BowTech Experience

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Experience is polished & refined in a way other high-performance bows are not. If you live and breathe bowhunting, there can be no compromises, the only acceptable option is to own the best equipment the market has to offer, BowTech Experience

BowTech Experience

BowTech Experience Description

Talk is cheap, so Experience The Difference with the smoothest drawing, quietest shooting, most forgiving bow BowTech has ever made.

In the Experience, high-performance and ultimate stealth collide, crafting a genuine hunting bow. It's more than more accurate so you can absolutely rely on your shot. Every time.

Choose the bow that will enhance your entire Experience instead of just getting you by. Eat, breathe, shoot. Live the superior archery Experience like no other. It's as simple as that. This flagship bow offers smooth performance and ultimate stealth in the field. BowTech Archery knows bow hunting is all about the Experience.

Now archers everywhere can have the ultimate archery Experience.

BowTech Archery, the industry leader in innovation, introduces Experience, an incredibly smooth compound bow built to enhance every hunt with exceptional performance and ultimate stealth. Featuring new industry changing technologies, Experience delivers a smooth draw and silent shot with ultra low vibration and pinpoint accuracy every time.

BowTech has built a bow that no other manufacturer can match with technologies implemented in the Experience so advanced that they add proficiency to every aspect of the shot. Every draw is smooth and every shot is quiet, vibration free and deadly accurate without compromising speed.

Features of unequaled technology platform include Carbon Core Limbs that deliver intense efficiency, stability and consistency with every draw and the Extinguish Dampening System that reduces noise and vibration both in the shot and after release.

Experience is also built on a specially designed riser that repositions the Carbon Core limbs for a smoother draw cycle and rock solid stability at full draw.

Features widely praised on previous BowTech bows are also included on the Experience. Centre Pivot Extreme Technology resists shooter-induced torque for greater forgiveness. OverDrive Binary cams eliminate cam lean and provide exceptional tuning for cleaner arrow flight and FLX-Guard reduces cable guard torque for straighter arrow flight and easier tuning.

Carbon Rod String Stops are made of carbon, which is one of the strongest vibration-dampening materials found on the planet. It is positioned directly in line with the stabiliser to effectively transfer vibration from the string to the stabiliser. This optimises bow balance and dissipates noise and vibration efficiently.

Extinguish dampening system features the Clutch String Stop, Dura-FLX String Dampeners and the Revolver Dampener to bring you the latest in vibration dampening technology.

OverDrive Binary Cam is truly the most advanced cam system ever produced. For unmatched accuracy, stability, symmetry, consistency and simple impeccable tuning with perfect cam synchronisation. By attaching a 100% tunable split buss cable harness to the ends of a cam synchronising axle, cam stability is maximised while maintaining perfect synchronisation for unmatched accuracy and a very comfortable draw cycle. Rotating modules come standard with the OverDrive Binary Cam system.

Rotating Modules. Time is of the essence. You will never have to wait for replacement cams or modules ever again. Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite edge draw stop feature is available on most BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning for yourself or others. Quick draw length adjustments provide the ability to make the proper length adjustment to match your preferred shooting style.

Premium alloy composition allows for a strong, lightweight design while diminishing noise and vibration.

FLX-Guard eliminates riser torque for extreme accuracy. After relentless hours from their engineers and months of testing, BowTech put the FLX Guard in action. The result was flawless execution in terminating riser torque. It is clear why this technology is the most effective cable containment system on the market.

The FLX-Guard cable containment system addresses the tuning effects of extreme cable tension and inflexible cable guards found on today's bows. As the bow is drawn, the FLX-Guard responds by flexing inward, absorbing the cable guard torque that would have otherwise been transferred to the riser. The result is substantial reduction in lateral nock travel, yielding a real advancement in tunability, forgiveness and accuracy.

Centre Pivot Extreme (CPX). If you know one thing about BowTech, it is that they completely dominate the competition with their innovations. Their newest creation, Centre Pivot Extreme or CPX, is a prime example of this. CPX redefines accuracy with its sleek new deflexed riser design and with the help of ultra low friction components the speed of 343 fps is easily obtained. Combined with Overdrive Binary Cams, FLX-Guard and HardCore Limbs, CPX gives you one scary unmatched accurate, deadly quiet, blazing fast piece of equipment.

Carbon Core Limbs. Extreme impact-resistant skin, carbon centre for vibration dampening, intense efficiency

Octane Factory Strings. Hand made. Machine grade. It's a well known fact that strings and cables are critical in overall bow performance, so Octane, by BowTech, produce the most respected and reliable strings available. Octane strings are hand built to ensure that BowTech's high demand for quality is upheld. Over the last ten years, Octane has designed and built custom machines that are proprietary to the Octane string building process. The combination of hand quality and custom precision machinery allows for only one result, perfection. You might just be surprised just how much goes into building a single set of strings and cables.

Specs at a glance

  • IBO Speed 335fps
  • Weight range 60-70lbs only. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.
  • Draw length range 26.5"-31". All bows feature draw length adjustments in 0.5" increments with rotating modules
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 32"
  • Mass weight 4.1lbs
  • Let-Off 80%
  • Kinetic Energy 87.2 ft-lbs
  • Centre Pivot Extreme (CPX) Deflexed Riser
  • Carbon Core Limbs
  • OverDrive Binary Cam
  • Extinguish dampening system
  • Single Offset String Suppressor makes release even quieter and counters the greatest amount of vibration
  • FLX-Guard
  • Octane Factory Strings and Cables
  • Bio-Shock Riser Dampeners
  • Available in Right Hand only
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Black Ops. All finishes have black limbs. Please specify colour choice.

When you see BowTech technologies, you know you are buying a genuine product from the original developers, those who know it best. Why buy an imitation when you can have the original?

Bow Cams: OverDrive Binary
Limbs: Carbon Core
Speed: 335 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 32 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The BowTech Experience has been replaced by the
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