Lumenok Lighted H Nock 3 pack


Performance that has been proven time and time again. With Lumenok you always know where your arrow goes

Lumenok Lighted H Nock 3 pack

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Lumenok Lighted H Nock 3 pack Description

The Lumenok by Burt Coyote is the most popular lighted nock on the market. The simplicity of its design and operation make it the lighted arrow nock of choice for many of today's most progressive archers and professional bowhunters. "Initially, many bowhunters were a little hesitant to spend the money on lighted nocks, however with the price of arrows today, if Lumenoks help you recover one or two arrows or better still, help you snag the trophy of a lifetime, the price quickly becomes inconsequential."

No magnets, no glues, no switches and no moving parts are required for Lumenok to work - there is just nothing to attach to your bow or glue into your arrow to make Lumenok work. As well, there is minimal shaft preparation and fitting to install Lumenok.

When seated in a carbon or aluminium arrow, it automatically lights up when you shoot your bow and stays on until you turn it off.

To turn off, simply slightly wiggle the nock back and forth in the shaft, which breaks the electrical contact. Lumenok only adds a few grains to the weight of your arrow and uses the bare essentials - nock, light, battery and conductors to operate.

Lumenok is perfect for hunting and target shooting and aids bow tuning and because it is a lighted nock, you clearly see erratic arrow flight immediately and can correct your shot. See your arrow from the moment of release to the point of impact, when practising at longer distances (more than 91 metres or 100 yards).

Even with today's faster bows, you get unprecedented rapid feedback on your shot. If your bow needs tuning or your shooting form needs improvement, the Lumenok will help you to address this.

The Lumenok Lighted H Nock suits any aluminium or carbon arrow that uses standard ICS components and fits

  • Beman Centershot
  • Easton da' TORCH (must remove X Nock UNI Bushing), HEXX, Carbon Aftermath, Carbon Ion, Carbon Ion Pink, ST Epic, ST Epic RealTree HD Green, ST Carbon Excel, ST Epic Junior, BloodLine, BloodLine WildThing, ACC 3-49/390, ACC Pro Hunting (must remove X Nock UNI Bushing)
  • High Country Speed Pro (ID .233")

The Burt Coyote Company is a family owned company - hunters who developed the Lumenok as they saw a need for an aid in determining shot placement and arrow retrieval. Lumenok will not make you a better archer or hunter, but will help you become more confident in your shooting skills. Lumenoks are brighter than the competition, allowing archers to more easily follow arrow flight, not just find arrows after dark.

  • Incredible brightness
  • Lightweight and fully self contained
  • New improved contacts
  • HD Orange is 30% brighter and lights orange
  • No magnet or glue required and contains no switch or moving parts
  • Nothing to attach to your bow
  • Fits most popular arrows
  • Made with Trophy Ridge Nocks .236" diameter
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically activated by the force applied by the release of the arrow
  • Follow the path of your arrow to the target, providing valuable information for shot correction
  • In case your arrow skews, the lighted nock will make finding your arrow much easier, saving time & the cost of the arrow
  • Ideal for clout and dartchery
  • Lumenok is highly visible at great distances in the dark, helps you tune your equipment
  • Stays lit continuously for up to 40 hours, allowing you to return hours later after a shot to retrieve your arrow
  • Use 100's of times without replacing battery
  • 3 volt lithium battery has a 5 year shelf life, replaceable batteries are sold separately
  • See where your shot hits - or misses and quickly retrieve your valuable arrow
  • Like tracer bullets for your bow!
  • Made in the USA for hunters by hunters
  • Sold as a 3 pack Lumenok, but also comes in a single pack which is sold separately
  • Wonderful colours HD Orange and Green. Please specify colour

Lumenok performance has been proven time and time again. Pays for itself in no time at all. Lumenok, from the Burt Coyote Company, is the simplest lighted arrow nock on the market - Lumenok guarantee it!

Always know where your arrow goes. Get yourself some Lumenoks today.

This is what people have said about Lumenok Lighted Nocks.

Jennifer Walterscheit from the USA, (with apologies to Jennifer, whose article has been edited), wrote "in low light conditions or at dawn and dusk, when animals are most active, it is difficult to tell where you shot your animal without a lighted nock. With a lighted nock, you can more easily see your hit or if you have a pass through, your lighted nock will help you locate your arrow. Once you use lighted nocks and experience the benefits, you won't go hunting without them. When sighting in or target shooting in general, lighted nocks allow you to see how your arrow is flying and help you find arrows that were a little off the mark or determines if your bow may be out of tune. Lumenoks have incredible brightness and wonderful colours original orange and now available in green and pink. Initially, many bowhunters were a little hesitant to spend the money on lighted nocks, however with the price of arrows today, if Lumenoks help you recover one or two arrows or better still, help you snag the trophy of a lifetime, the price quickly becomes inconsequential."

Follow the instructions that come with the Lumenok and you will have nothing but excellent success. 100's of shots and not one failure. I love this product and would not shoot without it!! From hunterdave7717 of Tennessee, USA.

Lumenoks are cool & reliable!! They are so brite you can see them just as good at daytime as you can on those last light hunts. They have a longer battery run time than any other ones on the market that I have seen & they do work with carbon arrows because that's what I am using them on. Just make sure you read the instructions before you install them. Thanks for making a great product! From helluvahunter of West End, North Carolina, USA.

3rd time is a charm. I first tried tracers. They did not work out of the box and did not have good battery life. Then I tried the G5's - they were not much better. I finally spent the money for the Lumenok. They are by far the easiest to use (no magnet). They are bright and the battery life is as advertised. They are light and did not change the point of impact out to 40 yards. From benhuntn of Waldorf, Maryland, USA.

I use Gold Tip arrows out of my Mathews custom 75lb bow and love the Lumenoks. I too was a little apprehensive about purchasing them after reading the reviews, but let me tell you they will pay for themselves in no time. I definitely have had arrows I would never have found if it was not for the Lumenoks. So far, (touch wood), I have not had one fail. Broadheads and arrows are far too expensive to lose. Do yourself a favour and try them. From vscott of Australia

Works Good. Works just like it is supposed to. Would recommend to anyone. From dustin21504 of Brownington, Vermont, USA.

These nocks are the best, for seeing where you hit your animal. From schab of Alexandria, Kentucky, USA.

Good nocks. I tried other lighted nocks first and was not happy with them but these nocks are ten times as bright and have shot them over 100 times and they are still going. From rbeagle99 of Up State, New York, USA.

Awesome. These work great every time. IMO the green are easier to see in the daylight than the red. I would highly recommend this product. Why question your shot placement when you can know for sure where your shot hit? From Matdad of Buckeye State, USA.

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