GWS Speed Button 5 pack

Brand: GWS

GWS Speed Buttons are easy to install over end of string & increases overall bow speed up to 12 fps. The rubber Speed Button keeps release aid from pinching nock & interfering with arrow flight, ensures positive nocking, helps hold peep sight aligned to your hunting or target sight.

GWS Speed Button 5 pack

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GWS Speed Button 5 pack Description

A GWS Speed or Eliminator or Tuffy Button is the rubber piece that fits below the arrow and keeps release aids from pinching the nock and interfering with the flight of the arrow.

Because a release aid pushes hard against the nock of an arrow, some archers put a rubber O ring or Speed Button on the string below the arrow nock as a cushion between the release aid and the arrow.

And archers who use a finger held release aid clipped to the bowstring sometimes place a second nock set below the release aid to keep it from sliding down the string.

Ensures positive nocking and helps hold your peep sight at the proper angle.

Eliminates wear caused by hard release jaws after repeated shooting and prevents string pinch that can cause arrows to dislodge and fall off the bowstring after letting down without shooting.

Easy to install over end of string.

The rubber Speed Button also helps keep the peep sight aligned and increases the overall bow speed by as much as 12 fps, making it the perfect accessory for archers looking to get a little extra speed from their old bow or looking to turn their new bow into a lightning fast, turbo charged rig.

Can be used as Speed Buttons or as a release bumper.

Often called Eliminator buttons because they quieten your bow from noise and string vibration and can be installed in minutes.

Also known as Tuffy buttons and as the name implies, are durable, long lasting, often outperforming the later designs of string suppressors.

Inexpensive Speed Buttons can give a bow more speed without breaking the bank.

Just as soft but now even tougher and longer lasting to complement today's faster bows and longer lasting bowstring materials.

The tougher, softer, tear resistant Speed Button is impervious to UV rays or harmful airborne gasses.

Resistant to mould and fungus.

  • Increases bow speed by as much as 12 fps without breaking the bank
  • Quietens bow from noise & string vibration
  • Fits below arrow & keeps release aid from pinching nock & interfering with arrow flight
  • Easy to install over end of string
  • Ensures positive nocking & holds peep sight at the proper angle
  • Can be used as a Speed Button or a release bumper
  • Eliminates wear caused by hard release jaws
  • Durable & outperforms other string suppressor designs
  • Soft but tougher for today's faster bows & longer lasting bowstring materials
  • Use as a cushion between release aid & arrow
  • Inexpensive but sturdy tear resistant button
  • Impervious to UV rays or harmful airborne gasses
  • Resistant to mould and fungus
  • Weighs 2.2 grains per button
  • Sold as a pack of 5 Speed Buttons & cotter pin or sold in bulk separately

GWS Speed Buttons keep your bow quiet, reduces string vibration and increases arrow speed.

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