The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2015 bows from Hoyt, Mathews and Mission, from mid October.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2015 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest information and pictures.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs.
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Mathews Release their 2015 Bow Range - November 5, 2014

See the full details, photos and specs of the new Mathews hunting and Mathews Target bows at Abbey Archery.

We have received our first shipment of Hoyt Archery 2015 Bows - November 4, 2014

Receive immediate delivery of a 2015 Hoyt bow, from Abbey Archery.

Buy your Hoyt 2015 Hunting bow or Hoyt 2015 Target bow today. Don't delay - this shipment is sure to sell out quickly.

Bowtech Release their 2015 Bow Range - October 29, 2014

See the Bowtech 2015 Hunting bows and the Bowtech 2015 Target bows now.

More on the Bowtech 2015 Bow Range - October 24, 2014

BowTech is releasing 3 new bows soon! It has been a long time since BowTech released new products before the annual January ATA show and that is creating all the buzz about BowTech right now. On October 29th 2014 American time, BowTech will be unveiling 3 new bows!

The Prodigy will be the flagship hunting bow for 2015. With this bow, BowTech is introducing a new Powershift technology which has been stated to change the market completely.

Second up for 2015 is a bow called the Boss. Again utilising Powershift technology but at this stage that's all we know.

Last up to be unveiled is the Fanatic, a brand new bow released with the target archer in mind.

Stay tuned to our 2015 bow preview page for any further information on BowTech 2015 products.

Bowtech set to release 2015 Bow Range - October 22, 2014

Bowtech Archery has scheduled the launch their 2015 bow range for October 29, including the new Boss and Prodigy camo bows and the Fanatic target bow.

More news of the Hoyt Archery 2015 Bow Range - October 16, 2014

Hoyt has unveiled the 2015 line up; the new bows are packed with features that will increase accuracy and performance across the entire range.

The new Spyder ZT series takes the Hoyt carbon bows to the next level. Utilising a new Zero Torque Cable Guard System, Helical Flex Tuned Hollow Carbon Riser and refined Air Shox, the Spyder ZT series is sure to perform for 2015!

The 2015 Nitrum series utilising a brand new aluminium riser design that is stronger than ever, creating a bow that aims incredibly well. Incorporated into the new riser is the Zero Torque Cable Guard System which eliminates torque on the cables. The Nitrum series has a bow to suit any hunting style or archer.

Hoyt has created an ultimate tournament bow that will suit any style of field, 3D or target archery in the 2015 Podium X Elite series. Available in 2 different axle to axle lengths and two different cam options, the Podium X Elite will take any style of archer straight to the top. There are many stand out features of the Podium X Elite but the modular grip system, adjustable cable guard bar system and the choice between 37 and 40 inches axle to axle are prime examples of what makes the Podium X Elite a superior tournament bow for 2015.

Hoyt Archery 2015 Bow Range Releases - October 15, 2014

Hoyt are currently holding their annual sales conference and have started releasing their 2015 bows.

We will bring you all the action as it occurs.

Hoyt Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels

Hoyt's Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels feature standard left and right adjustability and a new Independent Limb Tuning Technology, which allows for micro adjustments to the limbs, ensuring they always stay centred and balanced throughout the draw cycle.

Hoyt Prodigy Series

Hoyt Prodigy and Prodigy XT Bows

Hoyt Prodigy Series Riser with VertaTune Clicker Plates

Each Prodigy Series riser comes with 3 machined aluminum VertaTune clicker plates for a low, medium and high rest/plunger position. This technology allows for 6mm of overall adjustment for fine tuning to your preference and setup.

The new Prodigy and Prodigy XT:

Carbon Spyder ZT Series for Hunters Nitrum Series for Hunters

Live on the Edge or Die in the Middle. A serious bowhunter can spot the difference between a mature buck and a young buck. A serious bowhunter can also spot what makes the new Nitrum unlike any other bow in the woods. Its revolutionary, patent-pending offset riser design creates a stiffer riser which absolutely crushes vibration. That means every shot is more consistent, more steady and more punishing. For those ready to get serious. Nitrum pushes the limits like no other.

Hoyt Nitrum Series 2015 Camo Bows Hoyt Podium X Elite 2015 Target Bow

First to be released was the new Target bow range - the Podium-X Elite Series.

How do you improve on an already proven winner? Easy. take the best engineers in archery and lock them in a room with the best archers in the world. The result is the all new Podium X Elite XT and Podium X Elite 40. A modular cam system, adjustable cable guard bar and 40 inches from axle to axle with proven Hoyt technology make this the most tunable and accurate target bow series ever produced. Make the bow yours and claim your place on the podium.

Hoyt Podium X Elite Series 2015 Bows Hoyt Archery 2015 Modular Grip System

Hoyt has a new modular grip system allowing archers to change their grip pressure giving them the custom grip feel suited to their needs. The Patent Pending grip is available in , patent-pending, modular grip system allows target archers to fine tune their grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip. Every Podium-X Elite comes with 4 different grip modules – 0 (standard angle), +2, +4 and +6 degrees. Try each one to see which angle helps you achieve a dead-center hold and best fits your shooting style and form.

