Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector

Brand: Pine Ridge

Arrow Inspector made in USA by Pine Ridge Archery ensures a smooth and accurate arrow flight, increases accuracy and arrow speed, checks arrow straightness, nocks, inserts & points, broadhead balance & lets you know which arrows to discard

Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector

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Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector Description

When you want to check an arrow, nock or broadhead, you need a spinner that is perfectly balanced and absolutely friction free. Otherwise you might get false readings.

The Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector passes muster because the aluminium wheels are precision cut and turned on a lathe for optimum rotation.

The Arrow Inspector is a precision instrument designed to help ensure a smooth and accurate arrow flight.

If arrows don't spin right, they won't fly right!

As bows increase in speed, accuracy becomes more and more critical.

Use of the Arrow Inspector will not only increase accuracy, but will increase arrow speed.

This tool is essential when gluing outserts and point adapters onto carbon arrows. After applying epoxy, outsert or nock can be easily aligned for perfect balance every time.

The Arrow Inspector will check, with precise accuracy, arrow shaft straightness, broadhead balance and straightness, nock alignment and vane and feather balance.

The Arrow Inspector features low friction machine-cut steel axles and precision-cut aluminium wheels to detect even the slightest bend in an arrow shaft or unbalanced arrow.

Ideal for hunters, target and 3D shooters and archers who fletch their own arrows.

Shooting in a tight pattern or pulling arrows from the target can bend arrows, causing them to be unbalanced and not fly straight.

A quick spin on The Arrow Inspector will let you know if you can trust that arrow again for a straight, accurate shot.

Arrow Inspector quickly and accurately checks:

  • Front of centre (FOC) balance
  • Broadhead tip and ferrule straightness
  • Insert straightness
  • Shaft straightness (both carbon & aluminium)
  • Vane & feather alignment
  • Nock orientation
  • Easily check arrow straightness, nocks, inserts & points
  • Confirm broadhead balance
  • Check vane and feather balance
  • Precision-cut aluminium wheels for friction free spinning
  • The most friction free and accurate way to test your arrows
  • Handy E-Z break down for super easy travel & storage
  • Spin test your arrows
  • Made in USA by Pine Ridge Archery

If arrows don't spin right, they won't fly right. Don't settle for second best when you can get the best for the same price or less! Get a Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector today.

Please note that only the arrow inspector is for sale here, however, arrows can be purchased separately.

This is what people have said about the Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector.

"I am completely satisfied with the Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector. It is the only way to be able to tell if your arrows are perfectly balanced and spin true as well as testing with broadheads to make sure they are aligned properly and spin true. It gives me the peace of mind to know that my arrows will fly correctly and hit where I am aiming. It is also very handy to quickly check an arrow if I think it might have been bent. It is easy to assemble and to quickly disassemble. Very nice product. I think the price is a little high, but it costs less than some of the others I looked at and has better ratings. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product." From JMDOG of Austin, Texas, USA

"One of my buddies has one of these and he showed me how easy it is to check arrows. I had all of my arrows done in a matter of minutes and the ones that did not measure up are out of my quiver now. I used to separate my arrows by shooting them time and again and I still do; the arrow inspector just helps me make better decisions on which arrows I keep, but I have more confidence now with the inspector." From Deerslayer20 of Plainfield, Indiana, USA

"This is a great way to find a straight arrow. It also works well for balancing broadheads. A must have." From JF11 of Denver, Colorado, USA

"Have been pleasantly surprised with the various uses of this tool. In particular, it dispelled the myth that carbon arrows are either straight or broken. In fact, we have seen that they too can be bent. This is a precision tool well worth the money. Every archer should have one." From MJSMD of Espanola, Ontario, Canada

"I used to spin arrows on my palm to test for straightness and it was a very gentle procedure when testing broadheads. I knew I couldn't do that anymore when I switched to a cut on contact broadhead. I heard about the Pine Ridge tester in one of the hunting magazines and decided to add it to an order. It is great, I don't know how I trusted any of my arrows before spinning them on this device. It is so easy to check nocks and broadheads that I check them every time I practice to see if I bent them on my targets. It is very transportable but I leave it set up on my book shelf to keep it ready for instant use. Great item at a good price." From Archery Nut of upstate New York, USA

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