Spin-Wing Vane 1 3-4in 50 pack

Brand: RangeOMatic

Lighter and more forgiving and give a flatter trajectory. Curved pocket design traps and compresses air to rotate arrow twice as fast as the average vane.

Spin-Wing Vane 1 3-4in 50 pack

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Spin-Wing Vane 1 3-4in 50 pack Description

A new paradigm was introduced to the archery world in the Spin-Wing vane. More than five years of research and testing went into the engineering and design of this innovation and the result is nothing short of a revolution.

All Spin-Wing Vanes are designed to be forgiving, give excellent bow and cable clearance, stabilise the arrow faster and improve accuracy.

Their light weight produces more feet per second giving a flatter trajectory. They have been shot at over 300 feet per second without adverse effects and can be used with recurves or compound bows.

Spin-Wing Vanes have been used to take numerous medals and set many world records.

Curved pocket design traps and compresses air to rotate the arrow twice as fast as the average vane. The high spin rotation means improved arrow flight for tighter groups, even in changing wind conditions. The thin curved design has minimal drag.

The Original Spin Wing Vanes - As Good As Gold. Imitated but never duplicated.

  • Improve accuracy
  • Stabilise arrow quickly
  • Improve arrow flight
  • Minimum drag
  • Lighter and more forgiving
  • Shoot well from recurve and compound bows
  • Come in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in 6 bright colours of Black, Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow. Please specify colour choice

Spin-Wing Vanes - Tried and True come in 1.75" size, in packs of 50 with 60 strips of double-sided adhering tape, 4 foot length of black tape and full fletching instructions.

If you would like sent more detailed fletching instructions on how to fletch Spin Wing vanes, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering.

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"These are very difficult to assemble, the double sided tape dosen't workwell, tried to glue them instead, just as bad. Finally got to use them in practice round, fired off a few ends, and the vanes started to fall apart. Any arrow deflection caused the vanes to split and rendered useless. In all honesty I cannot use these vanes in competition, they are just not durable enough. Nice idea, but the design is seriously lacking. Have gone back to blazer vanes, and are much more durable during the FITA competitions. Nick. " - from on 06/01/2008

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