Hoyt Podium X Cable Guard Bar Hoyt Zero Torque Cable Guard System

Revolutionising compound bows by solving an inherent problem of cable torque issues that have existed since the invention of the compound bow. Unlike all other cable guard systems that create additional torque in the bow, Hoyt's revolutionary, Patent-Pending Zero Torque (ZT) Cable Guard System has a flexible arm that is opposite-mounted to direct the cable induced torque in the opposite direction, eliminating the side load torque that cables apply to the riser as the bow is drawn. Of course, Hoyt torture tested it just like they do every component on a Hoyt. Easier tuning, increased accuracy and a quieter shot through the neutralisation of horizontal cable load. A brilliant breakthrough innovation from Hoyt.

The all new 2015 Hoyt Podium X. Every target and 3D archer's dream. The Podium X comes with a new modular grip system allowing archers to change their grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip and so giving them the custom grip feel suited to their needs. This patent pending modular grip system allows target archers to fine tune their grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip. This system allows target archers to fine tune their grip pressure and obtain a feel best suited to their needs. Every Podium-X Elite comes with 4 different grip modules – 0 (standard angle), +2, +4 and +6 degrees. Try each one to see which angle helps you achieve a dead-centre hold and best fits your shooting style and form.


Hoyt's new Spiral Pro Cam & 1/2 has a full inch of adjustment with interchangeable modules, the Spiral Pro Cam & 1/2 has half-inch up/half-inch down.The new user-friendly, draw length adjustable cam has blazing fast speeds and is rock solid on the wall while still having that buttery smooth feel. The Spiral Pro will give you the speed and performance you are after.

The Podium-X Elite features an adjustable cable guard bar to help you with tuning your bow giving you the accuracy you need and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings help to reduce torque and achieve perfect arrow flight. The fully adjustable cable guard has internal locking teeth and two lock down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.

Hoyt Offset Riser showing Lower Riser Tunnel Hoyt Offset Riser for 2015

Hoyt's new Offset Riser Technology absolutely kills vibration and noise, creating their quietest, most dead-in-the-hand bows ever.

Taking a page from their tournament-dominating target bows, Hoyt's new risers utilise a lower riser tunnel for added stiffness and strength, all while maintaining optimal balance and killing vibration.

2015 Hoyt News - October 10, 2014

Hoyt have put the finishing touches to their 2015 catalogue and it is believed to be at the printers.

We reckon everyone at Hoyt must be pretty excited about the prospect of the 2015 bow release. The release date cannot come fast enough.

2015 Hoyt and Fuse News - October 8, 2014

Is a new 2015 Hoyt target bow in the mix? Rumour has it that Hoyt will be releasing a brand new target line up with a new cam system.

Also floating around is speculation that the majority of the high end compound risers will be changed in one way or another. We're not sure exactly how, but it's not far away now.

What new colours will be released in the target side?

It is getting around to October 16th (Australia) when Hoyt will unveil their most remarkable line up ever!

It's always an exciting time to wonder what awesome products will be released to compliment the Hoyt bows. A Fuse single pin sight maybe?

2015 Mathews and Mission News - October 8, 2014

Is it true that Mathews is going to release a MR series target bow? Only time will tell, but it has been circulating that a 40 inch plus axle to axle bow with the MR series cams will be released for those target archers who are hungry for something new from Mathews!

In the hunting side, will we be seeing a fast solocam around that 35 inch axle to axle? People have been asking but at this stage only time will tell.

It has been speculated that Mission has a new and exciting line up for 2015. With all of the high performance bows they released in 2014, who knows what 2015 will bring!

2015 Martin News - October 8, 2014

With the new management that has been appointed at Martin there are high hopes for the 2015 product release. It is getting around that several new bow designs will be released based from price point to high performance. There are a lot of Martin fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the 2015 product launch.

2015 BowTech News - October 8, 2014

The rumour is strengthening that BowTech is due to release their 2015 flagship models earlier than normal so that BowTech fanatics have more time to enjoy their bows! It could even be that BowTech may be only a couple weeks away. Sit tight for the big news!

PSE Archery 2015 Bow Range Released - October 5, 2014

PSE reveals its 2015 bow line up with the introduction of the Dream Season Decree and three new Bow Madness models.

On 2nd October 2014, PSE Archery introduced the newest flagship addition to its Pro Series bow line with the 2015 Dream Season Decree. Though it shoots at an ATA/IBO speed of 355 fps, PSE is confident that the Decree is going to be immensely popular for more than just its speed.

"The Decree may be the best bow we've ever produced," says Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PSE. "Yes it's fast, and at PSE we are known for our speed, but it's also got a very, very smooth draw, a nice valley, a high (75%) let-off and a solid back wall. It really redefines the modern 'speed bow' as something that's impressive in all-around shooting performance."

