The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2014 bows from Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, Bear, Martin and Rytera from mid October.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2014 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest information and pictures.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs.
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November 5, 2013: Mathews 2014 Bow Range Released

Mathews Inc. have released their 2014 bows:

New models include the Creed XS and the Chill R:

October 25, 2013: Mathews 2014 Bows

Not long now until the release of Mathews Inc. 2014 lineup!

There has been talk of a longer axle-to-axle, shorter brace height Monster Series bow designed with the tried and true Geo Gridlock riser. However, we are most interested to hear the latest news of Mathews possibly releasing a carbon tournament bow!

October 18, 2013: 2014 Hoyt Bows Released!

Hoyt have released their 2014 bow range. Abbey Archery has has full specs and all pictures. Check out the Hoyt 2014 range at Abbey Archery:

October 17, 2013: 2014 Hoyt Bows.

Hoyt will be releasing their 2014 bow range this weekend. We'll have pictures of all the 2014 Hoyt bows for you on Tuesday.

We should have specs available over the weekend so keep checking back here.

In the meantime, here are some of the new models:

  • 2014 Carbon Spyder - Hoyt's flagship bow
  • 2014 Hoyt Faktor
  • 2014 Hoyt Pro Edge Elite

Come back to Abbey to learn the latest!

October 8, 2013: 2014 Mathews bow models.

Recently there have been some rumours circulating about Mathews making some improvements to their 2013 bow, the Monster Chill. Possibly reducing it to a 6" brace height in hopes to increase it's IBO speed and perform more like the MR7.

Some are saying they need to focus more on their target bow lineup for 2014. We'll soon know - the Mathews release is only a few weeks away.

October 3, 2013: Hoyt getting close to releasing their 2014 bow range.
Hoyt 2014 teaser image

Rumours are spreading that Hoyt Archery will be making one of their best, even better.

That's right, the success of the Spyder 30 & 34 is about to reach all new levels. A possible "Carbon Spyder" could be in the works!

This bow would feature a brand new carbon riser based off of the Spyder models, a new cam system and be even lighter weight than the current Carbon Element G3.

We're just a short time away from the unveiling...stay tuned!

October 1, 2013: Mission Archery releases their 2014 bow range!

Mission Archery have released 2 new bows for 2014 in both camo and painted colours:

September 26, 2013: Bear Archery releases their 2014 bow range!

Bear Archery once again is first into the market with their 2014 bows.

We have full specifications and photos here:

Here are a couple of pictures:

Bear Venue Camo 2014 Bow
Bear Venue Camo
Bear Rumor Camo 2014 Bow
Bear Rumor Camo
Bear Anarchy HC Snow Camo 2014 Bow
Bear Anarchy HC Snow Camo
Bear Agenda Black 2014 Bow
Bear Agenda Black

September 17, 2013: More on Fred Bear

With the success of the Method there are rumours that Bear have on the Agenda, a speed bow perfect for 3D shooting.

September 14, 2013

After a successful introduction from Bear Archery of their flagship bows the Motive 6" and Motive 7" we are curious to see if they will carry forward in 2014.

Featuring the all new H13 Synchronised Cam System and an adjustable draw stop, these lightning fast 32" axle-to-axle bows punched out massive results this year!

Bear certainly has set the bar high for their heavily anticipated 2014 lineup.

September 11, 2013: Would you shoot a multi-coloured bow?
Hoyt Pro Comp Elite Bow in rainbow colours

Hoyt Archery recently released this photo of their extremely popular target bow, the Pro Comp Elite.

Maybe a limited edition release for 2014? We can't wait to find out!

Click to view large image

September 6, 2013: Buzz about 2014 bows

It's that time of year again! We are anxious to see what the bow manufacturers will be releasing for 2014! There is sure to be plenty of new and exciting technology this year.

At this point, we know that Hoyt Archery will be discontinuing the Vector 32 and the ProHawk. So far these have been replaced by the Spyder 30 and the Charger.

Keep checking here for all the latest news and updates on 2014 bows!

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