BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher

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BPE Pro Series fletching jig and magnetic clamp can be easily adjusted to suit 3, 4, 5 or 6 fletches. Nock receiver adjusts to any position. This fletching jig is a favourite of the Abbey Archery Shooting Team & can be used with Trueflight Feathers, AAE and Bohning vanes

BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher

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BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher Description

At first glance, the BPE Pro Series jig may look a lot like the very popular standard BPE jig or one of the many other jigs on the market, but upon closer examination, there are vast differences.

Compare the features - no other jig even comes close.

The BPE Pro Series jig is loaded with features

  • Quick, accurate and easy to set-up
  • CNC machined head, accurate to one ten thousandth of an inch or 0.0001", for setting both the fletch and nock angles perfectly
  • Fletch with cock fletch up, down, out, or any other angle
  • Each and every 5 degrees is marked
  • Precise, repeatable fletching
  • Graduation marks on clamp for easy fletching placement
  • Wide range of fletching options
  • Adjustable clamp and nock angles
  • Fits all nock types
  • Indexable shaft support, handles all size arrow shafts
  • Hardened indexing contact points for non-wearing accuracy

The BPE Pro Fletcher allows for precise, repeatable fletching and is the best jig out there. The Pro Fletcher can handle every fletching task easily and this will be your last jig purchase.

  • Magnetic clamp
  • Nylon is unaffected by fletching cements
  • Made from aluminium and glass filled nylon for individual or commercial use
  • With all of the advanced features, it is amazingly easy to set up and use
  • Will do three fletches 120 degrees, four fletches 75 degrees -105 degrees -75 degrees -105 degrees, four fletches 60 degrees -120 degrees -60 degrees -120 degrees, four fletches 90 degrees -90 degrees -90 degrees -90 degrees, five fletches 72 degrees, six fletches 60 degrees and any other combination that you can think of, with no additional purchase necessary
  • Will fletch with the cock fletch down, up, out or any other angle desired. No disks, receivers, etc to purchase or install
  • The head is designed using a CNC machined milling, which is accurate to one ten thousandth of an inch, for setting both the fletch and nock angles perfectly. Each and every 5 degrees is marked
  • The degreed head ensures quick and accurate set-up whether setting one or 50 units
  • 3" x 5" Data Index Cards are available and can be purchased separately to record information for quick set-up at a later date
  • Indexable upper shaft support is designed to hold each size shaft from 14-64" (.218") to 25-64" (.391") perfectly centred through the use of exact sized and numbered slots. The shafts cannot move while applying the fletchings or vanes
  • In most cases the magnet bar or clamp angle does not have to be moved when changing shaft sizes, saving set-up time. The clamp angle must be changed when changing from one clamp style to another
  • Tapered nock receiver self centers the nock
  • Hardened indexing contact points for non wearing accuracy. No ball bearings or disks to fool with
  • Clamp angle is adjustable for angular fletching
  • Quick detach base allows jig to be quickly removed for adjustment or storage when not in use. Also keeps large, long shafts from tipping the jig over, even with points installed. The actual jig is not screwed down
  • Graduation marks on clamp for easy fletching placement
  • Fits all nock types
  • Suits both feathers and vanes
  • Comes in a strong shipping box
  • Comes complete with wrenches, screws and instructions including a chart for setting all commonly used fletching and nock angles
  • Fletching Jig comes with either a Right Wing Helical or a Straight clamp. Please specify clamp choice.
  • Extra Right Wing Helical and Straight clamps are available and can be purchased separately
BPE Pro Series is loaded up with many features to help you make every type and style arrow. The BPE Pro Series will be the last jig you will need to buy!

Bob and Marian Finlay established BPE in 1969 in the basement of their home. Being archers, the first products developed were sights and other archery accessories. Bob designed and built the BPE Arrow Fletcher and its big brother, the BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher, arguably the best fletching jig renowned for its adjustability and precision, fletching high end, competition, hunting and every other arrows exactly the same way, time after time. BPE jigs are still made in the USA and each jig is carefully checked before it is allowed to leave. BPE custom moulds for other companies including many of its competitors in the archery trade. BPE is an acronym for Bob's Precision Equipment.

