Martin Monster Buck Ready to Shoot Bow Package Camo

Brand: Martin

Martin Monster Buck bow package, amazingly light, well balanced, slim grip profile to enhance accuracy. Its made to perform.

Martin Monster Buck Ready to Shoot Bow Package Camo

Martin Monster Buck Ready to Shoot Bow Package Camo Description

Martin Monster Buck Ready to Shoot Bow Package at a glance

  • Martin Monster Buck compound bow available in a draw weight of 55-70lbs only in draw lengths of 24", 25", 26", 27", 28" or 29" in RH only, in Realtree APG camo.
  • Pro Hunter Striker sight black
  • NAP QuikTune 800 ArrowRest
  • Bohning Lynx 4 arrow bow quiver camo
  • Fred Bear Pro Balance 5" 10.8oz Stabiliser Mossy Oak Break Up camo
  • Tri Slot string peep sight
  • D Loop
  • Nokset
  • Please specify draw weight, e.g. 64 lbs
  • Please specify draw length, e.g. 29 inches
  • Please advise if you need help selecting your draw weight or draw length

This great Monster Buck bow package includes the Martin Monster Buck M-Pro Single Cam in Realtree APG Camo.

How can one describe a Monster Buck, other than light, quick and very deadly! This compact hunting bow features a reflexed riser and fully parallel limbs for performance with none of the extras... no noise, no vibration, no recoil.

M-Pro cams, with an adjustable draw stop, delivers amazing speed from a silky smooth draw. Also a slimmer grip profile for increased comfort and improved accuracy.

The Monster Buck utilises a super lightweight riser design and M-Pro Cams designed to perform ideally at draws ranging from 24" to 29".

Fully parallel limbs keep the shot extremely soft though with enough energy to deliver impressive speed.

Watch 315fps at 29" and you'll realise that big performance can come in small packages!

Martin is one of the only companies whose limbs are built with 3 part laminate for durability, accurate temperature control, 50 tonne press and with aerospace adhesive. Makes you wonder why all manufacturers don't use this process.

M-Pro Single Cam with Silky Smooth Draw, Shooter Friendly and No Shock or Vibration

Double Helix Elite Strings made from BCY material for increased speed and superior strength and pre-stretched before, during and after serving.

Bow specs at a glance

  • Weight range 55-70lbs only. All bows are adjustable 15lbs down from the peak draw weight.
  • Draw range 24"-29"
  • Let-Off 80% (optional 65%)
  • Cam New faster M-Pro Single Cam with optional draw stop
  • New light weight design
  • Limbs Coreflex Solid Straight
  • IBO Speed 315fps
  • Axle to Axle 29.75"
  • Brace height 7"
  • Mass weight 4.1lbs
  • Double Helix Elite Strings made from BCY material
  • Slim Torque Free Grip
  • Thermal V Leather Grip
  • Omega V Vibration Escape System
  • Carbon cable guard rod with Teflon slide
  • Machined aluminium riser
  • Machined aluminium limb cup
  • Standard Vibration Escape Module (VEM) Shelf Plate
  • Slimmer grip profile for increased comfort and improved accuracy
  • Available in RH only
  • Available in Realtree APG Camo.

Pro Hunter Striker sight black, direct mounted, machined aluminium bow sight with three 0.029 fibre optic metal pins. Has gang windage and elevation adjustment, individual pin elevation adjustment and round smoke coloured pin guard with bright orange glow ring. Strong, compact, lightweight. Can be adjusted for right or left hand use.

NAP QuikTune 800 ArrowRest, is rugged, dependable and great value. Play-free prong-style launcher with 3 fixed positions adjusts to create smooth action for ultimate accuracy. Launcher can be adjusted independently for elevation.

Bohning Lynx 4 arrow bow quiver camo, features a camouflage hood and carries four arrows. Durable and light weight with quick detach. Weighs 6 oz (170 grams). Easy to attach and detach.

Pro Hunter Tri-slot string peep sight, fits horizontally in bowstring, angle at full draw allows clear vision.

D Loop and Nokset installed.

This is a value for money action package that sizzles and is ready to go. If you bought all of these accessories separately, you would be paying a heap more and the accessories would not be installed on the bow, ready to shoot. Martin built the Monster Buck to be a durable, rugged, compact hunting bow that requires no excuses...and then they improved it.

Buy the Martin Monster Buck Bow Package now.

Bow Cams: M Pro
Limbs: Super Magnum
Speed: 315 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 29.75 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Martin Monster Buck Ready to Shoot Bow Package Camo has been replaced by the
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