According to PSE, these high marks in overall performance comes in part from a marriage of the Full Throttle speed pockets and their new Inertia cam, as well as a redesigned 3rd Generation B.E.S.T. grip and a riser forged of 7075 aluminium and cut with a new Planar X 3D structural design.

The Dream Season Decree is also the first bow available in the new Mossy Oak Break-Up County camo pattern.

For their Mainline, PSE also introduced three new Bow Madness models, the Bow Madness 34, the Bow Madness 32, and the Bow Madness 30. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 are numbered based on Axle-to-Axle length and both feature the new Madness Hybrid Cam, which according to PSE, delivers the performance of a hybrid cam, but still adjusts like a single-cam. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 both shoot above 340 fps and feature an 80% let-off. For those who still prefer a compact single-cam model, PSE has also introduced the new Bow Madness 30.

Elite Archery 2015 Bow Range Released - October 5, 2014

Elite Archery have just released their 2015 lineup - Camo Bows and Target Bows, with 2 new bows. The Tour has been revamped into the much-anticipated 39 inch ATA, 7 inch brace height bow called the Victory. The Victory has features such as the riser cage popular on the Energy series bows and will be sure to be very popular. The other new bow is the Synergy, basically a best of both worlds compromise between the Energy 32 and 35. The New Synergy is 33 1/2 inch ATA with a big 7 3/8 inch brace height, the perfect combination for hunting as well as 3D/ABA use.

Prime 2015 Bows News - October 5, 2014

From some early unofficial pictures, it looks like Prime's new target bow has some features that are new to their bows. A roller guard as well as a shoot-through riser are big changes to their designs. Undoubtedly they have been listening to their pro-staff shooters especially Dave Cousins to alter their designs. Time will tell when they officially release their 2015 bows!

October 4, 2014: Mathews, PSE and Hoyt 2015 Bows News

PSE have increased their stable of bows to offer a wide variety of options. Probably the most interesting for 3D and target shooters is the new Dominator 3D Max DC which features the Drive cam, a cam which has been popular on the Drive bow and apparently has some very good features and shootability.

We are still eagerly awaiting the release of the Hoyt 2015 range later this month. This may be the year for some new and exciting target colours to be released. The very popular Pro Comp Elite series could also be due for a facelift which will no doubt impress the target archers out there. For the hunters, it will be interesting to see what is in store for you, potentially something game changing!

Mathews will no longer be offering the original McPherson series Chill bow. As well, the new axle system used on the Chill X and Chill SDX will be incorporated into the Chill R which has been driven up until now by the standard axle system. Mathews will also be discontinuing the Black Tactical and Desert Tactical colour options on the Chill R bow.

October 3, 2014: Mathews 2015 Bows News

Mathews have put many of their bow range out to pasture. Gone are the Creed, Chill, ZXT, Monster MR8 and MR5, Conquest Apex 8 and Apex 7 and the short-lived Heli M.

Mathews are to unveil a flagship bow that will still have the familiar Geo Grid riser, but other than that, has been completely re-designed. Short brace heights and shorter axle to axle bows are on the cards.

Possibly the most outstanding release for Mathews for 2015 will be the re-introduction of target model bows. Mathews have lost ground to competitors in the competition and tournament areas and these new target bows are to counter that trend.

October 3, 2014: Other 2015 Bows News

BowTech are renowned for releasing their flagship bow at the annual archery trade show. However for 2015, BowTech have mixed it up by releasing their new bows well before the show. It is believed BowTech are retiring a bunch of models and introducing a new speed bow that will blow the socks off the competition. It is also thought that a short axle to axle length bow is about to come out.

Can you believe this? PSE are to introduce for 2015, a carbon bow. It is definitely a more regular looking design than the Hoyt groovy carbon tubes, but still will gain a lot of interest from PSE diehards.

October 2, 2014: Hoyt 2015 Bows News

It is believed for 2015, Hoyt is introducing new Carbon bows including one which will be the fastest ever Hoyt bow.

The need for speed continues with at least 3 new speed Hoyt bows being unveiled for 2015.

Hoyt are to release a premier aluminium bow which is likely to be the most advanced aluminium bow ever. The riser is a major change to conventional risers with Hoyt believed to go as far as to register the patent on this revolutionary riser.

Hoyt are introducing a new faster cam to power these new fastest bows in Hoyt history.

It is understood this new technology will revolutionise the way draw length modules will be used.

Those archers who are chasing speed will be very pleased with the new fast bows from Hoyt. The premier aluminium risers are going to cater for those who want a top shelf bow at a medium price level.

September 27, 2014: Bear Archery 2015 Bow Range Released

BEAR ARCHERY 2015 BOWS have already been released. They have a great range of quality bows at value prices. Check them out.

New models include the Arena, available in 2 lengths - 30 ins and 34 ins, Traxx, Cruzer, Crux, Bounty, Tremor and a new Apprentice:

Keep checking here for all the latest news and updates on the 2015 range of bows!

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