TRU Ball Honey Badger X Release

Brand: TRU Ball

TRU Ball Honey Badger X or HBX 3 Finger Signature Series back tension release aid made from solid brass, Reo Wilde Signature Series, ergonomic handle, machined grip, curved design, textured surface in 2nd & 3rd finger, tapers toward your pinky

TRU Ball Honey Badger X Release

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TRU Ball Honey Badger X Release Description

Reo Wilde knew what he wanted when he asked T.R.U. Ball release head engineer Marc Rentz to design him a back tension release that breaks or hinges the handle between the index and middle finger to activate the release.

The result is the most technologically advanced release the market has ever seen! Reo set a match play world record with a perfect score of 150-12x's in the HBX's debut in official competition in Shanghai, China.

The TRU BALL Reo Wilde Signature Series HBX or Honey Badger X Release Aid features an ergonomic handle and is a back tension release aid made from solid brass.

The groove for your index finger is smooth, allowing the release aid to rotate into position.

The second and third grooves have a textured surface to allow for sufficient grip.

The new curved design tapers smaller toward your pinky, so the release fits snugly in your hand.

The micro adjust dial allows you to ramp up the speed of the release.

There are five different ways to activate the HBX or Honey Badger X release.

  • Steadily increasing pressure by slowly increasing back tension while increasing pressure with the middle and ring fingers on the release handle
  • Transfer tension method by slowly relaxing index finger, wrist and forearm while increasing back tension to fire the shot, allowing the release to pivot on the index finger
  • Tension only method by slowly increasing tension by simply pulling straight back and through the shot; this method allows the shot to fire without the roll of a hinge style release
  • Thumb activation method by slowly increasing tension on the thumb peg by adding pressure with the thumb or simply relaxing the fingers while thumb is in constant contact throughout the shot sequence
  • Ring finger trigger method by placing thumb on the thumb peg and trigger the right side of the handle with the ring finger by keeping constant contact with the thumb lever throughout

How to adjust your HBX. Micro-adjust one screw using visual speed dial to reference settings. Turn in to make release hotter or faster, back out to make slower.

There is also adjustability for a click or a no click option. Assembled with a standard click, but a fast click is available which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire

  • New single micro-adjustment travel screw (a half turn equals about 0.006" of movement)
  • Anti-fire design (release cannot fire when the head is in the closed position)
  • Decreases the likelihood of freezing up, fires when pressure is increased
  • Spring changes can be made for different speeds of activation
  • Micro-adjust indicator
  • New machined grip pattern
  • Three thumb-pin locations
  • Option of click or no click all in the same release, adjusted by simple turns of the travel adjustment screw
  • Micro adjustable speed dial
  • Adjustable thumb peg
  • Increased tapered ergonomic handle
  • Same handle and length to bail configuration as the HBC release
  • Return bail spring
  • For use with left and right handed shooters
  • Multi-position thumb barrel, includes 2 sizes
  • Made of solid brass!
  • New satin finish
  • Ergonomic 3 finger handle. Also available in 4 finger Small, Medium and Large sizes which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Available in Large size only
  • Made in the USA

This top of the line Reo Wilde Signature Series HBX release will improve your accuracy.

"After years of product testing and competing, TRU Ball and I have developed the most comfortable and shootable release you can put in your hand." Reo Wilde.

When your competitive advantage depends on you, you depend on your release. TRU Ball continue to make archery better. TRU Ball - The Proven Number 1. TRU Ball HBX Signature Series Brass Release Aid.

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