The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2012 bows from Hoyt, Bear and Martin in late October.

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This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2012 ranges of compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest information and pictures.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs.

First to have 2012 Hoyts in Australia! We have just received our first shipment of Hoyt 2012 bows and throughout the day the Abbey Team will be testing the bows and providing insight on the new 2012 Hoyt range! Be sure to keep checking in as we will be updating the information frequently. So many new bows we don't know where to start! Use the link below to jump straight to the Hoyt 2012 bow previews section.

Martin could introduce a 35" axle-to-axle bow with a forgiving 7" brace height, 27" to 31" draw and a massive speed of 340FPS, in their 2012 bows range.

Martin could introduce a 35" axle-to-axle bow with a forgiving 7" brace height, 27" to 31" draw and a massive speed of 340FPS, in their 2012 bows range.

The present colour options from Martin are either black or red but in 2012, Martin are likely to introduce exciting and bold new colours in their target compound range.

It is believed Martin will be making some major innovations to their 2012 compound bow line up. It is understood that their bows will feature a wider draw range.

After an absence of a few years, it is believed that in 2012, Bear Archery could manufacture a 3D/field archery bow with a 36" axle-to-axle, 7" brace height, a 340FPS speed, bushings for rear weights, side rods and stabilisers. It looks as if Bear could be getting back into the competition side of archery with target bows.

2012 is shaping up to be a good year for new bow technology and options. Jump to:


New bows for 2012 from Bear Archery include:

Click the links to view full details and large images of these bows.

The ANARCHY is a more forgiving, longer axle-to-axle bow. No compromise durability yet lightweight. A bow that feels like no other, from draw to release. Check out the teaser:

Above, Realtree's David Blanton visits the Bear Archery plant in Gainesville, Florida and shoots the new Bear Anarchy 2012 bow.


Update: October 22 - staff members Tristan and Grant shoot and review the new Hoyt 2012 bows:

I was pretty excited when the new Carbon Element was given to me to test first this year. After hunting with an 80 pound element all of last year I have grown quite fond of Hoyt's carbon bows.

Taking it out of the box, the new Element RKT didn't appear to be overly different, but upon further inspection the bow has changed quite a lot.

The new limb pockets are almost hidden with the limb bolt actually recessed into the pocket. They have even changed the roller guard system, it seems a lot smoother. The anodized red module on the RKT cam really makes this bow stand out, but enough about looks.

Drawing the Element RKT was my first go of the 2012 Rocket cams and I know it's already been said, but these things are SMOOTH . From start to stop, nothing but a steady draw cycle ending in a very solid, but forgiving wall. Another trait of this draw cycle that I found surprising was upon let down. The RKT cams don't seem to want to 'take off', it was easy to let down.

When it came time to shoot it, after Grant and I had a good look and double checked specs, once again I was impressed. Not an entirely different feel to the 2011 Element but enough change to shoot it a few more times. Over all the bow is smooth, very quiet, with absolutely no vibration.

The 2012 Vector 35 is a bow that really catches my attention, having a 30" draw-length I find myself more comfortable with a bow around the 35" A2A.

For a 35" aluminium bow the Vector 35 feels very light, the riser is well machined and the offset stabiliser mount is a great feature. Balancing this bow when a bow quiver and sight is attached won't be a large task at all. The limb pockets aren't bulky and adjusting the draw weight with the new Pocket and bolt system is very easy. I am overly impressed with the look of this bow, everything is so streamlined.

Alright, the moment I have been waiting for, feeling the draw cycle of the RKT cam system on a 35" bow. This bow was set at 65pounds and 30" draw length, honestly it felt like 60 pounds to me! What an amazing cam, the RKT cams did not disappoint and surpassed my expectations. No rises or fall, no 'humps' simply one steady draw until hitting the solid back wall. It's a tough thing to describe, but in my opinion all of Hoyt's advertising and write ups are spot on. Believe the hype because this cam system is all its' cracked up to be.

