyt 2020 Huntings Bows launch scheduled for November 7

Hoyt just released their 2020 hunting range of bows.

Hoyt's Turbo Series bows bring the heat with maximum arrow speed and kinetic energy. Built for expert bowhunters looking for a hard-hitting, devastating blow, Hoyt's TURBO SERIES features the all-new REDWRX Carbon RX4 Turbo and Hoyt Helix Turbo.

Hoyt specifically designed their ULTRA SERIES bows with a longer axle-to-axle, lengthened brace height and a broader string angle for ultra-forgiveness, ultra-smoothness and ultra-accuracy, especially on longer shots. Master the long game with the all-new REDWRX Carbon RX4 Ultra and Axius Ultra.

At 29 ½ inches axle-to-axle, Hoyt's shortest premier hunting bows ever, our ALPHA SERIES bows are built for treestands, ground blinds and the brutal backcountry where every ounce counts. Compact and loaded with all our high-performance technologies, the all-new REDWRX Carbon RX4 Alpha and Axius Alpha will allow you to attack from where least expected.

Hoyt Archery - November 5, 2019

Hoyt 2020 Huntings Bows launch scheduled for November 7

The Hoyt 2020 Huntings Bows launch scheduled for November 7 (US time).

Bowtech Archery - November 5, 2019

The time of year is drawing close for some Bowtech hunting bows to launch into the hunting arena. In recent years we have had the Reign 6 & 7 backed up by the Realm and Realm X, then of most recent times the powerhouse Realm SR6 and the ultra smooth Realm SS.

For years Bowtech have been at the fore front of what makes a bow stand out, be noticed and shoot great. Will we see something longer axle to axle offered with an extended drawlength? Or will we see the Realm X dominate yet again?

Bowtech has hit a few home runs with some of their technologies over and over again. Either way, Bowtech truly is a company obsessed with accuracy

We can't wait to see what they bring to the table this year

Hoyt Archery - November 4, 2019

Hoyt 2020 Hunting Gear

We are into November so we are expecting the launch of the Hoyt hunting bow range shortly. A new REDWRX range is anticipated for 2020, so keep checking back here for the latest.

Mathews Archery - November 3, 2019

It is with bated breath that we wait to see what comes out of Mathews this year to fill their new hunting stable.

With the tremendous success of the Vertix this year, one would think that any improvements would be extremely hard to come up with.

Will they introduce a new version? Will the Traverse see a facelift for 2020 after it’s outstanding year in 2019.

Whatever happens Mathews bows will continue to be dominant and extremely reliable. Switchweight cam technology has been nothing short of a grand slam, home run with its versatility and ease of adjustment. Hopefully we see this as an integral feature in new models for 2020.

Bowtech Archery - October 11, 2019

Bowtech 2020 Bows

Hot off the press! Bowtech has just released two exciting new target bows for 2020. These being the Reckoning 38 and the Specialist II.

The archers asked and Bowtech listened. While many people are very happy with the Reckoning, the question has been there “what if we could get a longer one for target?” Well Bowtech has delivered with the Reckoning 38!

Producing a hefty IBO speed of 325 fps with its 38” axle to axle length and 7 1/8” brace height, it is a definite performer for a target bow. The Reckoning 38 is driven by precision Deadlock cams and securely mated with Deadlock limb pockets and the Deadlock cable containment system.

This bow has a wide riser platform paired up with the customisable clutch performance grip system that work together to provide an extremely stable shooting platform. Order yours today so you are ready to take your competitors head on!

Via Diamond Archery, Bowtech has had tremendous success with the Medallist 38. For 2020 this bow has morphed into the Specialist II and through the inclusion of has some extra features, has joined the Bowtech stable. With similar geometry to the Reckoning 38 with its 38” axle to axle length and 7 1/8” brace height it has the pedigree of a true performer. The Specialists’ binary cam is an integral feature of the bow with its tremendous draw length range of 23” - 32 ½” and super hard back wall obtained through the cams limb stop. The Specialist II sees the addition of the Clutch performance grip system, designed to eliminate torque as well as the Orbital damper to reduce post shot vibration. Another feature for 2020 is the addition of more colours with the Specialist II available in black, glacier white, caught red handed, blue me away, performance blue, hyper green, smoke grey, od green and flat dark earth. If you are after a new target bow at a value packed price look no further than the Specialist II. It ticks many boxes and is sure to impress.

Mathews Archery - October 10, 2019

Mathews have released their 2020 Target line up that comprises three bows in the TRX series. These include the TRX 36, TRX 38 (unchanged from 2019) and the TRX 40. Major changes for the new TRX 36 and TRX 40 are a new cam system and the addition of the 3D damping system as featured on the Vertix and Traverse bows.

The TRX series now has models across the range where the draw length spans from 24” to 32”, poundages from 50 to 70 and axle to axle length from 36” to 40”. Be it Target, 3D, Field or Indoor there is a TRX to suit your needs.

Now the next stage is to see what is released for the hunting line up. After the success of the Vertix and Traverse it is exciting to see what may be in the works!

Bear Archery - September 30, 2019

Bear have just released their new hunting and target bow ranges for 2020 - the Status EKO and the Divergent EKO, both with the new EKO cams, Bear Royale RTH, Paradox HC RTH and the Paradox RTH.

Hoyt Archery - September 25, 2019

Hoyt have just released their new target bow ranges for 2020.

Not all bowhunters are created equal

First up is the Invicta Series that has taken target compound designs to an even higher level. Features such as an adjustable cable guard, extended length riser for more stability, 2 arrow rest mounting holes for positive lockdown, parallel laminated limb design, zero tolerance limb pockets, two different axle to axle lengths and exceptional performance generated via the new DCX cam and proven SVX cam. Both the Invicta 37 and Invicta 40 include Hoyts' modular grip system that not only lets you customise grip angle to suit your shooting style, but now includes three extra grips that give an archer the opportunity to reduce drawlength by 1/8". This is handy when extra adjustment is needed between 1/2" module settings or to simply tighten up your form when just that small amount of adjustment is required.

Next up is the FX Comp. A target bow designed with the smaller stature archer in mind. This bow is set to perform at a high level with cams that are maximised for efficiency. At a drawlength of only 27" the FX Comp can reach speeds of up to 309 fps with the SVX cam. The FX Comp is also available with either the DCX cam in 65% or 75% let-off or the SVX cam in 65% let-off. As with the Invicta, the bow comes in 9 target colours that include; Satin Black, Satin Championship Red, Satin Cobalt Blue, Rally Green, Orange Torch, Silver Ice, Teal, Slate Grey and Gold. BlackOut is also available on request. If you are under 28.5" the FX Comp could be your next perfect match for 3D and target archery.

Hoyt have two new risers hitting the market for 2020, the Formula Xi and Grand Prix EXCEED. Both risers feature all new String Tension Technology, allowing archers to customise the feel of their limbs.

Keep checking here for all the latest news and updates on the 2020 range of bows!

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