Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig

Brand: Bohning

Bohning Tower fletching jig fletches three vanes at the one time - saves time and money. Easy to operate - just flip the switch and feel the power

Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig

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Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig Description

The Bohning Helix Tower is a vertical fletching jig which allows you to easily & precisely fletch three vanes, all at once, reducing your fletching time by 66%. This jig does it all and does it all at once!

It accommodates all small, standard, medium and large carbon and aluminium shafts from X10s to FatBoys with 3 sets of arms to fletch at 3 different angles. Assemble your Tower based on which size nock you use.

The Helix Tower really saves time and increases arrow production and provides the most accurate vane placement. Easy to operate - just flip the switch and feel the power.

Place three vanes on a 2 degree offset, precisely 120 degrees apart and select one of two pressure rings to allow the right amount of pressure to be applied on different diameter shafts.

  • Red ring for standard carbon and small diameter (.240" inside diameter-ID) shafts or bushings of .240" ID
  • Black ring for aluminium and larger diameter carbon shafts

Comes with 3 interchangeable centre post options

  • Shafts that use an A Nock .201" ID fits Axis style shafts or bushings with .201" ID
  • Shafts that use an F Nock .164" ID fits ACC style shaft or bushings with a .164" ID
  • Standard carbon nock and crossbow bolts

Precision with Power! The Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig is the most precise jig on the market.

  • Fletch all 3 vanes at once, precisely 120 degrees apart
  • Accommodates all size shafts from X10s to FatBoys
  • Straight grey arms fletch vanes up to 4" or 101mm long
  • 1 degree right offset red arms fletch vanes up to 4" or 101mm long
  • 3 degrees right helical black arms fletch vanes up to 2.25" or 57mm long
  • Precise vane placement & replacement every time
  • Clamp release tape included and 2 collar rings for multiple shaft diameters
  • 1 set of arms included to fletch any arrow set up
  • All Tower arms are compatible with the Tower jig base; no need to purchase additional jigs!
  • 5 different centre posts included for Standard Blazer size nock .240" ID, H E Nock .232" ID, A Nock .201" ID, F Nock .164" ID, Pin Nock & Crossbow
  • Can only be used with vanes up to 4 inches in length
  • Maximum vane size for fletching 2.25" for helical & 4" for offset or straight
  • Unsuitable for wood shafts or swedged end aluminium shafts or for use with feathers
  • Great for repairs
  • Save time & increase production!
  • Just flip the switch and feel the power!
  • Easy to follow instructions and illustrations included
  • Fletches 3 times faster than a standard jig!

Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig comprises

  • Helix Tower Jig
  • Universal Tower base
  • 1 set of arms in black
  • 5 centre posts
  • Clamp release tape
  • 2 tower rings
  • Fully illustrated easy to follow instructions
  • Spare Pairs of Jig Arms come in 7 types, 3 degrees Right Helical Black Arms, Straight Grey Arms, 1 degrees Right Offset Red Arms are sold separately; the other 4 types of 1 degrees Right Offset Impulse Yellow Arms (Designed for Impulse vanes), Mylar Vane Gray with red clip Arms (Designed for Mylar vanes), 2 degrees Right Wing Blue Arms (Designed for fletching feathers with 2 degrees right or left offset up to 5" or 127mm long) are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.
  • Spare Tower Jig Centre Posts come in 7 types of Standard, H.E. Nock, A Nock, F Nock, Pin Nock, Crossbow, Swedged. These are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

With the Bohning Helix Tower Jig, you can have your arrows fletched in a fraction of the time and have them looking and shooting great.

As well known bowhunter, Jay Gregory says "If you enjoy fletching your own arrows (and if you don't, this product will change your mind about the process). Get a Helix Tower fletching jig. It's easy! I can fletch a dozen arrows in no time. The coolest thing is with all the different options in colours and patterns in Bohning wraps and the awesome Blazer vane, you can personalise your own mystical flight of the arrow! With the Tower, each arrow is perfectly fletched. Don't pay someone else to fletch your arrows, get a Tower and custom make your own."

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