Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Pronghorn Antelope

Brand: Delta McKenzie

Delta McKenzie Caribou, large record size rack, life like, nicely detailed impeccable markings, twist lock assembly, easy to see lines, Super Centre arrow stopping system, Spec Flex E-Z pull foam for longer life

Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Pronghorn Antelope

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Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Pronghorn Antelope Description

Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Pronghorn Antelope, formerly known as McKenzie XT Pronghorn Antelope Height 36" or 91.4cm, Body Length 46" or 116.8cm.

Innovative design, realistic appearance and tournament proven durability.

The XTreme Series targets features replaceable cores made with E-Z Flex soft foam material for easy arrow removal.

With complete body painting to protect the finish from ultra violet sunlight.

It's designed for shooters who want the quickest and easiest arrow removal available.

The replaceable E-Z Flex cores make these high quality targets economical to use, since the cores can be replaced as often as necessary, without replacing the entire target.

The XTreme series offers the best of both worlds - E-Z Flex foam for quick and easy arrow removal and replaceable cores, so your high quality XTreme Series targets last a long time.

  • Made from E-Z Flex soft foam material
  • Features a replaceable core
  • Quick and easy arrow removal
  • Life-sized animal
  • Replaceable E-Z Flex cores make targets economical to use
  • Cores can be replaced as often as necessary, without replacing the entire target body
  • Easy to see lines
  • IBO & ASA Universal Scoring Rings available on all competition targets

Target has superb details and is ultra realistic.

The XT Pronghorn Antelope is a full size 3D target.

The XT Pronghorn Antelope is a full size target.

Pronghorn Antelope at a glance

  • Conservation Status Least Concern
  • Zoological or species name Antilocapra americana
  • Native from southern Canada through the USA southwestern Minnesota, central Texas, west to southern California to northern Mexico
  • Also known as Pronghorn Antelope
  • Head & body length 51" to 58" or 129cm to 147cm
  • Height 32" to 41" or 81cm to 104cm
  • Speed 53 mph or 85 kph
  • Population est 500,000 to 1 million
  • Life Span 10 years in the wild
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