Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings 12pk

Brand: Easton

Easton BARs or Broadhead Adaptor Rings, stronger aluminium, fit different size carbon & small diameter aluminium shafts, protects shafts from hard impacts and blade expansion & you save money

Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings 12pk

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Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings 12pk Description

Broadhead Adapter Ring, or abbreviated as BAR, improves broadhead alignment and protects shafts from hard impacts and blade expansion.

BARs have been designed in response to the growing number of hunters using the smaller Easton carbon and aluminium carbon arrows, Beman MFX carbon arrows and small diameter aluminium arrows. Perfect for HIT technology shafts.

BARs provide a larger surface area for concentrating the load and also create a smooth tapered fit. They provide a solid broadhead connection and smooth transition between small diameter carbon arrows and field points and broadheads.

This small shoulder between the shaft and the point results in damage to targets and arrows and by using a Broadhead Adapter Ring, this problem is eliminated and you enjoy target longevity, arrows last longer, you can easily pull arrows from targets and you save money.

BARs are absolutely necessary for a solid connection for wider based broadheads and especially broadheads which require blade retention at the insert. Fixed broadheads that utilise the face of the insert to support or hold the blades in place and mechanical broadheads that use the insert or a thin metal washer as a stop for the blades after opening, require BARs.

Machined aluminium for the highest degree of precision at the critical interface between the broadhead ferrule and the arrow shaft.

Provides a flush, secure broadhead connection to improve alignment for all broadhead designs. Easton BARs weigh 5 grains and are sold in 12 per pack.

Determine which BAR is compatible with your arrow and spine size here.

  • Bar 3 suit FMJ Gun Metal Black 500, 400, FMJ Lost Camo 400, 340, FMJ Diamond Camo 500, 400, Axis Black 600, 500, Axis Camo 500, A/C/C -18, A/C/C -28
  • Bar 4 suit Axis Black 400, Axis Camo 400, Axis Junior
  • Bar 6 suit FMJ Dangerous Game 300, Axis Black 300, 260, Axis Camo 300, 260, A/C/C Pro Hunting 390, 340, 300, Carbon Excel 500, A/C/C -49
  • Bar 8 suit PowerFlight 340, 300, A/C/C -71
  • Please specify BAR size required

Failure to use BARs with carbon arrows may result in lost blades and greatly reduced arrow strength.

  • Improves broadhead/arrow interface
  • Comes in six sizes for precise fit on smaller Easton carbon and A/C arrows and Beman carbon arrows
  • Protects shafts from hard impacts and blade expansion
  • Provides superior broadhead alignment
  • Use with Thunderhead and other O-ring type broadheads
  • Excellent for Easton Hidden Insert Technology shafts
  • Gives a flush, secure, precise solid broadhead connection
  • Minimises damage to targets and arrows
  • Easily pull arrows from targets & save money
  • Extremely tough and effective
  • Using BARs is cheap insurance & they weigh a mere 5 grains
  • Sold in a 12 pack

This is what people have said about Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings.

"A Must If Shooting Slick Tricks. 5 out of 5 stars. Others have stated these weren't necessary and I can tell you they absolutely are. I shot Slick Trick Grizz Tricks without them and cracked the tips of my Easton FMJs. I understood the theory behind the rings so I tried them out, as they are an inexpensive solution. Because of the dispersion of energy by the funnelled ring, the arrow did not crack on impact and blew right through the other end of the deer with no incident. The solid steel and large diameter of some broadheads paired with the smaller diameter FMJs causes a lot of pressure upon impact to the tips of the arrows. It makes simple and inexpensive sense to utilise these rings." From Timmy Z7 of South Jersey, New Jersey, USA

"It's a ringer. 5 out of 5 stars. These are a must for anyone shooting broadheads that are larger in diameter than the arrow shafts. I use them on Easton 400 FMJs. These arrows have 17-64" shaft diameter and the BARs provide additional support for the broadheads and allow the O rings to have more surface area to grab. I also use them during my Fall broadhead league and they hold up extremely well shooting them into the sand backstops." From Jimk2 of Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

"Great Buy! 5 out of 5 stars. These adapters help protect the end of the arrow shaft from damage and also make a good transition between the shaft and the broadhead, which when shooting into a broadhead target makes for easier arrow extraction." From Traditional of Northern Vermont, USA

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