Shooting the Vector 35 was just as impressive, with nothing on it except for an arrow rest it seems to 'point' very well. Extremely stable at full draw and very steady to aim. With very little happening after the shot. Little noise, zero hand shock, and no vibration. I'm excited to set one of these up for the next customer and see how it hunts!

Still more to come, Carbon Matrix RKT and last but not least the Vector Turbo.

Update: October 21 - staff member Grant shoots and reviews the new Hoyt 2012 bows:

Abbey Staff with the new 2012 Shipment Abbey team excited to get the new Hoyts inside and ready for review
Fresh out of the box, Grant draws the 2012 Vector 32 admiring the new RKT Cam System as Tristan takes notes for technical review  

First up is the Vector 32!

This was my first chance to draw the new RKT Cam and a Half system which I have been longing to do since reading about the new cams early yesterday. I wasn't sure how they would feel on a short axle to axle, but I wasn't going to hesitate at the chance of finding out!

The RKT cam system is unreal! I am shocked at how even the draw cycle is, these cams are incredibly smooth all the way through the cycle! At full draw the wall is very solid, and although the RKT cams are very high performance they still don't try and "take off" while drawn back.

The overall feel of the Vector 32 is very nice, a long riser with beyond parallel limbs seems to make this bow way more steady than it should be!

Very impressed so far! Later in the day I'll update on how the Vector 32 shoots.

Next let's see how the 2012 Carbon Element RKT stacks up (above).

Update October 19 midnight

Hoyt has conducted their sales conference for the release of their 2012 line, seems like even some of the Hoyt employees are particularly impressed!

The new cam system this year is called the RKT Cam and a half, it is a modular adjustable cam system that has been in the works by Hoyt for over 2 years. The RKT cams have all of the speed that the spirals do, however are less harsh to draw and allow more "creep" at full draw. These cams are easier to draw, and the draw force curve is unbelievable.

The RKT Cams power all of the new carbon and aluminium bows in Hoyts 2012 line.

The new aluminium bows are listed including the new Vector 32 (330 FPS), Vector 35 (327 FPS) and Vector Turbo (340 FPS). These bows have brace heights of up to 7" and yet offer tremendous (real number) performance. The new Vector turbo is similar to the Alpha Burner, just lighter in weight with a larger more forgiving brace height and sports the new RKT cams.

The carbon lineup consists of the Carbon Element RKT, and Carbon Matrix RKT.

Looks like Hoyt is not releasing any new target colours this year and all existing colours will carry over.

The target bows also have the RKT cam option as well.

UPDATE October 19:

The release date of 2012 Hoyts are just a couple days away now, however it looks like some pictures of a few of the new 2012 Hoyt Hunting line up have been leaked.

There isn’t much to tell, except for it appears Hoyt will be releasing a new cam system. It looks similar to the Fuel cam system, yet more aggressive. For 2012, Hoyt may have increased their speeds across the entire line! We will know more in the next couple days, so bookmark Abbey as your homepage and you will be first with any 2012 Hoyt info!

New Hoyt HPX Riser and Formula F7 Limbs

UPDATE October 5:

We just received the following bulletin from Hoyt:

"The new 2012 Hoyt Formula HPX riser and Formula F7 limbs.

Red Fusion 2012 Hoyt HPX bow Pearl White 2012 Hoyt HPX bow
2012 Hoyt Green HPX riser limb pocket, floating limb bolt system and FUSE carbon limb blade dampener
2012 Hoyt HPX riser with Pro Series Tiller Bolt System which pivots through the full range of adjustment Formula paralever mounting system
World Cup Recurve Champion Brady Ellison shooting the 2012 Hoyt HPX riser

The new system is now making its debut at the London Olympic Test Event, where Brady Ellison is competing with it. Brady was a key member of our development team and we felt that this would be a good opportunity to test the system in the real world.

