Win & Win Inno EX Power Limbs

Brand: Win and Win

Inno EX Power carbon limbs are nothing but the best in performance and strength

Win & Win Inno EX Power Limbs

Win & Win Inno EX Power Limbs Description

The most innovative limb technology from Win & Win. EX Power carbon limbs are made of a nanocarbon and foam composition where material is added to the foam at regular intervals to give an added advantage to the limb's performance. This innovation, made at the molecular level, significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix to attach the high modulus carbon in strategic points inside the limbs. The nano-foam core provides durability as well as a smoother and enhanced overall feel.

High modulus carbon increases stability while protecting the carbon and reinforcing the riser's strength and anti-twisting properties. The Inno EX Power Limbs have a barrelled bottom design to create an innovative tower effect which means effective shock absorption during the shot and increasing accuracy by removing unnecessary limb movement.

INNO EX Power carbon limbs with advanced carbon nano technology, exclusive to Win & Win, are the most strongest, stable, accurate and durable limbs known, due to carbon nanotube infusion. The superior mechanical properties of molecularly bonded carbon nanotube resin produces stable and accurate limbs with increased durability and shock resistance.

21st century carbon nano materials of carbon nanotube and graphite nano fibre are innovative materials that are as small as one ten-thousandth of a human hair and these superior mechanical, chemical, physical and magnetic properties have been identified as next generation materials.

INNO EX Power limbs - the most advanced recurve limbs in the world.

EX Power carbon limbs produce

  • Smoother and enhanced overall feel
  • Greater shock absorption and remove limb movement during the shot
  • Strengthen and enhance stability
  • These flagship limbs are a great match for the Win & Win INNO CXT riser

Win & Win Inno EX Power carbon limbs will improve your groupings and have you shooting like a champion.

Ukraine's Viktor Ruban won his country's first ever archery Olympic Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games using an Inno. Isn't that proof the Inno is a winner?

Win & Win Inno EX Power carbon limbs suit

  • Win & Win Risers
  • Sebastien Flute or SF Risers
  • Hoyt Grand Prix Risers but not Hoyt Formula Risers
  • Any other risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)

Win & Win Inno EX Power carbon limbs come in 3 sizes

  • Long 70" in draw weight range from 28lbs to 48lbs, in 2lbs increments
  • Medium 68" in draw weight range from 28lbs to 48lbs, in 2lbs increments
  • Short 66" in draw weight range from 28lbs to 48lbs, in 2lbs increments
  • Please specify size and weight

Model Status: Superseded

The Win & Win Inno EX Power Limbs has been replaced by the
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