Warrumbungle Fox Whistle

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The Warrumbungle Fox Whistle is the most effective means of calling in foxes. Foxes find it hard to resist this whistle and will come in quickly.

Warrumbungle Fox Whistle

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Warrumbungle Fox Whistle Description

A fox whistle emits a high-pitched squeal that is irresistible to foxes with its authentic distress call.

If the wind's right and you've got good cover, the Warrumbungle Fox Whistle produces a sound that foxes have been known to come to within 10 to 20 metres or 33 to 66 feet.

The Warrumbungle is surprisingly functional and effective and can be heard at a distance.

It has a round design and is made from silver plated tin and emits an almost ear piercing sound that is distinct, yet powerful.

A reliable, sturdy, durable, waterproof and compact whistle.

Perfect to keep on you at all times.

Usually works a treat with foxes who have trouble resisting the sound and the anticipation of the smell of a wounded animal.

Easy to carry in your pocket, being just 3.4cm or 1.375" in diameter.

One of the best and most renowned fox whistles on the market.

Every bowhunter should have a Warrumbungle Fox Whistle in their pocket or quiver.

The best time to whistle foxes is at about daybreak or just on sunset. Foxes will come to pretty much anything that resembles injured prey. It is best to start with a couple of long wails, like an injured rabbit to gain their attention and when you see the fox start to come in, you should up the tempo of the call to make it sound like the injured prey is getting a bit panicky, having seen the fox. At this point, it seems to make the fox relax and appear to be almost a bit cocky and causes them to run in a bit quicker if they think a nice, easy feed is in the offing. Make sure you are well hidden and the fox does not get wind of you otherwise they will not even respond to the whistle and be gone before your eyes.

The Warrumbungles is the name of a mountain range and National Park, located in northern New South Wales, Australia. The nearest town to the Warrumbungles is Coonabarabran, some 465 kms or 289 miles north west or a 5 to 6 hours drive from the state capital, Sydney. The area is accessed from the Newell Highway, a major road link between Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland and cuts across inland New South Wales from north to south.

The range lies between the moist eastern coastal zone and the dryer plains to the west. Due to this position, the mountains have provided protection for flora and fauna suited to both habitats. There are over 120 different bird species that have been identified on the range, including lorikeets, rosellas and parrots. In the centre of the range has served as an area of protection for a healthy and content colony of grey kangaroos. These animals have become fairly tame due to constant visitor attention and are easily approached.

Not far from the Warrumbungles and 27 kilometres or 16.8 miles west of Coonabarabran is the Siding Spring Observatory, Australia's largest optical astronomy research facility. It was chosen as an astronomical site as it has the most favourable combination of conditions of high elevation (1160 metres or 3800 feet above sea level), low humidity, a non-turbulent atmosphere for viewing clarity, clean air, plus an average of 70% of night skies clear. There are 12 telescopes dotted around the site. Professional astronomers from all over the world visit the Observatory to probe the mysteries of the night sky and compete for time to use the telescopes. Past projects have included mapping the entire southern hemisphere sky to discovering new planets around other stars and identifying near Earth objects such as asteroids and comets. As technology improves, so does the astronomer's ability to look through the telescopes at Siding Spring via the internet. Although thousands of kilometres away, astronomers can look at the Coonabarabran night sky from the comfort of their own home or office!

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" This thing WORKS!! Just out of interest I pulled it out to whistle, 5 minutes later a fox appeared. Being too dark to shoot at it properly I had to let it go, but next time... " - from on 11/04/2014

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