This is what people have said about the BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher.

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, durable and well crafted. American made, well crafted tool. This is the first time I ever fletched my own arrows and got flawless results right out of the box. I couldn't be more pleased with this product." From Mike from North Carolina, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, adjustable, durable, lightweight, perfect fletching for vanes or feathers, well crafted. The reason I bought this model is because I was using an older version of this jig which I have used for about 12 years and it still works. This new version is even better. Very adjustable. So you can get the perfect fletch every time. You can write down the jig settings for each type of arrow you use. If you switch between different arrows, just look at the settings you wrote down and get a perfect fletch without going through the setup again. This item is made of some type of polycarbonate material that is extremely strong and durable. Rest assured it will last a very long time." From Uncle Bob from South Jersey, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, easy to use. I wasted my time with another fletcher and for a few more dollars I could have had the one made in Emporia, Kansas, USA " From Dr. A from Salina, Kansas, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable. Excellent product. Setup is easy and feather placement on shaft is very consistent. I initially ordered the jig with left helical clamp but have since bought a straight clamp. Works on the same jig and requires no additional nock adapter. Neat!" From Old Peculiar from Vevay, Indiana, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable, easy to use. I have fletched exactly 4 dozen arrows with this jig and I am very pleased with the end result every time. Easy to use and very consistent results." From Mr Six from Ohio, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, easy to use and well crafted. First time fletching my own arrows. Was able to do a dozen in one hour using the fletching tape. It was easy to use and I got consistent results. Was pleased with the jig and feel that I will utilise more of the adjustments in the future. Comes set up out of the box for 3 fletches which definitely helps a beginner. This is a great tool." From tomboy4life from Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, easy to use and very accurate imo. Imo this fletcher is very accurate. With a lot of adjustment settings, you are able to achieve the fletch that you want." From Bucky from Valley Spring, Texas, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable, easy to use and a great product. Have had someone else fletch my arrows since 1969. This product was so easy to install a perfect fletch that it was an eye opener. Today I am confident in utilising this tool and now find much satisfaction in fletching my own." From Friend from Madisonville, Kentucky, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable, easy to use and well crafted. Use this product to make my own arrows. It does a great job with feathers and vanes. An absolute must have. The adjustments are easy and the few seconds it takes to make it fit your arrows perfectly is nothing. With the fast drying glue it will take no time between other chores to fletch your arrows. If you are fanatical about details, but want something as simple as sliced bread then this is for you. Go ahead spend the few extra dollars and be 100% satisfied." From AWPForester from Princeton, West Virginia, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable, easy to use, good penetration, very straight and well crafted. After a quick read of the directions I was shocked to see how professional my arrows looked. It is very versatile this product is, I even fletched flu flu feathers." From Breakneck Bow from Wray, Colorado, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, durable, easy to use and well crafted. Fletching was easy to set up and very consistent with all types of fletching and arrows." From Randy the deer hunter from Saluda, South Carolina, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Consistent, durable, easy to use and well crafted. The Fletcher is easy to use and makes fletching any arrow easy and keeps the fletches in line on the shaft. This product will last for years." From Stomper from Red Bay, Alabama, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Accurate, consistent, easy to use. I found this product easy to use and very adjustable, perfect fletch first try." From CB from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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"I own multiple fletching jigs that did the job for me, but was after a fletching jig that did a 4 fletch, so I bought this jig. This BPE Pro jig is absolutely superb, it is consistent and precise without being complicated to use, I now use this jig for all my arrow builds, from the traditional 3 fletch to what I use now which is the 4 fletch VaneTec HP's. Wish I bought this jig at the start so I didn't spend all that money on those other jigs." - Michael from Queanbeyan NSW on 10/01/2015

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