Saunders Combo Points 12pk

Brand: Saunders

Combo Points leave a smaller entry hole and extend target life due to their distinct head, reduced aerodynamic drag

Saunders Combo Points 12pk

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Saunders Combo Points 12pk Description

Saunders Combo Point features a patented unique aerodynamic design, a curved shape, a better practice tip that reduces target damage and extends target life as much as 50% and prevents rapid deterioration often caused by fast arrows. This design lets the target open up to allow easy arrow entry.

Combo Points are ideal for hunting practice or target use as they cut wind resistance and increase arrow speed beyond 20 yards.

Combos are 50% longer than other standard field points and produce a smaller entry hole with less penetration, less drag and greater stability with amazing accuracy.

The target stops each arrow gently, using friction - not force, whether using aluminium or carbon arrows.

Makes it easier to pull the arrow from the target and has earned the endorsement of major foam 3-D target manufacturers for their ability to extend target life.

Saunders Combo Points have less drag, greater speed and accuracy.

Made of rust-resistant high strength Tellurium steel alloy with a black oxide finish.

Combo Points are the obvious choice of top archers, shooters and bowhunters.

Saunders - designing archery's future.

Combo Points are available in packs of 12. Also sold in packs of 100. Please enquire

Sizes available

  • 17-64" diameter in 85 grains
  • 17-64" diameter in 100 grains
  • 17-64" diameter in 125 grains
  • 17-64" diameter in 150 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 65 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 75 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 85 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 90 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 100 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 125 grains
  • 9-32" diameter in 145 grains
  • 5-16" diameter in 85 grains
  • 5-16" diameter in 100 grains
  • 5-16" diameter in 125 grains
  • 21-64" diameter in 100 grains
  • 21-64" diameter in 125 grains
  • 11-32" diameter in 85 grains
  • 11-32" diameter in 100 grains
  • 11-32" diameter in 125 grains
  • 11-32" diameter in 200 grains
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