Tenterfield Fox Whistle

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The Tenterfield Fox Whistle is a proven winner in calling in foxes, feral cats and dogs & is devastatingly effective. Foxes find it hard not to come in quickly.

Tenterfield Fox Whistle

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Tenterfield Fox Whistle Description

Have you been searching for a fox whistle that really works? Then look no further, you've found it! It's called the Tenterfield Fox Whistle and its proven ability to call up foxes, feral cats and dogs with devastating effect.

The Tenterfield Fox Whistle, when blown, emits a squeal very similar to the sound made by a rabbit in distress, but with a little practice it can produce a variety of distress calls which adds immensely to its versatility.

In calm conditions, the whistle can be heard over one kilometre or 0.6 mile away, but it can also be blown very softly.

Concern for the environment, its many small creatures, birds, mammals and reptiles, along with the problems foxes, feral cats and dogs create for farmers, graziers and the community generally and the need in Australia if not the world, for a whistle which has the ability to lure these canine and feline predators, provided the motivating forces which resulted in the development of the Tenterfield Fox Whistle.

Simple home-made whistles created with tin plate - mostly discarded jam tin lids, achieve some degree of success but lack volume and versatility.

The Tenterfield whistle is manufactured from zincalume, a zinc and aluminium alloy that coats steel and comes complete with a lanyard and fully illustrated instructions.

Every bowhunter and archer should keep a Tenterfield Fox Whistle in their bow case, quiver or pocket.

The best time to whistle foxes is at about daybreak or just on sunset. Foxes will come to pretty much anything that resembles injured prey. It is best to start with a couple of long wails, like an injured rabbit to gain their attention and when you see the fox start to come in, you should up the tempo of the call to make it sound like the injured prey is getting a bit panicky, having seen the fox. At this point, it seems to make the fox relax and appear to be almost a bit cocky and causes them to run in a bit quicker if they think a nice, easy feed is in the offing. Make sure you are well hidden and the fox does not get wind of you otherwise they will not even respond to the whistle and be gone before your eyes.

This is what people have said about the Tenterfield Fox Whistle.

"If you are serious on shooting foxes, you need to get yourself a Tenterfield Fox Whistle. These things are short of being a miracle. Got mine yesterday, tried it out and shot four foxes in under 30 minutes. The foxes just come running up to you like a pet dog!!! I'm just amazed on how good it is and will promote anything that keeps the fox population down." From Bullcat

"After you whistle up your first fox with it, it will feel like you have won a championship. There is no better feeling than seeing a fox come to your whistle and then shooting the fox. The farmer will be happy too!" From Varmint

"I believe the Tenterfield Fox Whistle is the whistle of the century." From Tom Varney, well known fox whistler and well qualified to make this statement.

"It took me a little while to learn to blow the Tenterfield Fox Whistle but once I mastered it I couldn't believe how quickly the foxes responded to it. Last Saturday I whistled up four foxes in no time and shot the bloody lot of them! It was the most amazing experience I've ever encountered and one which I will never forget." From Greg Gleeson of Port Fairy, Victoria

"I shot more foxes last year with the Tenterfield Fox Whistle than in the previous three years put together! No other whistle I've used can match it for foxes and cats." From Fred Anderson of Yallenderee via Norseman, Western Australia

The late international singer-songwriter, musician and entertainer Peter Allen, whose real name was Peter Richard Woolnough, was born at Tenterfield in northern New South Wales in 1944. Allen wrote the song "Tenterfield Saddler" which immortalised his grandfather, George Woolnough, who ran the Saddler's Shop in Tenterfield from 1908-1960. The blue granite shop building was originally constructed as a residence in the 1860s. In 2005 an extension of the Tenterfield library was opened and named the "George Woolnough Wing". Here are the lyrics to Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen, who died in 1992.

The late George Woolnough
Worked on High Street
Lived on Manners
52 years he sat on his verandah
And made his saddles
And if you had questions
About sheep or flowers or dogs
You just ask the saddler
He lived without sin
Building a library for him

Time is a traveller
Tenterfield saddler turn your head
Ride again Jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead

The son of George Woolnough
Went off and got married
And had a war baby
Something was wrong
And it's easier to drink than go crazy
And if there were questions about why
The end was so sad
George had no answers about why a son
Ever has need of a gun

Time is a traveller
Tenterfield saddler turn your head
Ride again Jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead

The grandson of George
Has been all round the world
And lives no special place
Changed his last name
And he married a girl with an interesting face
He'd almost forgotten them both
Because in his life that he leads
There's nowhere for George
And his library
Or the son with his gun to belong
Except in this song

Time is a traveller
Tenterfield saddler turn your head
Ride again Jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead

Time is a meddler
Tenterfield saddler make your bed
Fly away cockatoo
Down on the ground emu up ahead

Time is a tale teller
Tenterfield saddler turn your head
Ride again Jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead

Time is a tale teller
Tenterfield saddler turn your head
Ride again Jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead

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