This opportunity was clearly the right choice as Brady is now in the Gold Medal final with the new HPX riser and F7 limb!

Our team has been working on the F7 limb now for almost a year. In fact, the limbs that Brady has been shooting for much of the year, which were marked as F3 limbs, were actually the construction of the new F7 limbs. They were marked as F3's for obvious reasons giving Brady an opportunity to test the limb construction for a good period of time at the highest level of competition.

Shortly, you will also receive pricing and ordering information."

October 3 - RUMOUR HAS IT.....

What may be coming out in Hoyts Target Recurve line up for 2012. Recently at some test events in Japan and across the states there have been sightings of a new style Formula RX. Also it appears that Brady Ellison along with a couple other top end archers have been posting some remarkable scores with this new set up. The new bow might be called the HPX in combination with newly named F7 limbs.

Judging by the pictures one of the main differences between the Formula RX and the HPX is the limb bolt! Surprisingly there are claims that this new style of limb bolt will increase speed. The new limb bolt system apparently has a floating head, this enables more surface contact to the limb, increasing control and in turn decreasing noise and vibration. Besides the floating limb bolt system, the new HPX Riser is supposedly very similar to the RX Riser; production of a 25" and a 27" is intended to take place, the HPX being extremely similar in weights, only a slight reduction in the deflex of the riser.

Rumours are flying around about Hoyt's new F7 limb system, just some things that we have picked up. Until we actually see the limbs in a catalogue or in person, we cannot ensure that these limbs will actually be available.

The F7 limb is supposedly very similar to the FX with improved torsional stability and four Triaxial Carbon and two unidirectional HM carbon laminates. This is the first type of carbon construction in a limb and actually has proven itself through the rigours of Hoyt's testing. Speculations that this limb lasted over 3600 dry fires are whirling about. The new F7 limbs are supposed to be the lightest mass limbs ever produced, enabling higher velocity. The carbon construction allows the limb to recover quicker causing them to settle extremely fast after the shot.

It is possible that the F7 limbs will be produced with a choice of maple laminate or syntactic foam cores, both should be called F7 and look similar (except for a bit of the wording on the limb and the appearance of the sides)


Win and Win are currently testing a new bow with an aluminium riser or handle. There is a very strong demand for aluminium risers from archers worldwide, who want a bit more weight in their bow so they "feel" the shot. The aluminium handle will be pitched at a price point under their premier bow, the outstandingly successful carbon CXT. Every target archer likes a bow decked out in bright, attractive colours and Win and Win have lead the way in producing most pleasing colours in their risers.

It is understood the aluminium riser is being exhaustively tested at the Win & Win state of the art testing facility at Ansung-Shi in southern Korea, about 70 kms south east of the capital, Seoul. It is believed the bow will be released in late 2011 or early 2012.


A few pictures have been released of the new 2012 Martin Compound bows. It appears that Martin has re-vamped their line up and this year appears to have at least one new colour added to their target bows.

Top left picture: Looks like Martin has slimmed the grips of the entire range. As with the 2011 bows, the thin grip proved quite popular. It's promising to see this feature added to all of Martin's range.

Top right picture: We aren't sure if this is an entirely new bow, yet it is obvious that Martin is releasing a new cam system. This bow has an aggressive single cam, with parallel limbs and looks to be around 33 inches axle to axle. A fast, forgiving, and adjustable single cam all in a comfortable axle to axle.

Catalogue picture: 2012 the Onza III, after such a great year in 2011, Martin is returning the Onza to their high end line up. The riser has a slightly different grip than last year and a brilliant new paint scheme. With only the riser shown, who knows what limb and cam option Martin has come up with for 2012. Undoubtedly the 2012 Martin Onza III will perform whether it's target, 3-D or hunting.

2012 Bengal_Grip 2012 Martin Bow
Martin Archery 2012 Catalogue Cover




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