Win & Win Wiawis NS Limbs

Brand: Win and Win

Wiawis NS limbs with shorter and narrower string movement, are nothing but the best in stability, accuracy, performance and strength, top of the range tournament limbs

Win & Win Wiawis NS Limbs

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Win & Win Wiawis NS Limbs Description

Win & Win are leading the way in carbon technology and with their WIAWIS NS Recurve limbs have used graphene which gives excellent shock and vibration absorption properties. It also improves the feeling of stability during the shot.

Graphene has been introduced as a new core material and comprises atomic scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms developed by Win & Win. Graphene thickness of 0.2 nanometers is over 200 times stronger than the strongest steel and has improved shock absorption qualities over Carbon Nano Tube (CNT). That's why Win & Win call it the fruit of nano technology. Graphene foam is solid open cell foam made of single layer sheets of graphene. The properties and structure provide excellent tensile strength and offers double the impact strength over other foam materials.

WIAWIS NS limbs by Win & Win are made from graphene foam core, very light and strong, but also provide excellent shock and vibration absorption qualities. WIAWIS NS limbs offer a more stable and accurate feeling when shot.

The WIAWIS NS Wood Limbs feature an optimised flex profile which further enhances stability. Win & Win's know-how and vast experience in manufacturing techniques, combining carbon nano tubes and unidirectional wood grain, create a limb optimised for clean and stable shooting.

WIAWIS NS limbs have improved power and stability, resulting in a shorter and narrower string movement when the arrow is shot. This affects how the efficiency and energy is transferred from the limbs through the riser to the arrow. This makes shooting more forgiving delivering smoothness and incredible accuracy. String movement is an indicator of bow performance when shooting and WIAWIS NS limbs are stable and the narrower and shorter string movement is the more superior bow performance will be.

Win & Win has spent years researching the association between the stability and speed of a limb during its bending cycle. WIAWIS NS limbs have optimal control of bending distribution of the limbs and provides improvements in both stability and power over any other limb.

At the moment of release, the size of the movement of the limb is directly proportional to the torque of the bow. Smaller movements will allow reduced bow torque, giving better results from the archer.

A wood limb is sometimes preferred by archers looking for a slower heavier shot feel, whereas foam limbs are usually faster than a wood limb, mostly due to having a lighter mass weight. Wood gives a super smooth & forgiving shot with incredible accuracy & stability. Foam produces a more snappy feel at the shot, however the choice of foam or wood is a personal preference for the feel of the shot with neither gaining any considerable advantage over the other in performance.

Win & Win Wiawis NS limbs suit

  • Win & Win Risers
  • WNS Risers
  • Hoyt Grand Prix Risers but not Hoyt Formula Risers
  • Any other risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)

Win & Win WIAWIS NS Recurve Limbs are available in two variants, Graphene Foam and Wood Flax.

Features of Graphene Foam

  • Nano graphene foam core / high modulus carbon
  • Excellent tensile strength & twice the power of any other foam material
  • Improves power & stability resulting in shorter & narrower string movements when the arrow is shot

Features of Wood Flax

  • Wood Flax core / high modulus carbon
  • Wood Flax optimises flex profile which enhances stability
  • Unidirectional wood core & carbon nano tubes create a clean, stable shot

Specs at a glance

  • Superior shock & vibration absorption
  • Built for speed & extreme accuracy
  • Glossy/Matt finish - one side glossy & the other side matt
  • Top of the range tournament limbs
  • Available in lengths of Long 70", Medium 68", Short 66". Please specify length
  • Draw Weight range 28lbs to 48lbs, in 2lbs increments. Please specify weight choice
  • If you are unsure, please enquire and we can assist you with the weight that suits you
  • Limbs come in a strong cardboard box and are protected in Limb Covers with plush lined insides and velcro flaps to secure limbs
  • Available in Graphene and Wood. Please specify choice

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