DVD Doin' the Twist - Building Flemish Strings

Brand: Chad Weaver

DVD contains almost two hours of instruction on building your own Flemish strings and string making know-how in this excellent, informative DVD.

It features Joe Stark, owner of Lone Wolf Traditional Archery and Chad Weaver, owner of Recurve

DVD Doin' the Twist - Building Flemish Strings

DVD Doin' the Twist - Building Flemish Strings Description

DVD contains almost two hours of instruction on building your own Flemish strings and string making know-how in this excellent, informative DVD.

It features Joe Stark, owner of Lone Wolf Traditional Archery and Chad Weaver, owner of Recurves.com and Champion Custom Bowstrings. Learn from Joe Stark and Chad Weaver on how to make Flemish strings.

In this DVD they share everything they know about two-bundle and three-bundle Flemish strings.

Joe shows his technique for making them on an endless string jig while Chad demonstrates his method on a traditional Flemish string jig.

Find out how to twist Flemish strings, make endless strings, make your own string jigs and more.

Photography is by Rob Burnham and others, with music by Jim Bowman. As the guys state, there is no bull, no advertising - just start to finish instructions.

Chapters include

  • 1. Let's Get Started
  • 2. Building a 2 Bundle String
  • 3. Building a 3 Bundle String
  • 4. Installing Beaver Silencers
  • 5. Installing Rubber Silencers
  • 6. Building an Endless String Jig
  • 7. Describing a Flemish String Board
  • 8. Building a Flemish String Board
  • 9. Making an Endless String
  • 10. Making a Stretching/Serving Jig
  • 11. Tying a Timber Hitch or Bowyer's Knot

Approximate run time 120 minutes. G.

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Some people have made the following comments about Doin' the Twist

I made 2 Flemish strings today and am having a ball. I have had the endless loop string down for a while, but the Flemish has always given me problems. Thought you'd like to hear. Jeff Barwic

Awesome DVD! I'd been trying for too long to figure out how to make Flemish twist bowstrings and reading the directions, I have found on the web got me to building some strings. The strings worked decent, but they weren't all that great. The Doin' the Twist DVD was the breakthrough I needed to learn how to not only make professional quality Flemish strings, but also how to easily and cheaply make my own string jig. Two big thumbs up for Chad and Joe's GREAT DVD! Frank D, New York

Wow! I already knew how to make bowstrings with a timber hitch in one end and a loop in the other, but wanted to learn how to make them with a loop in each end. This DVD taught me exactly what I wanted to learn. I built a Flemish string board by the plans on the DVD and it turned out awesome and was very easy to make. I'm also making the stretching/serving jig by the plans. This DVD has a lot of good information and anyone could learn how to make a bowstring by watching this DVD. Adam, Georgia

Excellent Instructional DVD! If you already know how to twist strings, or have never made one, you need to buy this DVD! I've been twisting my own strings for over 10 years, but laying out the strands with a tape rule. This was a slow process and I wasted lots of string by missing the length I needed. With this DVD I received confirmation about some things that I was doing correctly, but also learned more news things. I've read several string twisting articles, but there's nothing like seeing it done! This DVD gives two different perspectives on laying out the string, but both are very productive! Very complete as far as instruction and detail. Entertaining music and informative from start to finish. Thanks Chad and Joe for a great DVD! Bobby R, Virginia

Excellent and informative. You guys did a fine job! Even I can make a twist string now and this old dog doesn't do new tricks very often! Congrats from a fellow TradGanger. Bill "Shakes .602" Kunkel, Indiana

The Ultimate String Making DVD - ever! Let me put it this simple - if you can't twist or spin a string for your bow after viewing this DVD, you are hopeless and I KNOW you CAN do it! Get this DVD and start makin' your own strings, NOW! Rob DiStefano, New Jersey

Nice DVD! It's obvious you guys put a lot of thought and work in making the DVD. The steps are simple and well explained. I've never made a string before, however I feel that after watching your DVD and with a little practice, I'll be stringin' em' up soon. Thanks Chad and Joe! I'd like to tell you that I made my first string yesterday and it turned out very well (to the untrained eye). When you see Joe, tell him I really do appreciate you guys making the DVD. There is no way I could have done it without you guys. Craig C, Georgia

Great DVD! This DVD shows everything you need to know in order to make your own Flemish string. Buy this if you want full and thorough instructions on how to make a string. Great!!!! Steve

If you want to make your own strings and save money too, this DVD is fantastic. Chad and the other guy know their stuff and how to explain it, so making a Flemish string is easy. They also have on screen blueprints to help you make your own equipment.

Spectacular! Great DVD! The DVD has a "home made" flavour that is down to earth and to the point. If you are interested in learning to make bow stings, get this DVD. You won't be disappointed. David C.

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